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Buffing Enemies in Sacred Stones

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I have always heard people say that Sacred Stones is TOO EASY, and I find that it is because it is a mix of the enemies being too bad and having really bad stats, while the player units are really good and the inclusion of Seth who can solo the game. So, I have chosen to take things into my own hands, and buff the enemies and slightly nerf the player units. For example, I will improve the base stats, improve the equipment, add some promoted enemies around and increase the hard mode bonuses (indirectly buffs people like Joshua) and nerf the  broken player units and buff the worse ones like Gilliam and Neimi. This is to add more versatility to the game and make a more fun and challenging experience. What other changes should I make to the game to make it more difficult and more interesting (no adding skills, new classes and characters)?

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You have the right idea with buffing enemies, just make sure that you're buffing their attack (and speed, a bit) more than their defense. I also recommend having enemy weapon distribution including things like axereavers to keep your swordies relevant and also include stuff like the Halberd to cut down your cavalry units. Fire Emblem is best when it's more player-phase oriented, imo. Having enemies deal more damage and less susceptible to doubles would be a step in the right direction. Just remember that making defense stats high on the average enemy isn't very fun and that if you want to increase their bulk, HP is a better option.


Also, I forget if the base game does this or not but putting the Light Brand / Wind Sword in the base game (maybe 1 of each with 30 uses until a Chapter 17ish armory) would be nice for Eirika and Joshua and Marisa. I don't know if you're interested in using the Magic Split patch that adds a magic stat but I've always found that fun to have in the environment of Sacred Stones.

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