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Worth picking up Legends Arceus (and doing a Fire Emblem theme team?)


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I sold my past Pokémon games, but now I want to pick up the games again, and Legends Arceus looks interesting. 

I would be picking up my Fire Emblem theme teams. Dimitri is Oshawott and Claude is Rowlet. Unfortunately Cyndaquil does not fit Edelgard very well - if anything she's Scorbunny and I'll have to pick up Sword or Shield.

Though the run I only just started was the Golden Deer, I have a feeling Hisui's lineup fits better with the Blue Lions. Felix looks a lot like Sneasler. I also want to use Ninetales, would she fit Annette or Mercedes better?

Also, ten years ago, I assigned the Fire Emblem lords to starting Pokémon. I've updated it with the lords and starters from games released since, reassigning a few:


Marth -> Squirtle
Alm -> Chespin
Celica -> Fennekin
Sigurd -> Quaxly
Seliph -> Froakie
Leif -> Chimchar
Roy -> Tepig
Lyn -> Treecko
Eliwood -> Cyndaquil
Hector -> Piplup
Eirika -> Chikorita
Ephraim -> Bulbasaur
Ike -> Mudkip
Micaiah -> Popplio
Chrom -> Totodile
Lucina -> Sobble
Robin -> Torchic
Corrin -> Charmander
Byleth -> Snivy
Edelgard -> Scorbunny
Dimitri -> Oshawott
Claude -> Rowlet
Alear -> ?

We're still out of water starters for blue-haired / blue-associated lords.


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I was definitely a fan of Legends Arceus! It's been my only "mainline" Pokemon experience since USUM. The way it's designed, you can definitely use more than 6 Pokemon overall - the game design encourages it, as rotating members in and out helps fill out your Pokedex. I would suggest diving in, going with whichever starter is your fave, and when you find one you plan to train up and use, just go with whichever nickname seems right in the moment.

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