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Lunatic Paralogue 15 Celebration Thread

Dr. C

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I was doing a Conquest Lunatic no DLC, no Skill buying, no rewards run.

I broke the no DLC rule when Jakob critted Ryoma in chapter 12 but basically it was only Ghostly Gold for the chest I kissed when the chapter prematurely ended. Then I found myself getting stuck on later chapters for weeks on end and slowly accumulating gold bars which made the challenge make zero sense since it’s not a take the longes amount of time to beat the game challenge. 

i bent the no Skill buy rule for Corrin just so she could pass down Certain bblow to Kana and then unequip it but since I ended up not suing Kana because omg Jakob gave him such crap bases! 

Then I broke the no Rewards Rule to get the Illusory Yumi when Mozu got so Res screwed that she died whenever a mage breathed on her. Heck I’m pretty sure a staff user could have killed her somehow.

When the  Kitsune Chapter hit, the beast bane no player phase Kitsune made me want to rip my hair out but I got through it...

Then I decided to do Paralogue 15 for some more experience since I’ve generally surmised that Siegbert is pretty bench worthy from what I’ve read in threads...

This is the chapter that broke me, DLC Classes, the whole Gambit of bonus rewards and 6 months of hell that turned me off of Fates for quite some time. 

Void EXP Great Knights with Beastkiller,, Armorslayer and Silver Lance with Ninjas and Mechanists flanking left to back them up to screw over Fliers and Siegfried... I mean Xander? Seriously?

Keep in mind I made the mistake of waiting on Ignatius so he could inherit Wary Fighter and that chapter was horrible! 

This is the Paralogue that broke me. Hours and hours of failed attempts but finally I can put that behind me... and make sure tonocin yo Siegbert in chaoter 17 from now on.



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Skydrop a unit that can kill ninja's on Iggy turn 2 or 3. There's a safe path over the mountains and the rest of the map is a joke.

Edit: Oh nvm it's seigbert. Yeah if you can beat this map you can already beat ch28 easily. The best way to clear it is just dropping a strong blender unit (VLaD/SolMN) holding cornbread and fly seigbert over the lake as you slowly walk in a circle and solo the map. It's really dumb.

Good news is seigbert is garbage.

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16 hours ago, starburst said:

So, you broke every single rule that you imposed yourself for this campaign... That is actually sad.
And you know what is even sadder? Realising that Siegbert is worse than Silas was ten chapters earlier.

There are units better than Silias? (Not named Ophelia)

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