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Tearing Saga Healing Crits

Robert Stewart

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Does anyone know what the mechanics of TRS's staff crits are? I.e. what the activation rate is, and what the bonus healing is.

I've been in various Discords where the topic of odd healing mechanics came up, including this one. There was some disagreement on whether these even exist, and what the mechanics are. Hopefully I can get some clarification here.

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If you look at the part of the stat screen where it lists killcount, in particular the section for killcount for each weapon type, it will show that the unit gets +1 displayed hit and avoid for every 10 kills when you check out its description with, uh, I think it was the triangle button.

But for staves, it instead lists MaxHeal %, which is given by staff use count divided by 10, rounded down. When the staffer in question is using Heal or Physic, it makes the crit sound when the 'healing crit' activates, and it upon activation heals the target to full.

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