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  1. I don't see why we shouldn't. Lyn mode clearly helps your team out by making a good number of your best units better.
  2. So do I. Anyone have any objections with that ^^?
  3. Just did that. Thanks. :) This is definitely true, not denying that. However, does said lord NEED these things in order to patch up a problem? If yes, then I'd count that as a negative. Ideally these items should be frosting on a cake, not solutions to a problem. Sigurd doesn't NEED any additional items other than a Silver Sword and the Tyrfing (he's the only unit in the Gen. 1 army that can use the Tyrfing anyway) to beat Gen. 1. If FE 3 Marth needs orb fragments then I'd count that as a negative against him. If he doesn't, then goodie. Orbs can be given to anyone in that game iirc so it doesn't say anything special about him.
  4. Hmmm... How about some factors to consider as far as criteria is concerned. Like how about this? Base stats Movement Combat ability plus overall durability Growths Support utility (like Leif's leadership stars for example) Another factor to consider is how much resources do they need? If they need to have all the items in their game stuffed down their gills then I'd count that as a negative. I personally don't count items like Crusader Scrolls or Star Orbs / Spheres (whatever you call them in FE 3) as a positive for units since we ought to look at the character's merits themselves. Take it or leave it, just food for thought.
  5. Haven't played through FE 3 Book 1 so I don't know where to put him. That's why he's not on here.
  6. What kind of criteria would you recommend?
  7. EDIT # 1: Ephraim has been moved to top of Solid Tier. FE 3 Marth has been moved to Solid Tier. Celica and Leif have switched places.
  8. Ephraim is being rated on his usefulness in Ephriam route. Eirika is rated on her performance in Eirika route. That help?
  9. So far here are the reoccuring posts and suggestions: Ephraim above FE 9 Ike and Chrom. Does he belong in Top Tier? Micaiah to Bottom Tier Bump up FE 3 Marth. Above FE 9 Ike and Chrom? Bump up Eirika? To "Mixed Bag" Tier? Move Celica down ^ Let me know what you guys think.
  10. So I noticed that there hasn't been a tier list for lords in these forums so I thought we could make one and discuss. Like any tier list this one can totally change (and probably will change several times) if a good argument is being made for said changes. This list will just give us something to start with. I'm looking forward to what you guys have to say. Oh quick question: Should we add in Lucina and if so, where would you say she should go? (Assume Robin!Lucina for this tier list). *Assume Ephraim is being rated on his performance in Ephraim route. Eirika is also being rated on her performance in Eirika route. Top Tier 1) Sigurd 2) Alm 3) RD Ike 4) Seliph 5) FE 1 Marth Solid Tier 6) Ephraim 7) FE 9 Ike 8) Chrom 9) FE 12 Marth 10) FE 3 Marth (Book 2) Mixed Bag Tier 11) Hector 12) Leif 13) Celica 14) Micaiah Bottom Tier 15) Shadow Dragon Marth 16) Eirika 17) Lyn 18) Eliwood 19) Roy Can't Comment Tier *FE 3 Book 1 Marth* Okay so I haven't played FE 3 Book 1 so I don't know how powerful Marth is in that part of Fire Emblem 3. Can anyone who has played FE 3 Book 1 give me feedback about that please? EDIT # 1: Ephraim has been moved to top of Solid Tier. FE 3 Marth has been moved to Solid Tier. Celica and Leif have switched places.
  11. ^ Anyone else from best to worst in your opinion Ownagepuffs?
  12. Thanks lazydoggamer and Reinfleche! :D
  13. Ok so yeah I know that Sigurd is the most powerful lord but what I meant was who of the lords that I selected were the most powerful b/c I honestly don't know their power relative to each other. I've been back and forth between those guys for a while now. It wasn't meant to be a comprehensive list of every powerful lord in the series. More like a comparison between certain guys. (Also quick question would you guys say that RD Ike is the best non-Sigurd lord? Just curious) I guess another question (sorry for lack of clarity here) is how would the guys on that list be ranked in comparison to each other in terms of in game efficiency. So far I'm getting a lot of Alm and Seliph. (I.E. 1) Seliph 2) Alm 3) Chrom 4) FE 9 Ike 5) FE 1 Marth 6) FE 12 Marth 7) Hector etc) ^ Just an example.
  14. So I've had a question that's been bugging me for a while and I thought I'd ask you guys and see what you thought. Who of the various lords do you consider the most efficient in their game? FE 1 Marth FE 12 Marth Hector Alm Chrom Seliph FE 9 Ike
  15. Ok fair enough. So do you think my post is utter crap? So does anybody think that Fire Emblem 4 and Game of Thrones have any similarities at all or am I just completely wrong on this? MODEDIT: stop. doubleposting.
