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Fire Emblem Geneology Abridged


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Hello, this is Teach!  Here today with a new series on the slab.  You may know me for the plethora of With Voices series that I have worked on.  Or for my Abridged series, Octopath Traveler Machinabridged…

But right now I am in the midst of working on ANOTHER Abridged series.  Strange where inspiration takes you.  But here I am.  Introducing….


For some of you out there scratching your head, you are probably wondering “What IS an Abridged series?”  It’s basically a parody of an original series.  You take an anime series, or a cartoon or even a video game and you…well…abridge it, making it shorter.  But that’s not all…not only is it abridged, it’s also made funnier!  Little Kuriboh was the one who kicked off the whole “abridged series” thing with Yugioh Abridged, and Team Four Star, the first GROUP of Abridgers cemented things into place with their all too popular show, Dragonball Z Abridged.  There are plenty of Abridged Series out there…hell!  Your own favorite show or video game may have its own abridged series as well!

This probably isn’t the first time someone’s tried to Abridge Fire Emblem before.  I’ve seen some people go for the Fire Emblem OVA series.  Plus a few attempts at Fire Emblem Awakening and Fates.  However, Fire Emblem Geneology holds a special place in my heart for a number of reasons.

1)     It’s the first original story on the SNES. I know that Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem served as both Remake and Sequel to the first game, this one was something new.

2)     It is also the original Waifu Emblem.  My first experience with Fire Emblem was Fire Emblem Awakening, with one of its major mechanics being that you have the ability to have your units marry eachother.  Their children would then travel in time from the future to fight alongside you.  However, this feature was originally done in Geneology.  Which brings me to my next point.

3)     This game spans two generations.  And so far, this is the ONLY Fire Emblem Game that has done this.  The closest that any other game has done to this is a five-year time skip done in the latest game, Fire Emblem Three Houses.

4)     The major twist at the end of Generation 1.  I knew of what this was coming in.  But not much else.  And I wanted to know about the events that led to the conclusion of this particular story.

That being said.  I have so far written all the episodes for FEGA Part 1.  I am currently doing recording for FEGA Part 2.  And if time allows, FETA may also come out of the woodworks as well.  But for now, I’m going to focus on getting voices for FEGA Part 1.  Unfortunately since I have a large number of episodes already written, I have a LOT of roles to cast…a good number of them extras…so please don’t hesitate to audition for a role. This means that I’ll be breaking up the casting call into sections.


For those of you interested in auditioning, please follow these instructions:


Email your submissions to: voiceswithvoices@gmail.com

Your voiceclips must be in a “mp3” or a “wav” format.  I won’t accept any others.

Send line should be in its own separate voiceclip.  The voiceclips must be labeled as such “name_character_line#.mp3”

Make sure you’re using a good microphone for your lines.  If your submission contains too much feedback or noise, I won’t accept it.

The deadline for the Sigurd Squad auditions are October 2nd, 2019.  If things go well, I will continue   


A couple more things:

First off, I'd like this Abridged Series to be at its finest.  So it's essential that I get some sprite rips of Geneology of The Holy War and Thracia 776.  The big thing I need are the face portraits, especially so that I can time the mouth movements when the characters talk.  This means that a single face portrait of a character won't suffice.  I need one with the mouth open, closed, and the in-between.  So I would need THREE Face portraits of Sigurd, not one.  Having sprites of the characters is also very helpful.  Both the map sprites and the combat sprites.

Oh and for those of you who recommend the famous Spriter's Resource: https://www.spriters-resource.com/snes/fireemblemgenealogyoftheholywar/

 Unfortunately, it doesn't have enough of the sprites that I need.  If there's anyone who can rip the sprites from Geneology of the Holy War (or who HAS sprites from the game) I'd really appreciate it.

Second.  I'll be posting auditions in future posts.  Auditions for the Sigurd Squad will be on the following post.  But for future characters, I'm going to link to the post with the audition.

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SIGURD SQUAD - Due 10/02/19

These are the heroes.  The party is composed of all these people and led by the big man himself, Sigurd.  These folks will be appearing in the majority of the episodes of FEGA 1.  If you're looking to audition for these parts, make sure you're serious about it.  Especially for the major characters like Sigurd, Oifey and Lewyn.


Sex: Male

Synopsis: The son of Lord Byron and heir to house Chalphy.  When his BFF gets kidnapped by some princeling from another nation, he sets out to rescue her with a small squad of his friends.  Little does he know that this is but a catalyst to a series of events which escalate into a continental war!  Still, Sigurd is tough, cool-headed and seems to knows just how much of a badass he really is.  His strategies are straightforward, but he always manages to come out on top in the end…or so it seems.

Voice: Patrick Warbuton.  Think Joe Swanson or Kronk.

