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Gateshark Code Question

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Hello all! I have been playing Awakening for a while now and was wondering if such a code exists that can make support grinding easier to obtain between characters. Would be nice since grinding is a pain in the ass and consumes a lot of time. I played FE Fates and I know that kind of code exists there. Also, just for kicks and giggles, is there a code that can enable me to attack my own teammates? Again, Fates has it's own version.


I know how to read and understand basic ASM, and I can debug using IDA Pro + Luma 3DS, but it's very difficult to know what to look for without a reference of some sort, or "function/symbol map" as some people call it.


Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!



UPDATE: As of a few days ago, I've found both codes that I needed to find, so no need to keep this post here. I'm not sure how I can delete my own posts, so if anyone knows how, I would appreciate it. Thanks!

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