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Fire Emblem 7 Drumfix (Fill those pesky Square noises with actual drum samples)


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I didn´t see anyone else to try to do this, so I fixed something that always have bothered me about the Native Instrument Map patch:

Incomplete note spectrum on drumsets (or drumparts, as some call it), I made this patch to fill the Square noises with actual drumset samples, since this patch doesn't add any sample at all, It simply repoints the empty notes to known sound data from the same drumset, it also fixes notes 170-171 (These pointed to Bright Acoustic Piano (01) and Acoustic Piano (00) samples respectively) on the drumset 7A (122).

Aside from the fix itself, the patch contains a song from RPG Maker DS + (SF Town) that I used as demo to compare before and after the fix.

The .zip file contains a readme.txt, and inside of it are the install instructions, so please, read it.


FE7 Drumfix.zip

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Thank you. If there's one thing keeping me from playing FE7 all day, it's the GBA's sound quality. I hope one day we get a full sound restoration patch (assuming there isn't one right now).

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