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Personalized battle entrance ideas


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Personally, I don't know why Smash hasn't done personalized entrances yet. After thinking about it for a bit, here were some ideas I got:

-Ken tossing Terry's hat to him like in Capcom vs. SNK 2 (Mario does this too, Odyssey style)

-Marth and Meta Knight clashing blades past each other, kinda like how they first met in SSE.

Anyone else got ideas?

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-Ryu and Ken fist-bumping before the battle starts (also like in Capcom vs SNK 2)

-Samus and Dark Samus pointing their arm cannons at each other, like at their final fight in Metroid Prime 2.

-Samus and Ridley recreating their clash from Melee’s intro cinematic.

-Mario and Sonic: The thing at 2:20 here (https://youtu.be/RQu3T5Xy8TI) before going into their stances.

-Fox and Wolf having a stare-down. Dialogue is different depending on who is player 1.

If Fox is player 1, Fox will say, “Just what I need to see. Star Wolf.”

If Wolf is player 1, Wolf will say, “Can’t let you do that, Star Fox.”

(Can’t believe Wolf is Star Fox 64 was voiced by the same guy who would start voicing TF2’s soldier 10 years later.)

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