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Captured Allies/ Monthly Reports


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Hello! Long time lurker first time poster 🙂

I'm having trouble finding anything about how captured allies return to your party, or if it's really just random. I sort of fumbled chapter 4's escape and both Dean and Larentia got captured. I was expecting both of them to be available for buyback but only Dean was able to come back immediately after. I didn't capture any enemies in 5 and got no monthly report, and when I captured enemies in chapter 6, Larentia is still MIA. She also has no grave, so she isn't dead.

I'm worried that if Reese promotes then I'll miss her entirely. I'm also unsure if she procs any events, so I'd like to get her back asap. But if I do buy her back after Reese promotes, do you think she'll be recruited? It's a bit of a weird situation. I'm kind of bummed since I planned on recruiting everyone, but I've come too far to restart now.


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