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Reaver weapons


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So I've been playing through FE7 Lyn mode, and noticed something that I find a bit confusing.

In chapter 8, the boss is Yogi, who has an Axereaver. Earlier in the chapter, you can get a Lancereaver.

Of course, I'm bored, and try to use the Lancereaver on him.
Which gives me weapon triangle disadvantage.

Does that mean this is true:
The Lancereaver is coded as an axe?
The Swordreaver/Swordkiller is coded as lances?
The Axereaver is coded as a sword?

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Here is how it works. They are coded as their respective weapons, because if they were not they would be unusable. If the lancereaver was coded as an axe, it would be: Normal against axes, have the disadvantage against swords, and have the advantage against lances. But the lancereaver is normal against swords, not axes, and loses against axes. It is a sword with the weapon triangle reversed on it.

However, if two reaver weapons face each other, the triangle is actually swapped back to normal, and your lancereaver will lose to the axereaver.

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