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amiibo League (Fan Creation)


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Ever since amiibo were announced, I've been wondering how one could incorporate them into Pokémon games. One idea I've had is the amiibo Leader: a class of Trainer based on various Nintendo characters. Of course, they can all be battled without the use of any amiibo after completing the main story, but if you go to the League, scan an amiibo (allowing you to battle a specific Trainer whenever you want, regardless of in-game progress), and win a themed battle, you'll earn some bonus cosmetics pertaining to that character in addition to the normal badges and prize money.

The Teams:

  1. Mario: Charizard, Pikachu, Jigglypuff, Eevee, Lucario, Mewtwo
  2. Luigi: Bulbasaur, Furret, Ninetales, Breloom, Absol, Mimikyu
  3. Peach: Empoleon, Audino, Amoongus, Luvdisc, Blissey, ???
  4. Daisy: Meganium, Florges, ???, Dubwool, Belossom, Shaymin
  5. Wario: Incineroar, Machamp, Slaking, Throh, Kantonian Meowth, Heatran
  6. Waluigi: Sceptile, Weavile, Sharpedo, Clauncher, Roserade, Zoroark
  7. Rosalina: Scorbunny, Elygem, Clefable, Mantine, Starmie, Jirachi
  8. Link: Blaziken, Golem, Vaporeon, Aegislash, ???, Glastrier
  9. Zelda: Serperior, Gardevoir, Altaria, Alakazam, Metagross, Celebi
  10. Sheik: Greninja, Kricketune, Ninjask, Basculegion, ???, ???
  11. Ganondorf: Emboar, Grimmsnarl, Runegris, ???, Giratina
  12. Samus: Rillaboom, Pidgeot, Jellicent, Dodrio, Orbeetle, Articuno
  13. Pit: Feraligator, Vanniluxe, Tentacruel, Corviknight, Whimsicott, Registeel
  14. Robin: Delphox, Emolga, Umbreon, ???, Flygon, Zekrom
  15. Lucina: Samurott, Butterfree, Kangaskhan, Ursarang, Diggersby, Dialga
  16. Corrin: Primarina, Electabuzz, Hydregion, ???, Oricorio, Palkia
  17. Byleth: Decidueye, Braviary, Pyroar, Sawsbuck, Mightyena, Arceus
  18. Ness: Turtwig, Poliwrath, Combee, Sawk, Dragonite, Cresselia
  19. Lucas: Chimchar, Sandaconda, Rockruff, Axew, Seismotoad
  20. Captain Falcon: Swampert, Talonflame, Tyrantrum, Honchkrow, ???, ???
  21. Shulk: Chesnaught, Gallade, Copperajah, Snorlax, Xatu, Regigigas
  22. Pyra & Mythra: Squirtle, Delcatty, Volcorona, Manectric, Drampa, Magearna
  23. Inkling: Sobble, Purrloin, Quilfish, Goodra, Inkay, Meloetta
  24. Min Min: Typhlosion, Hitmonchan, Pangoro, Meinshao, Druddigon, Zeraora
  25. TBA: Sprigatito line
  26. TBA: Fuecoco line
  27. TBA: Quaxly line


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