  16. You really don't think FE 4 portrays medieval life accurately at all? Not even a little bit? Am I missing something? I guess I was wrong about Tyrion and Levin lol. MODEDIT: stop doubleposting
  17. Is it just me or does Fire Emblem 4 and Game of Thrones have a lot of coincidental similarities? For example.... *Warning: If you haven't seen, or been caught up with, Game of Thrones don't read this thread. Plot relevant character and his army dies from a massive betrayal (The Massacre at Barhara / The Red Wedding.) Incest being a huge plot point in both stories (Manfroy trying to get Alvis and Diadora to have a kid / Joffrey's parentage and the War of the 5 Kings) The oldest male child produced from said incestous pairing acts like a complete monster (Julius / Joffrey Both stories have a relatively high body count in terms of named characters. Both stories feature some type of zombie (The Dreadlords / The White Walkers)
  18. As a Unit: Love him. I <3 gamebreaking OP units. As a Character: Ehh....I'm a huge fan of protagonists so that's a plus. He does seem like the Eddard Stark of Jugdral. Naive, honorable, but in the end he got screwed over. I do feel really bad about him once Alvis shows Sigurd that he stole his wife and then proceeds to slaughter Sigurd's army and kill Sigurd. THE FEELS. THE FEELS! FREAKING ALVIS!
  19. Baldo: Sigurd Odo: Shannan. Although I do <3 Ayra, Lakche and Mareeta as well lol. Hezul: Ares Noba: Leif Dain: Areone Fala: Cyas Narga: Seliph Tordo: Arthur Holsety: Sety / Ced Neir: Lex Blaggi: Claude Ulir: Briggid / Eyvale Lopt: Um...nobody? Ok fine since I have to choose: Diadora None: Finn and Othin
  20. Yes to some extent. I recognize that the game has it's flaws (like the horrible plot) but to be fair it's STILL my 3rd favorite Fire Emblem game in the series. Imo (I know plenty of people will disagree with me on this but whatever) I still think that Awakening has the best gameplay HANDS DOWN out of all the entire games in the series so far. I actually do love a good chunk of the characters, even if my opinion about some of them has changed for the worse (Kellam, Miriel, Panne, Yarne, Tharja, Severa). One of my friends said it best: "Awakening has a full spectrum of characters. Some of them are gimmicky and one-dimensional while others are acceptable and some are just freaking awesome!" I do grow tired of all the critics since they all just say the same thing while many of them in my experience act like they're saying something groundbreaking and they're not. Be that as it may a good number of said criticisms are *sigh* valid, although, like I said at the beginning of my post, Awakening is STILL my 3rd favorite game in the series.
  21. Hi everyone. I just joined about two days ago. Love this website and I wanted to be a part of the action. I've been using this site now for a long time for various Fire Emblem playthroughs. I love Fire Emblem (obviously). I've been playing now for about 10 - 11 years. Path of Radiance was my first Fire Emblem. I have currently played Fire Emblems 4 - 11 and Awakening. I intend to play FE 2 and 12. I have no desire to play Fire Emblem 1 and 3. Feel free to ask me stuff. I'm looking forward to getting to know you all. Hopefully I can learn some more about averages calculation and all that.
  22. Lucina - For sheer gameplay prowess and for being a strong character who survived a zombie apocalypse. Owain - For being hilarious and awesome. Chrom - I like lords. Especially when they don't have a timed promotion and have access to Aether. Inigo - Wonderful ladies man. Love dat silky voice. Noire - Hilariously bi-polar. Cordelia - I like me some sexy lady! I also like me some awesome combat prowess. Shout out for being one of the best first generation units! Henry - For being a hilarious sociopath. Gregor - I love that Russian accent.
  23. Nephenee - I've dealt with WAY too many people who treat her as a Goddess that can do no wrong. Solid unit but not even within the Top 10 characters of either game. Canas - People on the Fire Emblem Facebook page have a fetish for monocles. It gets incredibly annoying. "Oh but he has the Luna tome". Yes and he also has a low Constitution and happens to wield a weapon type that punishes low constitution harshly. Hector - People act like Hector is the best lord in the series when frankly he can get speed and skill screwed and then there's that late game promotion. *Shudders* Lyn - I've seen way too much Lyn love. People actually like Lyn way more than Lucina. The only reason I can think of is the nostalgia of FE 7. She's basically a swordmaster with the title of Lord attached to her. I still don't think she's that great.
  24. Holy War came up with Leadership stars first not Thracia 776. I've seen people claim that Thracia 776 created the leadership stars and that's not true.
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