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Most Extreme RNG Experiences


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What are your most extreme RNG experiences in any fire emblem game?

Here is mine:

On thracia's 24x, I was playing for a 3 turn clear. A 3 turn clear would put me at 176 turns total, on track for a sss rank. On one attempt, I lost at the end because sleuf got poisoned by that tome, and then had his hp brought to one. This had approximately a 10% chance of occuring. On another, Galzus got hit by a 15% accuracy sleep edge at the very end. I still could have won with either a cyas (upon restoring Galzus) or Galzus (upon rescuing cyas) movement star, but this did not occur. 

My successful attempt was crazy! At the end of turn 2, I had everyone in a conga line in order to escape. Cyas was on the escape tile. He had 69 avoid. He had previously been poisoned, and then got hit by the move that brings him to one hp, with an accuracy of 13 percent.  After the battle, he leveled up and gained one hp, despite holding the Sety scroll. This brought his total hp to 2. He then dodged a sniper. At the beginning of player phase, he luckily only lost 1 hp from poision. I was celebrating what appeared to be a successful attempt. 

However, it was actually not over yet. Eyvel was at the back of the line, holding Sara. During this chapter, Sara had unfortunately gained build with a 5% chance, and so Eyvel had her movement cut in half. I did not realize this until I tried to move her. Hope was not lost. I moved her forward and gave Sara to Leif, but she did not get a movement star. Galzus was my last hope. He rescued Eyvel, and activated his movement star! Everyone escaped!


I would love to hear your entertaining stories!

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I’ve come to accept hits and Crits at low percent so they don’t even phase me anymore and aren’t particularly memorable.

I did once have an Eliwood with more Str than Hector though. He had a lot of Def too.

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I have been playing a couple of Conquest’s campaigns to kill time.

On my first campaign Odin got only one point of Speed before promotion and it was at level 18! 👻
He joins at level 5 with 7 Speed. Since his growth is 45 %, the probability of not getting a Speed point in twelve level-ups (from L6 to L17) is (1-0,45)^12 = (0,55)^12 = 0,000766.
He was blessed in Magic, Skill and Defence, and always had more Magic than +Mag Noble Cornflakes and their daughter Sorcerer Ophelia.

On my current campaign, Odin got eight consecutive Speed points in his first eight level-ups and then capped Speed (18) at level 18, gaining eleven points of Speed in thirteen level-ups. 😂
The probability of eight consecutive Speed gains is 0,45^8 = 0,00168. And the probability of gaining eleven points of Speed in thirteen level-ups is a binomial experiment and more cumbersome to write down, but if my maths are not rusty, it should be 0,003615.

This is not random, the game literally gave me two opposing versions of the same character on consecutive campaigns.

Update: I just completed Chapter 21 and Odin now capped Speed (28) as a level 10 Sorcerer! 🙃
Promotion grants three points of Speed (18+3=21) but does not increase its growth (45 %), he thus got seven more points of Speed in ten level-ups, which has a probability of 0,074603.

Odin joined at level 5 with 7 points of Speed, capped Speed (18) at level 18 and was promoted at level 19, which granted him 3 points of Speed, then capped Speed (28) again at level 10 promoted. Therefore, he had to gain 18 points of Speed (from 7 to 18 and then from 21 to 28) in 24 level-ups (from level 5 to level 19 and then ten levels promoted), which has a probability of 0,002133.
And the probability of capping Speed at level 18 and then capping Speed again at level 10 promoted is 0,00027. 😱

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