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[GBA General] Quantity of each enemy class in the game

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2 hours ago, have-mercydes said:

Hi, this is also just Fire Emblem question in general. Is there a site / subsection to find out how many of each enemy class type there is in a game, on every map? So like a list that shows every every enemy archer is located, etc. 

For Blazing Blade the maps on GameFaqs are pretty good for showing ya where the bad guys are and where and when the reinforcements arrive

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I tend to use the wiki or the site Fire Emblem Wars of dragons, both have a page for each chapter/map of every game, showing the initial enemies and the reinforcements (and their level, inventory, weapons, class, spawn/initial location, if they have any droppable item, if it's a moving boss or a boss that doesn't move).


- Here's the link to Fire Emblem War of Dragons: List of chapters of FE7 (click on the individual chapter you want to show the page about it) (this site also can be switched to spanish but I linked the eng version): https://www.fireemblemwod.com/ENG_fe7.htm 

 In the same site you can find a similar list but to every other FE.

 I'm not gonna bother linking the link to the Chapter List page on FE wiki since Zapp Branninglenn already posted it here, but it's essencially the same thing too.

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