Line 1: Squire!  Gimme an assessment!

Line 2: Welome to the Sigurd Squad!

Line 3: I dunno guys.  I’m pretty sure I can handle most of these guys with one hand behind my back.  Plus, I know you guys know your way around cards…but I’ve never actually seen you in battle.

Line 4: Well, I was going to give you back your kingdom if you promised to play nice…but the fact that you MURDERED YOUR FUCKING FATHER kinda makes it a hard sell.  So I’ll tell you what.  You march on down here and let me give you a spanking, and we can call it a day.

Notes: Sigurd is a major character who appears in every episode.  Please clear your schedule if you want to play as him.



Sex: Male

Synopsis: Sigurd’s cousin and his trusty squire.  He is only a boy, so he doesn’t do any fighting, but he stays saddled up with Sigurd, making constant assessments of the situation in the battlefield.  It is through Oifey’s guidance that Sigurd is able to plan his course of action and with the day. 

Voice: Little British boy.  Think Pip from South Park.

Line 1: If we were to circle around and pick off each of the dwarves attacking the villages, we could fortify our territory, reap the benefits, but it also gives us an opportunity to attack Jungby from behind!

Line 2: Ah yes…As Deirdre said, Sharky’s a dark mage.  And what he used was what we call a Siege Tome.  That means he’s able to attack hapless soldiers from a long distance.

Line 3: Well, sir.  It seems we seem to be at the heart of the problem.  King Chagall awaits your presence.  He has armored units as his first line of defense.  The ballistae stationed are his second line of defense.  And he has a large army of calvarymen as his line of offence.

Line 4: Langbalt is definitely on the move.  He’s got two forces from the front…Ballistae in the rear.  He’s even managed to pull in a squad to attack us from behind while we weren’t looking. There’s also one lone old man…why…It’s your father!  Lord Byron!

Notes: Oifey appears in FEGA Part 2, but as someone much older.  The voice used in FEGA Part 1 may not be used in FEGA Part 2.  For Part 1, I’m willing to accept both male and female voices for the role.



The heir to House Leonster.  He is one of Sigurd’s best friends and his brother-in-law.  The latter a mistake which he has come to regret, considering that his wife Ethlyn is quite the handful.  While he is willing to help Sigurd to the best of his ability, he does have another war against those pesky Thracians back at home.  Every moment he is away from home is a moment the Thracians gain ground.  That being said, Quan likes spears.

Sex: Male

Voice: Snooty.  Haughty rich gentleman.

Line 1: For God’s sake, woman!  We have kids of our own to take care of!

Line 2: Well thank the gods for that!  Maybe I should have married Finn instead, because right now he’s acting like a much better mother than you are right now!

Line 3: We have exactly ONE soldier-no, CADET-as our guard.



Sex: Female.

Synopsis: Quan’s wife and Sigurd’s brother.  There’s nothing she likes more than being at her brother’s side.  Even if it’s during an all-out war.  She’s a fine healer but also quite impulsive and prone to some stupid decisions, much to her husband’s frustration.  It leads to the two of them constantly bickering with eachother. 

Voice: Young, vibrant and cheerful.

Line 1: Where the hell did Deirdre get this sword?

Line 2: I told you, Quan.  The moment I heard that Aideen got kidnapped, I knew that Sigurd was gonna go charging into battle half-cocked without a healer.  And look, there he is.

Line 3: Oh sure, you make it sound SO easy!  I work hard to make these kids happy, but no!  It’s not enough for you.



Sex: Male

Synopsis: The heir to house Dozer.  Despite his father Langbalt being enemies with Sigurd’s father, Byron.  Lex sets his differences aside in order to lend a hand towards a fellow Granvallian.  It is no surprise to anyone that Lex loves axes.  Lex loves axes so much, he has adopted the identity of a legendary superhero, Axe Man. 

Voice: Think Batman.  But with axes.

Line 1: First off, fuck my dad.  Second, NEVER call me Big Blue.  Seriously, I don’t want you lumping me in with your loser friends.  Besides…I’m not Big Blue.  I’m…AXE MAN!

Line 2: This isn’t just some axe.  This is the one axe to rule them all…The ultimate axe…and now it belongs to Axe Man.

Line 3: Yeah, yeah.  I know…you always tell me that swords beat axes…so I decided to give you a sword to trump all other swords.



Sex: Male

Synopsis: Lady Aideen’s personal knight.  Unfortunately, this knight likes to use bows.  While he seeks to woo his lady Aideen, he sadly fails as both a knight and a lover.

Voice: Thick French accent.  Hammy as hell.

Line 1: Oui oui!  Zees fromage is tres bien!

