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  1. Yesterday: got awake at 4 AM Today: slept in at 4 AM I'm testing my own biorhythm.
  2. Hopefully there will be a deal soon again like three Switch games for 111 € or something like that to get Xenoblade earlier. Also would like to get Animal Crossing and maybe Trails of Mana. Edit: Nevermind, Xenoblade is already sold out on Amazon.
  3. Severa is one of very few good things Awakening offered me.
  4. Huh, Gomel is in this hack!? He seems to be more memish than I thought. He got some popularity by a video in which his allies kill him.
  5. Let's see: have no transformation gauge can counterattack from range at any time gain more experience don't need a satori sign to learn their mastery skill available to fight at the start of the first turn (not applying to royals)
  6. I haven't seen a crit of a pirate in vanilla FE5 either, so I can't tell unfortunately. Though I'm not even sure if they even have a critrate because in vanilla FE5 enemies have less skill and the allies have more luck. In Super Thracia Leif starts with two luck, so everyone can crit him. Super Thracia is even more a crit festival because enemies can do it at anytime. I have played till chapter 2x yet. I can see the rumors about this hack already. 😛 Nevertheless no reason to give up it since I have support by someone who knows and already finished the hack and I love FE5 anyways. Also Marty fans will love this hack because he's godly there.
  7. I experienced that Leif can die actually. In Super Thracia he died for the very first time to a pirate who did a hilariously aestethic crit on him.
  8. Looks like if I will be really busy for the next weeks. I'm glad because this distracts me from gaming a little bit and also will refresh my creativity and writing skills. Tio x Lys was suggested what I was kinda hoping for because I already made my thoughts about these two (cuties).
  9. Added. Tbh I don't really know much about the other characters from most games. Tellius would also work for me, I guess.
  10. Yeah, the Sky and Crossbell games have really no technical requirememts. They are based on Windows XP engine. Edit: The second Crossbell game can't be obtained in a legal way as far as I know. I played this on PSP (in JP).
  11. I almost misread Ashe as Ash and got confused to see two Trails characters. But yeah, Kloe x Ashe is pinned for next support. I will do one complete support (C, B, A) per a week.
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