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Pokémon Presents 8.8.23


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35 minutes. If there's nothing at all here that's a waste.


We start on the upcoming PWC, skip. After the opening video talking about PWC itself, we get a series called Path to the Peak that's about kids playing the card game (It's a YuGiOh spinoff, Oddish is Kuribo confirmed, the kids named themselves after Hidden Power, I have to smile a little. 😛). Then we get Detective Pikachu news, with an overview trailer and a release date of 6th October. If it has the same twist as the movie that'd be a shame. Then there's a montage of trailers for Horizons, Go, Unite, Masters Ex, a Cafe Remix trailer around Tatsugiri, the GB Pokemon TCG game getting onto NSO GB and Stadium 2 getting onto N64 NSO. Then we get Sleep, which goes into more events stuff, eh. Then we hear about a short series around Paldea next month. Next up is a trailer that starts with Mewtwo and Mew staring at each other (This won't be that Tumblr series getting acknowledged), fighting for a bit before it's revealed it's an in game event for SV and not a TCG trailer like I expected. After that is another trailer for the SV DLC, which shows off both halves (Guess they have to to sell the idea of each part in fairness when they're selling the DLC as one), but we get a bit that shows off a bit more about Area Zero as well (So there's a third part?), as well as a release date for the first part (13th September). And that's it. I should have gone over more detail, but eh personally.

TL;DR: No Gen 1 on NSO, but TCG and Stadium 2 happen. Detective Pikachu Returns gets a date and we get Pokemon but YuGiOh, but barring that I can't raise much of an eye.

Edit: Didn't realise they highlighted new pokemon: can't say I'm that fond of them and having not played Sw/Sw I kinda can't be fair to the new evos. The Paradox evos continue the trend but are both arguably worse imo. RIP me.

Edit 2: Apparently remix theft's on the menu:

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Didn't know about this until after it happened. Great advertising there, Nintendo.

In any case, the biggest news for me is Stadium 2 on N64 online. I have less experience with it than the original, but I'd like to try exploring it more. Especially the Rental metagame, but also the minigames.

As for Pokemon TCG For GBC, I already have the game on 3DS. But it's a good one, and I hope more people get to play it this way. Now, if only I could figure out a way to stop the sprites from walking in place...

Some good-looking anime productions here, too. Both the main series and the couple mini-series (the TCG one looks especially cute). Still, I imagine all eyes will be upon what an Ash-less "main series" looks like. 

Of the remaining games, only Detective Pikachu Returns interests me at all. I haven't played the original, but I liked the idea of it. And I appreciate the irrepressible enthusiasm of Kaiji Tang. Plus, the movie adaptation is still probably my favorite "video game movie". This game is in my "definitely, maybe" pile.

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Why does Raikou have Trombone-Patrick neck? I can't decide if it looks hilarious or terrifying.

Anyway, the DLC for Scarlet/Violet looks neat; I won't get it though since I didn't get Scarlet or Violet.

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