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Want to create a perfect Lyn Mode save


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It pays to train up units on Lyn Mode but my computer got stolen and all my hard work to RNG manipulate a good Lyn Mode went down the drain.

I was wondering if anyone with rom hacking experience would be able to create the following save for me:

Hector Hard Mode Unlocked (But with the Rank Data for Hector Hard Mode Blank. I prefer it that way for S Rank attempts)

And a Lyn Mode that’s on Chapter 10 with the following modifications

Lyn Level 6 +5 to all base stats with a Mani Katti, Lancereaver, Angelic Robe and an extra Fell Contract in her inventory.

Kent, Sain, and Florina Level 7 with +6 to all stats.-Kent Rank C in Seords and D in Lances and Sain Rank D in Swords and C in Lances.

Will Level 5 +3 to all Stats

Dorcas Level 6 +3 to all Stats

Erk Level 4 +3 to all Stats

Serra Level 3 +2 to all Stats

Rath-Level 9  +2 to all Stats and a B in Bows

Matthew Level 4 +2 to all Stats

Lucius-Level 6 +3 to all Stats

Nils-Level 3- +2 to all Stats

Wallace- Level 1 Promoted +8 to all Stats 

I can typically train up everyone to this level at this point of Chapter 10 without boss abuse (Minus Wallace who I just want to see get some proper training in.)

The-idea is that I manipulated the level ups such that every level up was a perfect level up.

This allows me to play the game under the most ideal setting possible within the parameters of the game. 

Obviously I want the characters other than Lyn to come with some kind of gear so they can fight.

And the Fell Contract is just there to ensure that you get the White Gem in Hector Hard Mode.




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