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  1. It's great, if you have resistance towards frustration. Dying is quite the daily in this game. The platformer sections are even harder than "Luna Nights" for me due to less health. Exploring can become quite tedious, if you don't see a rest point for some time. I am glad that I am discouraged less nowadays, so I still have the motivation to overcome tricky sections.
  2. I am kinda feeling outsided for not having touched a classic "Fire Emblem" game (I don't count "Tokyo Mirage Sessions" and "Warriors") for more than a year. Well, I am designing a sorta FE game...but playing a regular game...hmm...it must have been last summer. Anyways I have started to play "Hollow Knight" since I kinda got interested in Metroidvanias which is not "Metroid". The game is hard, but its ambience is unique. Never really played such a melancholic game. Hollow Knight OST - Greenpath - YouTube This is one of the more euphroic themes.
  3. Decided to make a tierlist of played Super Mario games. Mario Maker 2 was not listed for some reason. It would be a low A.
  4. Honestly only all the games by RareWare Diddy Kong Racing Donkey Kong 64 Banjo Kazooie Banjo Tooie Conker's Bad Fur Day GoldenEye 64 because I have no chance to get them on virtual console. I know Diddy Kong Racing has a remaster / remake (idk exactly) for DS, but I prefer playing racing games on a bigger screen. I have Kirby 64 for Wii U because I could not play it. Otherwise if I am interested to play N64 games again, then I will get them for Wii U. No need to get another console.
  5. I forgot to mention yesterday that I have finished Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory. As for the story, it was so confusing that I did not even feel spoiled. As for the gameplay it was fun and the music was gorgeous! Dark Domination - YouTube This song slaps!
  6. Completed Kingdom Hearts: Melody Of Memory and Super Mario Odyssey past days. About first it's kinda hard to give a proper review since it's a bad approachment for someone like me who has very few knowledge of the Kingdom Hearts series (only played III for a little bit). The story was very confusing, actually not even spoilery for being so compliacted. After all it's a rhythm game, and for being one it was very fun. It had different modes in the story and most of them were fun. However the most notable was the music of course. The soundtrack of all existing Kingdom Hearts game was marvelous. Can't really say more here. As for latter I have to say it was my favorite Mario game. Not only for being different by having an unique enviroment which forces to explore a bit like an open world adventure (Zelda), but also makes great use of the enemies using them as projectiles. I have to admit I struggled in lots of sections because I did not expect being able to use them to make progess in the world. Merging irl with fictional world (New Donk City) was a bit weird for me at first, but honestly it worked very well and kept the atmosphere very authentic. The soundtrack is also very interesting. Lots of themes did not sound from Mario if I heared them and did not their origin. However my favorite moment was It was very untypcial Mario game, but honestly it was a great change and showed this series can look at the edge of the plate. Merging 3D adventure platformer with old school 80s 2D platformer sections was as contrasting as fun! One of my absolute favorite games for Switch and as said before my personal favorite Mario game!
  7. I expected the expansion pass costing as much as the normal pass (20 $ per year), but hoped for maybe only 10 $. Being more expensive than the regular membership is a joke for me considering it features as many consoles as the regular membership does (both 2). Furthermore I really do not care for Sega. I was only interested in playing Donkey Kong 64 and the Banjo duology, but it's absolutely not worth for me to pay 30 $ more per year for like a handful of games I am interested in. That was a really disappointing announcement I must say.
  8. Beaten "Super Mario Odyssey". The ending was not what I expected This was soooo cool. Without saying too much it was my favorite "Mario" game for sure simply for being super creative by making use of all the enemies. The enviroment was also very unique by having similarities to "Zelda" or even "Xenoblade". Very cool game!
  9. Hello! I actually told earlier to have a free week...but well...still decided to work after all. 🥴 Anyways I have beaten "Kirby And The Amazing Mirror" and I am close of beating "Super Mario Odyssey". "Amazing Mirror" was a decent "Kirbyvania"...or however I should call that. The map system was fun and fairly easy understandable, but the main issue for me was it was tedious to find a map. Running in circles without knowing where you are is not fun at all. However in a couple of areas I could reach the boss without having a map. Also the instant enemy respawng was very annoying. It was so easy to lose a required ability to unlock chests or new paths. Though overall it was a decent game, not as fun as "Luna Nights" though. Now I have beaten all possible Kirby games for me aside of "Mass Attack". Meanwhile I have not made any progress in "Arise" unfortunately since I wanted to finished my shorter projects. I purchased the extra soundtrack of "Tales of Arise" and shirt of Shionne on Namco's store. Btw I am satisfied with final smash character reveal. I mean I do not care too much for Sora (neutral towards him), but having "Kingdom Hearts" music in Smash is definitely a nice addition (unfortunately no Disney though). It was also the most obvious choice of all non Nintendo characters for me, so I am absolutely not surprised to see him being added. I got this game, it was on sale.
  10. Oh, sorry. 7/9 maps are pretty much done gameplaywise and storywise. It will be similar FE10 with having different groups, merged at the end. That said with private stuff I could bring out a "beta" version maybe at the end of the year. Still I have to make portraits and sprites which will be definitely the hardest part of the project since I am a noob in drawing. As for "Luna Nights" there were bosses I needed up to 100 attempts and 2 h. However at the end I played more patient and took the time to understand the enemy's pattern, so it was less bad than in the first half in the game. Even aside of bosses this game features lots of difficult platformer sections in which you can die easily. It's challenging, but considering it's a fangame, I must say I was very surprised in a positive way. Was a tough but fun game overall. Though I have not faced the extra bosses.
  11. I caught interest in "Metroidvanias", though rather "Castlevania" than "Metroid". I have beaten "Touhou Luna Nights" and "Kirby And The Amazing Mirror". Both were excellent g ames and first one was one of the hardest games I have played yet. Wanted to retry "Symphony Of The Night" soon. I know "Metroid" will get a new game next week, however I am not a big fan of space and aliens stuff. Hey there!
  12. Just started with that a few days ago. Found on Discord a friend who is teaching me a bit and the programm (streaming for each other). I'm attempting to make a sprite of Lysithea for my RPG. Since I have free next week, I hope I can share (good) results here. 👋 Animal Crossing and especially the addition of N64. I just hope the expansion pass will not become that expensive. Hopefully not more than 50%, means 30 $ per year.
  13. 👋 Rubenio and Shrimperor Currently I am playing "Tales of Arise" and "Mario Odyssey". Both are amazing so far. There is not too much to say about first since it is still a standard "Tales"game of its series, just having excellent characterization and plot. However as for latter I was surprised about the open world. It reminds me on "Zelda" a lot. Not a fan of 3D "Zelda" games myself, but I love exploration in "Odyssey" so far. Also playing "Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory" as filler. This one is an interesting rhythm game although probably not the best part to approach the series. Only have played a bit of III yet, but I had to delete my videos because of copyright complaints, so dropped it. I decided to get a Wii U to have access to VC, so I picked up some classics (among others "Blazing Sword" and "Sacred Stones") like "Golden Sun" and "Kirby 64". I am glad I have purchased only one N64 game yet since they will make their appearance on Switch soon. Edit: I also grabbed "Undertale" recently. Will play it before the "Deltarune" duology.
  14. cool I also am continuing on my SRPG Studio project and also learning how to draw sprites with a professional drawing programm. Anyways I am gonna play "Tales Of Arise", so cya sometime soon! I try to be here more often as long my freetime allows to.
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