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Why did this website break my tablet's internet?


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I wasn't sure where to put this topic, some mod can move it if it goes somewhere else, but I went to "https://serenesforest.net/path-of-radiance/" on my android tablet and then I clicked "availability" under forging; next to costs.


After that my tablet screen went white, and it just stayed like that for about 4 seconds then it closed abruptly. I kept trying to reopen it and erase/close the tab, but the app would crash a few seconds after I would open the internet.


I had to discontinue use of the internet browser to be able to use it losing all my unsaved tabs in the process, because even the tablet gave me a warning to sleep the app(browser) since it was causing battery issues with the repeated crashing.

And I still don't know why this happened. 

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