Line 2: Ey!  What za ‘ell our you doing?  Get away!  Shoo!  Shoo!  Oh…mon dieu!  You our too close!  Ah cannot shoot you at ze point blank range!

Line 3: Sacre bleu!  Pheeseecal attacks!  Mah wan weakness!

Notes: I’ll accept both real and fake French accents. 



Sex: Female

Synopsis: The Aunt of the Dark Prince of Issach.  Having had her nephew taken hostage by the foreigners she doesn’t exactly hold them in high regard.  Still, since Sigurd is willing to harbor and keep the prince safe, despite the ongoing war their countries are having, she is willing to help in his cause.  She’s smart, straight-laced, and she likes swords.

Voice: Strong, aggressive, tough as nails.

Line 1: But…you’ll be dealing with Chalphy swordsman…the finest swordsman in all of Grannvale.  And swords beat axes!  They’ll eat you alive!

Line 2: He’s a menace.  If he is let loose, Prince Shamalamadingdong will cast this world in an age of blood and darkness.  His power needs to be tempered before he can make contact with the outside world.

Line 3: Swords beat axes!



Sex: Male

Synopsis: The dark prince of Issach.  Though he is young, his bloodlust is strong.  If let loose, he would massacre all those who stand against him and then some.  His Aunt Ayra has been keeping him out of harms way…though in reality she is protecting the outside world from him.

Voice: Dark. Medium Low to Low. Raspy.

Line 1: Sylvester?  SYLVESTER?!  That…is my slave name.  And if you wish to continue existing within this mortal coil you will cease using it.  For I am the great prince…SHAMALAMADINGDONG!

Line 2: Dammit…I need…more…MILK!

Line 3: All this noise is making me hungry.  Hungry for the blood of the innocent!  Though I will ladly settle for some chicken.

Notes: This same voice will be used in FEGA Part 2.



Sex: Female

Synopsis: The princess of house Jungby.  This whole thing starts in motion when Prince Gandalf sets his sights on her and decides to kidnap her.  She is compassionate, kindhearted, and a little airheaded at times.

Voice: Feminine.  High to Medium High.  Sugary.  Think Princess Peach.

Line 1: This staff doesn’t feel like wood at all!

Line 2: Make sure you take me home before midnight.  My father will be worried if I’m not home.

Line 3: Oh!  Bridget!  It’s you!  It’s been so long!  Don’t you remember me? We lost you to pirates when you were five years old.

Notes: Ideally I’d like the voice of Aideen to also be the voice of Bridget….and later Eyvel.



Sex: Female

Synopsis: Aideen’s long lost twin sister.  She has been kidnapped and raised by pirates for most of her life and has become a pirate herself.  She comes with all the makings of a pirate…but without the parrot, the eyepatch and the peg leg.  And oddly enough, she prefers to do her swashbuckling with the bow and arrows.  

Voice: Rough, Piratey.

Line 1: Belay there, ye swashbuckler!  I’ll not have ye’ fleecin’ the innocents on my watch!  We be good pirates!  That only steal from the wealthy…or the evil!  Preferably someone who’s wealthy AND evil.

Line 2: That’s odd…Bows work for me just fine!

Line 3: Ye little scallywag!  Taste the power of Yewfelle!

Notes: Ideally I’d like the voice of Bridget to also be the voice of Aideen…and later Eyvel.



Sex: Male

Synopsis: A thief from Verdane.  In order to get out of deep Dew Dew, he poses as the son of Aideen and Gandalf.  While he has a cute and innocent demeanor, deep down, he’s got motion in the ocean.  He’s currently looking for someone who is willing to “do the Dew” with him.

Voice: Cute young boy.  I’m open to interpretation on this one.

Line 1: Yo!  Anyone want to do the Dew?

Line 2: I also found this wicked magic lamp!  If you rub it hard enough, a genie will come out!

Line 3: Oh hell no!  The moment I do that, I’ll have all those guys busting my ass.  Then I’ll be in deep dew dew.



Sex: Male

Synopsis: The prince of Verdane.  While he is the youngest, and adopted, he is placed in charge of the elves.  This mate’s a rough and tough tumbler, with a heart of gold. 

Voice: Aussie.  Steve Irwin is one possible voice, but I’ll take any other Aussie voices that sound good.

Line 1: The legs are the juiciest, mate

Line 2: Not to worry, mate!  E’s been actin’ strange ever since he started snorting them elvish moon rocks.  Once I cut ‘im off of ‘is supply, he should be perfectly ripper!  Now get a move on!

Line 3: Damn sprog sprouted into a bloomin’ twelve-year-old.  Gandalf, you really are a wizard underneath those sheets.



Sex: Female

Synopsis: A young girl who lives out in the woods.  Sigurd takes one look at her and is instantly in love.  While Deirdre is quite beautiful, she is also kinda quirky.  But despite all that, she holds a terrible secret which will shake the continent of Jugdral forever.

