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Awakening save editors?

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Bit of backstory - for my first run of Awakening I've decided to try and beat the game with all the supports I can (which as you would imagine requires a lot of grinding). However, this also ends up grinding levels, which makes the game stupidly easy (even more so as I picked normal mode). I've tried to find some save editors for Awakening (to hopefully either lower my characters' levels or change the difficulty to hard), but the only one I really found was this one.

[Release] Fire Editor - Fire Emblem: Awakening's save editor | GBAtemp.net - The Independent Video Game Community

Apparently you're supposed to be able to edit character levels/stats, add items and change classes, but I cannot do any of these. I can't see an items menu, there's no option to edit stats/levels and the class change feature doesn't work properly. Does anyone know how to make this work or know a different option?

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That version of Fire Editor doesn't have those features, although I do specifically remember there was at some point those features included in a downloadable version.

Since that project is discontinued I doubt you'd be able to get your hands on that one specifically.

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