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i want you to tell me something about yourself only using fire emblem quotes/characters


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this is my first post and i thought it would be exciting for me to meet new people by them telling me how they are by using quotes and characters from fire emblem (you can also use an item) i.e. Hi im <username> and im literally a GBA archer (not good) , hello im <username> and i had to tip the scales.serra and erk (fire emblem and 1 more) drawn by chil0107

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Welcome to the Forest, Meefy!

That's a tough request. Let me see.

I'm Ycine and I have so little free time this days... How do you spend it?

Anyway, have a nice day and enjoy your stay! 


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Correct. And because of that, everyone just stops thinking about it. No one really knows what the Relic is made of, how it was crafted, or what its very structure may be. Until we know those things and truly understand the power and the danger Relics hold... We won't be able to...gain any new knowledge. I'm tired of talking.

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