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Maddening Difficulty w/NG+ - Self Imposed Challenge


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So, since Maddening is kind of absurd without NG+, but leaning on NG+ early kind of trivializes it, I decided on a little self-imposed challenge, just to kind of keep things from going too far in the opposite direction. 

1. No Battalion abuse: No Lord Battalions from the other routes, and I can only use unique Battalions after I complete the corresponding Paralogue. Also, only Battalions associated with the specific route I'm playing/the Knights of Seiros (Except for the BE route unless I headcanon that Edelgard just held them hostage or something).

2. Class Masteries only when the unit reaches the appropriate level. So, no starting with Deathblow at Level 1. 

3. No buying 'main' weapon proficiencies, though purchasing things like Riding and Heavy Armor is okay, as well as a C-rank in something to qualify for a Master Class. 

4. Avoid abusing early access to Concoctions, Elixirs, and Silver weapons (Though the Armory will probably be moot since I won't be buying primary weapon proficiencies). 

Does this sound like it'll balance the difficulty at least a little bit? The only other things I'd really have are the Saint Statues, though I've spread my points fairly evenly among them (Only one I've maxed is Cichol, the others are all just before the extra Divine Pulse), and A+ Professor ranking (But with the EXP penalty, and limited battle slots, the biggest benefit to that is extra chances to grind supports). 

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I think a good in between is if you have the DLC, they give over powered stat boosters that can help out a lot, but still not too broken since it only help out a single unit greatly or several units slightly.

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