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  1. The rescue staff mainly exists to warp skip a map. Whereas there are not many practical situations the rescue staff is used as lifesaver. FE6 has some situations the rescue staff serves for defend like Douglas or keeping the thiefs away of long range magic and ballistas. Rescue staves are defintitely harder to deal with in indoor maps because it's harder to reach the warp user. The mentioned map against Petra would work actually pretty well, if an enemy near Edelgard had a rescue staff. I don't even think it's easy to kill her in the first turn since her evasion is extremly high and there are other enemies aside of her which have to be killed.
  2. Thracia 776 was the only game which treated poison realistically. As annoying a permanent poison conditon might have been for the player, it's an ailment which will not go on its own without medical treatment. Also poison shall kill as in the games from 5 to 10. As for the actual topic, I would not mind the idea, if the game gives enough of restores and antitoxins.
  3. I was asked if I will volunteer for a business trip to Ghana as part of the work in late autumn. This is one of the toughest decisions I ever will have to make. On the one hand it would be the ultimate chance to see something NEW, but on the other hand I'm feared of the climatic conditions there. I am asthmatic and have health issues against heat with high humidity and I caanot stand climatic conditioners. I will think about it safely. Have some time left till the decision. @Interdimensional Observer Sorry to hear that! Losing a pet is always sad, especially if it lived so long that it had been part of the family. I faced some cats's death, even baby cats 😢
  4. The Judgral series are the only FE games where silence and sleep staff have practical uses for the player. Edit: I do not even think it's an unpopular opinion, but whatever...
  5. My OP was not clear enough. I was referring to enemies with warp and rescue staves. Fixed it. And true, Fates had some staves which worked in the game. I have to take into account that enemies in FE5 have really poor stats, and since staves can miss, they could be much more threatening than they are. Therefore their infinite range is too broken honestly. If their range was mag/2, it would have been more balanced. Thracia 776 is meant to be warpskipped, so it's fine here. Seeing warp and rescue on enemies in there GBA series and Tellius where enemies have serious stats would work very well, I imagine.
  6. Weather forecast says about snow tomorrow and on thursday. ... And I almost thought snow had been extinct.
  7. Oh, this is the round with the free gift!? Thanks for hint! Okay, then it will be Leify Boy! Edit: In a topic like this I usually do not need to read the OP, but in this case would have been better. 😉
  8. I cannot think of that any other Fire Emblem game than Thracia 776 has enemies which have and use staves like restore or warp. Chapter 21x is a very good example that enemy staff users can be very threatening to the player. Chapter 24 is also really interesting since the Loptian Sages do even a staff combo like using barrier on a unit with the berserk staff. Outside of FE5 I only remember something similar in 3-11 in FE10 where an enemy has a rescue staff and also uses it on a injured ally. I really wished more games had staff combos because it gives the chapter a bigher challange. The player is forced to make good use of the silence and sleep staff to prevent enemy staff combos.
  9. As much as I would grant Leif the victory and bring Glory to Thracia, I have to go for someone else since I don't have him. It will be either L!Sothis or Azura since they are only units I have. I also have Alm, but I don't see him having a chance against L!Sothis tbh.
  10. The Fate gacha was fun despite I lost my account due to my broken laptop, but the side games tend to be rather fanservicy from what I have read and seen. Tbf the only reason why I even played the gacha was that the characters were named after historical figures which I found funny.
  11. meows 🥰 Done with chapter 22 in (obligatory) one turn. Failed to get Dire Thunder because Tina did not have enough magic, but at least I could get the rescue staff from one of the houses and the Holy Sword.
  12. Punipunipuuuuuuniiiiiiiii It was a bit like a WTF Moment to me when I heard them talking. Still they are cute, cuter than the slimes from Dragon Quest.
  13. Alright, have not reached Arland City yet. Tbf none of the final bosses of the Trails games I've played yet, were long a / o tedious aside of Reverie because of the lack on resources. Vermillion Apocalypse is a boss I could beat in 3-4 turns on normal.
  14. I almost expected this answer, but seriously it feels strange to me that I have not been able to synthesize any equipment yet. Needed almost two hours for chapter 21x. This is one of very few chapters in FE where a silence staff has its uses. I saw the fianl dungeon, boss and ending of CSIII. Whilst the dungeon and boss really are not particually amazing, the ending is truly an argument to play III and IV.
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