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MarkyJoe's SRPG Studio Community Asset Project

Von Ithipathachai

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MarkyJoe's new video for the SRPG Studio Community Asset Project he's been organizing, in case you haven't been made aware of it yet:

If you're interested in contributing, feel free to reach out to him.  I'm just posting this here to help spread the word.

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i believe there's already some people that have been working on alternative custom assets, not sure if they're aware of each other though:


while SRPG studio can be considered a "decent starter tool" for making FE clones/fan games, i'm afraid it's not going to be that popular anytime soon simply because it's a software for people with not much knowledge in programming(or not at all).

you could always make your own art for it(or let other artists do it for you), but in the end you would still have to deal with the limitations of the software.

serious developers that aim for indie games or even higher quality games usually look for professional tools such as Unity or other similar engines to work with anyway.

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