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Anyone Here a Fan of Manga Room, Manga Sarubedo, and Other Similar Youtube Channels?


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I've been watching a lot of Manga Room, Manga Sarubedo, and other similar youtube channels these past few months, and I'm wondering if anyone else here is a fan of those channels as well. If yes, which channel(s) do you like the best and which videos are your most favourite?

I'll start off by listing off the manga youtube channels I know of. I'm hoping you guys can recommend similar channels to me that aren't on the list:
Manga Room
Manga Sarubedo
Manga Bear Nana Kuma
Manga Rabbit HoméNoba
Manga Sweet Chocolate
Sekai No Fushigi

My personal favourite channel would be Manga Sarubedo, due to their main voice actress being Filipina and me liking their manga's artstyle the most overall.

As for my favourite videos, it'd currently be these two:


And yeah, I know the romance, situations, and luckiness of the characters in those stories is really unrealistic. Still, I can't help but enjoy them and be addicted to them despite their story flaws and grammar/spelling issues (though to be fair, I'm pretty sure English is not the primary language of some of the people who make those videos).

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