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Promoting the Tv Tropes page for Berwick Saga.


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Sometime after the release of the English Patch for Berwick Saga, I've created a trope page for Berwick Saga in order to both promote the game and provide more information regarding both the game's plot and gameplay in a convenient manner.  So far, the page is now filled with useful info and interesting subpages thanks work of various contributors. Still, Both the main page and the character pages still need a lot of work to be done and while I'm actively working on the page, I'm unfortunately aware that my skill in editing the pages is mediocre at best. 

If anyone here has enough free time and interest to obsessively catalog and add tropes for such a niche game, then go for it.




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Lmao, I got banned from that site, a few years ago; and I certainly didn't appreciate how the community was rushing me when I decided to make an page. It's not like I was getting paid for my work or that I had more important stuff to do IRL.

Go write it yourself, as much as I want to make an new account on there; I really don't feel like going through with it. Although, I could; but it's not really worth it.

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