Voice: Medium to high.  A "Space Cadet."

Line 1: Oh.  Aideen told me about you while she was in captivity.  She said that you were a macho guy with blue hair, that beats up bad guys and doesn’t afraid of anything…whatever that means.

Line 2: That means I’m pregnant now!

Line 3: You must have me mistaken for someone else.  I’m already married.  I had a priest and everything.



Sex: Female

Synopsis: The lady of Nordion and  the sister of Eldigan.  She comes under fire when her brother becomes the one lord who opposes her evil king Chagall and his plans to take over Verdane and later Grannvale.  Raquesis deeply cares for her brother…in a more than familial way, which is why she takes sides with Sigurd to oppose her king.

Voice: Noblewoman.  Strong.

Line 1: Take one good look at that face and tell me that he didn’t actually kill his father.

Line 2: I’ve been with him for the past six months!  Where the hell have you been?!  Oh wait, I remember…you’ve been busy sucking King Chagall’s dick!

Line 3: Wait a minute, so you actually got my brother to put on a dress?  How the hell did he agree to that?



Sex: Male

Synopsis: A gladiator that Sigurd found in the arena.  Holyn has spent a good portion of his life fighting, so it’s what he knows best.

Voice: Sylvester Stallone.  Think Rocky.  Bonus points for the slurring.

Line 1: Yo!  How’s it goin’, everyone!

Line 2: I just beat the odds!  I can go the distance!

Line 3: Yo!  That’s some grade A quality pirate booty I scored!



Sex: Male

Synopsis: A Prince from the country of Silesse.  Lewyn decided to run away from the responsibilities of royalty and become a bard.  He eats, drinks, is very merry and has gotten plenty laid.  But behind that party boy façade, Lewyn is a mad genius and a powerful wind mage.

Voice: Captain Jack Sparrow.  Drunk off his ass.

Line 1: Oy!  You might wanna stop what you’re doing.  I hear that burning down villages is bad for your health.

Line 2: Poor choice of words there, savvy.

Line 3: You know what?  Fuck it!  Let’s do this.  Life’s changing all around us…so what difference does it make if I change too!

Notes: Lewyn has a major role in FEGA Part 2, and may even cameo in FETA.



Sex: Female

Synopsis: A dancer in some village in Agustria.  While very young, she knows her way around the dance floor, as well as a bed.  While not the brightest star in the sky, her dancing skills always puts a pep in everyone’s step!

Voice: Young.  High to Medium High.  Croony.  Annoying as hell.

Line 1: Yeah, you’re such a kidder, Lewie!  Besides, you’re my fiancée!

Line 2: Your mouth says no, but your short sword said yes to me last night!

Line 3: Thanks a bunch!  You’re such a sweetie.  Shame you’re already married.  I’d’ve loved to have you as a hubby.



Sex: Male

Synopsis: A mercenary.  He joins the Sigurd Squad as it pays pretty well…both in expenses and in living.  With his thundersword at  But Beowulf happens to have his eye on a bigger prize.  Something that could have him set for life!

Voice: Zap Brannigan.

Line 1: Lady, I don’t know what you’re feeding those cows, but I definitely want some of that!

Line 2: (like the Thundercats quote) Thunder…Thunder!....THUNDERSWORD!

Line 3: Dear Diary: Jackpot!



Sex: Female

Synopsis: A Pegasus knight from Silesse.  She is a highly regarded member of their Elite Four.  Her mission is to bring Lewyn back to Silesse where he can carry out his inherited duties as prince.  But barring that, she also seeks to keep him out of harm’s way.  As the only member of the Sigurd Squad who comes with the ability to fly, she is HIGHLY valued.

Voice: Medium High to Medium

Line 1: (poking something with a spear) Tink-Tink!  Tink-Tink!

Line 2: I’m Erin!  One of the Elite Four of Silesse!  Sigurd sent me to help you out with these pirates.

Line 3: Remember.  Once this is finally over, we’re going back to Silesse.  Just try not to get yourself killed.  I have to make sure you get yourself back in one piece.



Sex: Female

Synopsis: The wife of Father Claude.  And the daughter of Duke Reptor, an enemy of house Chalphy.   While Taillte and Sigurd are constantly at eachother, it is Claude who does keep the peace between the two.  Taillte is very protective of her husband, and can bring down the thunder at the drop of a hat.

Voice: High to Medium High.  Snarky.

Line 1: Bringing down the thunder!

Line 2: That son of a bitch!  I knew he hated my guts, but sending pirates is a whole new low.

Line 3: No…I know my father…If he’s really the one behind this, then we’ll be doing Grannvale…no, all of Judgral a favor by taking him out.

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