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  1. Trails of Cold Steel I + II for Switch, please! I may dream, okaaaay!?
  2. Switch is the best witch, my favorite console of all time. So many good games to go. But seriously I would have bought it on Black Friday because there were some good offers for the Switch.
  3. Made me a bit sad. Honestly it is more motivation to play this game.
  4. Transfering save datas among micro SD cards is effortful and timeconsuming, but thankfully Youtube has some good guides.
  5. Mentioned a hypothetical game which made me shrug.
  6. 6.5 I do not know but Xenoblade X music cannot warm up my heart somehow. Shining Resonance Refrain - Gekitou no Hate ni
  7. This is supposed to be KOS-MOS? I had no idea...
  8. Also I wanted to update my FE5 since yesterday, but I have absolute no time atm. Things on work get crazy close before Christmas (as usual) and when I am home, I have absolutely no motivation to do anything else aside of lying in my bed.
  9. Yeah, I saw it is limited (right cover). Anyways bought from the E-shop. 35 € is not a bad price.
  10. Ah, alright. Just was a bit wondering. Atelier games are common as physical copy for Switch in my country, although I do not know if all. I have seen the newest ones at least (Lulua, Lydie and Ryza). I think it does not apply to the older parts. I have no issue of buying Advent Dark Force from the e-shop since I have improved my micro SD card recently. Still asking because I would like to get more physical copies if possible.
  11. Could be the words out of my worth. I love already the attempt to add all these (unique) mechanics to FE5, even if not all of them do work or need improvement at least. Still the modern FE games are based on FE5. Infinite trading in Three Houses is a throwback to FE5.
  12. @Shrimperor @DragonFlames Is the Switch version of Fairy Fencer Advent Dark Force available digital only? Because I cannot find a hard copy of the Switch version. However the digital version seems to be more favorable than the PS4 version. Also I want that Lys card too despite I never ever cared for Cipher or what the name of the cards game is.
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