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Are there any tips for starting a ranked run for fe4?

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I'd say you probably want your pairings planned in advance, and also don't worry too much about being as efficient as possible because the turn count maximum for A rank isn't difficult to be under. I remember I was like 100 turns under the maximum. Also you should always be spamming staves on people who can use them whenever you can.

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I would just recommend familiarizing yourself with the requirements , like "399 turns or less" and "at least 1000 level-ups total". These work out to "199 turns, 500 level-ups" a generation, or "33 turns, 84 level-ups" a chapter. Of course, every chapter is different, but that's how the averages go. Couldn't hurt to keep notes on how each chapter goes.

Otherwise, don't forget to do the Arena, and make sure someone is always making use of the Paragon Band (pawn it around when it's possible and useful to do so).

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