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  1. That's why I usually don't go to a doctor, much less since the pandemy. Once the pandemy is under control I'll ask my employee for a cure.
  2. It's asthma, it's chronic. I can use a spray and inhale saltwater, but it can't be solved. Sometimes it's ok, sometimes it's worse as it is right now. At least it has become a bit better since I took a walk. Weather is at least good again (clean air) to take some heavy breaths.
  3. Tbf the picture in the other thread brought me up with this. Originally I had a different battle for today in mind.
  4. No, I haven't. I'm having clogged bronchi again; can't really breath well since past midnight. The collapse of my laptop, well, it just rounds up everything for me...
  5. The taste of a pineapple pizza to celebrate the weekend or rather to drown my anger...
  6. Don't ask me, please. Anyways thanks! Though it doesn't make up for all the bad things which have happened to me today yet. Actually I already had four 5* in one circle before. It was L!Hector's debut banner when three Hectors and F!Grima appeared. But yeah, this banner was stupidly lucky for me.
  7. First circle gave me nothing. Second (terrible) circle (four blue and one red) gave me Eliwood. Definitely the consolation prize of this because he's the most wanted non green and colourless unit for not having him yet. +atk / -res is perfect too, Didn't pull the blues.
  8. Wanted to do homeoffice today because I'm still not feeling great. I spilled soup on my desk........which hit my laptop. ... You might think what has happened after this...
  9. Honestly as for videogame stuff it might even be better to wait for christmas sale.
  10. Black Friday's sale doesn't look too hot so far. It's actually Black Week right now; offers started on monday already. Maybe Cyber Monday will have something for me; still would like to get a cheap gaming laptop maybe. As for games I might grab Rune Factory 4 once I have e-shop card. Nothing else caught my eyes, but not because the offer is poor (still both Xenoblade games and Three Houses are on sale), but because I have all potential interesting games.
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