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Elegy of the Wayfarer

Argo Sleuf

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Howdy, I'm Argo Sleuf.

I'm trying to spread word about a project a friend of mine is working on called Elegy of the Wayfarer. It is a pirate-themed strategy game that is being developed by Wayfaring Spartan, and we are looking for help on development support and soundtrack design. It is currently planned to have a main vesion on the Lex Talionis engine to generate interest and maybe if it is popular enough we can make a second release with more mechanics like ship building and dungeon exploration on a different engine.

If you'd like to help, you can find us on Michael Harding's discord here:

Or if you'd like to just follow the project, the community there is relatively active on updates there too. Not to mention cozy. Hope to see you there.

There is a dropbox with concepts here (Yes, there are Soul Caliber 6 models and edited sprites. Our current lead artist is busy with school, and that was used to mock-up designs for characters before getting an artist.):


The story goes as follows:

In the days of old on the world of Unirae, there were three large islands that housed a hub of human civilization in the middle of the Iridescent Expanse. That was until three hundred years ago, when a great serpent rose from the sea and brought destruction upon the central island of Orobraltar for fifty years. After years of enduring the calamity, a coalition of nations was formed that sealed the serpent away with the power of the Sealing Star and the Sealing Spike. The sealing of the Serpent ended the Era of the Serpent's Calamity, and brought forth a new era.

Nearly two hundred and fifty years after the serpent was sealed, Unirae stands on the precipice of another cataclysm. The ever-watchful eye of Agaeliu Empire is set on the neighboring Orobraltar Archipelago. The Empire’s elite are planning an invasion to claim more land for the Empire’s  expansive plantations. Those in power have seen the writings on the wall, recognizing the cycle of destruction beginning anew. All hope of averting this lies in the hands of the heir of the Grand Duchy of Devanin to the west, a Pirate Lord from the south, and the allies they gather. The destiny of these two lords and their followers are inexorably linked to the coming calamity, whether it is averted or not…


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