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About Me

I'm pianime94, you guys can also call me Leo. Before I made an account in here, I have been lurking here for quite awhile (truth to be told, I was searching a patch for Binding Blade and FE12).

I have known and grown to love FE since May 2013 (according to my download log), mainly because the newest FE released at the time and watching shadowofchaos(Rey)'s videos and exhibitions (the GBA criticals exhibition especially) have piqued my interest to the franchise.

So far, the FE games that I have played are (in order):

-Blazing Sword (currently doing a ranked run for ENM)

-Shadow Dragon (I'm disappointed at the battle animation despite DS's capability, but it's still okay)

FE games that is still in my backlog:

- Binding Blade

- Sacred Stone

- New Mystery of the Emblem

- Not in my backlog but-> Genealogy of the Holy War (I smell Norse mythology, huhehehe :drool:) and Awakening (if I ever get a 3DS)

I'm also a big fan of these franchise/series:

- Final Fantasy (VI and IX are my favorite)

- Kingdom Hearts (played all except KH II FM and KH:3D)

- Phoenix Wright (I am completely smitten when the Objection theme played)

- Tales of (played all the mothership titles except Destiny Remake, Rebirth, Legendia and Xillia 2. Also played some of the spin offs)

- Valkyria Chronicles (feels like the series is dying though)

- Ys (only the english release, haven't played II and IV)

- Pokemon-> used to be, I have grown weary of it after Platinum, though Emerald is my favorite.

I like to watch anime, but I usually only watch the ones that interest me. I don't like overhyped anime, because it always turns out to be disappointing.

Also a suck anime/game pianist at YT.

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