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  1. I just noticed that Kirby Superstar is out for Switch's Super Nintendo. Well, time for some cuteness! Edit: Did the Dreamland part. I can't even believe that I died to Kracko and Dedede... jeez.
  2. Has cutest Awekening tsundere in signature.
  3. Well, my wording was unprecise, I meant before player's turn. And alright. To be fair none of the upcoming games till FE8 had an intermediate save option. Seizing a castle complies playing a chapter and the game gives the chance to save after each seize, I don't see FE4 having a "save" problem.
  4. I can't remember having the save option after each turn in FE4. I think I could only save after seizing a castle.
  5. I yet have to play Xenoblade, but I played the sequel, and it was fantastic! It's my favorite game for the Switch so far. And I can't really imagine that the first game will be much worse, if any.
  6. The King Burger is an actual consumable item in the Crossbell games. Heroic sagas about this burger made it to Fodlan. I don't want to spoiler anything about her, but she is a very important character in the Sky series storywise, characterwise described in one word: heartful And bedankt! Bedankt! If you're relating to their kindness, then yes. And this a good base to let them support each other. And bedankt! Also only a third has been done yet - actually less since B and especially A will be longer - so it's just a very little part of their conversation so far. I try to do the rest till upcoming weekend at latest.
  7. After resizing to 100x100, taken! Thank you very much! Now I just need sad Kloe. Only happy supports would be boring.
  8. It's alright, don't worry! Thanks for your help nontheless! I picked a generic sprite for all lines then. I could looked up for some conversations on Youtube and screencap them, but unfortunately I have not really the time for it right now.
  9. @twilitfalchion Ashe Durand (Fire Emblem Three Houses) x Kloe Rinz (Trails in the Sky series) C I wanted to add some varied sprites regarding their current mood to the content, but as for Kloe I can't find them. So I had to choose a generic sprite. I removed the "spoilery" part in C, but I am not even sure, if I'll add it in B or A support since I technically blocked the content for these levels already. I might add it to A, but then this conversation will become extremely long. I have to make my thoughts for the exact content.
  10. ... It seems I was too slow. Anyways please put such kind of feedbacks in a spoiler! The early reveal had a reason for the B support, but I'll rewrite it completly. I'll cut the spoilery part of C then.
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