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What are your thoughts on this old Pokemon Dream of mine?

James Marshall

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What are your thoughts on this old Pokemon Dream of mine? and despite the fact that what happened in the dream is a rip-off of sorts of Bio-Merge Digivolution from Digimon Season Three it isn't 1 as such and that's cos I didn't see even 1 Episode of Digimon Season 3 until Summer 2,011, roughly 10 years after it was first shown, and had this dream in Spring 2,009. Sorry about initially posting the wrong time period

It is a lovely day in the hills and Ash, Dawn and Brock are having a lovely day sunbathing 

When they come across a cave in the hill-side, they decide to go inside and they discover a large chest


They open it and they find it is full of crystals


Curious sort that he is Ash picks one up and it glows with a strange light.


Well when the light is gone Ash and Pikachu are gone but in there place stands a new being


It is A large yellow skinned humanoid. Who has jagged thunderbolt like markings on his chest and has a helmet like thing were his head was, a massive thunderbolt like horn on its head, thunder bolt shaped claws on each of his hands, a thunderbolt like tail and a thunderbolt like thing jutting out of each of his knees


Then Ash looks in a pool of cleat water, he gets the shock of his life and he drops the crystal in shock


Then there is another strange light around them and Ash and Pikachu are back to the way they where


Realizing the strange power of these crystals


Ash and Co leave and quickly


Luckily for them, Team rocket has not found out about this, so everyone goes on there way and everythings fine

Edited by James Marshall
By mistake initially posting the wrong time period
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Sounds like a dream alright, random trippy stuff somehow making something barely comprehensible. I guess Ash and Pikachu fused in your dream.

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