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[FE8] Gilded Tales


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Howdy there, I've been around the romhacking scene (mostly in the shadows) for about 6+ years now. Every time FEE3 comes and goes, I think "wow! maybe I should try to do this" then I don't, because I get confused/break something and lose motivation. But I've actually been really enjoying working on this hack since picking up FEBuilder, and since the hacking community has made massive strides since then that makes things easier for my non-talented self lmao.

Gilded Tales is a coming-of-age story revolving around a young mercenary named Rana. She has some large shoes to fill, as she is the daughter of the previous leader of the Gilded Mercenaries, Alessia, who has mysteriously disappeared. You follow Rana in her adventure, with multiple twists in the story as the mercenary crew gets wrapped into some unpredictable situations around the land of Grania. Please do keep in mind I am making the story as I go along -- so it might not 100% turn out the way you, nor I expect. But we're having fun with babby's first hack, here.

Right now, the game only goes from the prologue to the first chapter. I am trying to polish non-chapter specific things, such as adding all of the new animations, music, weapons, stat changes, etc. that I'd like to use, before diving deep into mapping, eventing, and whatnot.  I could use all the feedback I can get on this because I'm coming into this 100% fresh for the most part.

A few planned Features:


Skill system: I feel like this one is pretty obligatory in modern hacks, but there will be skills implemented for each class and some characters will have their own skills as well. I hope to balance this and not overuse them, but as this is my first full-fledged hack, I will do my best in that regard.

Every class will have 3 branching promotion options: I want to give players as much variety as possible in terms of unit building. On top of this change,  pretty much every promotion item earned throughout the game will be master seals, as opposed to having separate promo items (a la modern FE)

some current new classes:

The Bardbarian - lowkey my inspiration for even doing this. I downloaded FEBuilder to mess around and make this guy, and then realized FEBuilder is incredibly intuitive, clean and simple, compared to Nightmare (what I used the last time I tried to make a hack in like 2014 lol). So yeah, thank this guy for me making this hack at all, really.

Dread Fighter (F) and Trickster (M) - both classes are in, but both are gender locked. Dread Fighters use Anima and Dark magic as well as Swords, while Tricksters use Staves, Bows and Swords.

War Monk/War Cleric - for those who want to spice up their healers. There will be magic-based axes!

Dark Knight/Holy Knight - another physical splitting option for both sides of the mage coin other than the standard mage knight. Dark Knights use swords and anima/dark magic while holy knights will use lances and anima/light magic.

Arbalest - a new flier promotion available to wyvern knights. Has access to bows and lances.

Marauder - exclusive mounted promotion branch for brigands and pirates that can also use bows.

Dark Fliers - promoted pegasus knights with access to dark magic.

characters with nonstandard weapons for their classes, ie: a male pegasus rider that uses staves, and potentially more.

Expanded Supports: I want to give characters as many supports as possible as well as expanding the support limit to 9 for everybody. To counter this, I will likely nerf support buffs if possible. It's mostly for the flavor text and character development, honestly, as that kind of stuff is very important to me.

20+ chapters minimum (2 are currently done)

Standard weapons (sword/axe/bow/lance) that have infinite uses but are slightly nerfed. Non-standard weapons have less uses but are slightly buffed. Magic currently unchanged.

a world map if I can figure out how to use it. This is something I REALLY want to do so I'll be doing my best to learn how to manipulate the map.

skills (will try to limit their usage)


Characters(portraits are placeholder for now):


rana.png.b19406d7a616d3ab7ffa76e309fe84b0.pngRana: The newest member of the Gilded Mercenaries. She is the daughter of Alessia, and is being trained under Alexis.

alexis.png.1121b16e9bbb9e493e265d35d6875d85.pngAlexis: The second-in-command. She is calm, collected and confident in her own abilities, as well as Rana's.

Terrance.png.6e1a49c5f6e7998697c661b609e85f6b.pngTerrance: current commander of the mercs. Cares a lot about the people under him.

Holden.png.1ecaabe8f61fc929ba7d33cd9d55bffb.pngHolden: The resident healer of the small village of Veryn. Works with the gilded mercs for a bit of cash on the side, although he really just wants to live a simple, peaceful life.

Ysmira.png.aa30162312524a1a169c53a99a934c52.pngYsmira: Enthusiastic and optimistic dark mage. She tries to keep the party together in tough times.

Yunp.png.cd08d20ecb23173d2b177dd6620ce4f9.pngYuno: The second youngest of the mercs. Considers himself to be Rana's rival, as he wants to usurp leadership of the mercs and lead them himself.

horvald.png.8f6a467eabe4d45d00200da3b3a891f3.pngHorvald: Forced into banditry at one point in his life, but turned himself around. At first, he tried to become a clergyman, but struggled with a calm religious lifestyle due to it not fitting his personality. Now, travels the land in search of glory as a singer, trying to inspire others in his own way.







7743 for FEBuilderGBA.
Nuramon - Ephraim Infantry, Villager, Dread Fighter 
Jj09, Leo_Link, flasuban, DerTheVaporeon - Dark Knight
TBA, Spud, MeatOfJustice - Halberdier
Spud - Marauder
GabrielKnight - Oracle
DerTheVaporeon, Pikmin1211 - War Monk
Leo_link, Iscaneus, DerTheVaporeon - War Cleric
Flasuban - Brigand w/ clothing
Leo_link - Trickster
Eldritch Abomination - Beta Eirika edit
SixthousandHulls, MakeFEGayer - Male Pegasus
DerTheVaporeon - DS Style Pirate
MK404 - FE9 Fighter
TBA, Arch, Skitty, Temp - Phantom
Team Salvaged - Cav + Merc
eCut, Skitty, belle, St jack - T2 Ephraim + more weapons
Ayr, Raspberry - Arbalest

Orihara_Saki - scroll icons (for bardbarian spells)
Zelix - Levin Sword and Bolt Axe icons
Peerless - shortsword icon
Zane - sword icon
lovemachine - greatlance and poleaxe icons

Der (Holden)
Natsumi (Rana)
Peerless (Ysmira)
NickT (Terrance)
LaurentLacroix (Horvald)
Miguel-Rojo (Yuno)

SkillSystem by CirclesEverywhere
Magic Axe fix - Midori
Modular Minimug Box - Zane
3 promotion branches - aera
show heal amount - Tequila
blinking portraits on status screen - Stan

Gilded Tales v0.0.1 (up to chapter 2)







Edited by Crusticus
reviving hack; making thread in-line w/ FEU thread
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On 8/4/2021 at 1:19 PM, Toncka said:

How Can I Support This Project?

Hello! Kinda forgot I posted this project on SF until now, oops. Recently I've revived this project, although I've posted the new stuff on FEU, which I will be putting on here soon. The main way to support me is honestly to just give me some advice on where to go from here. I'm not much of a writer, and this is my first time ever creating a full-fledged hack, so it's easy to say I'm pretty new to this.

Going to be updating the thread with all the new information as well as credits. Also there is a patch that will be posted, but it only goes up to the first chapter (prologue and chapter 1 are the only ones currently done).

I'm working on making a Discord for the hack where you can support it there, as well. Thank you for taking the time to check it out.

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