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  1. @Deanna: I can't help if you don't tell me anything about your problem. @amschroeder5: So there used to be a simple windows installer package, following that link in the Readme. Unfortunately it looks like it's gone, and they've replaced it with less simple installers. However it's still okay to do it that way - pip is pretty useful. Install pip, and then in the command line type "pip install PySide" and I think it will just work, downloading the required files by itself. I'd attach the windows installer that I found there to this post, but unfortunately it's too big for SF :(
  2. Not in there, unfortunately. Mentioned at the top of this page...
  3. @lebao000: I don't really know what's going on there - I can only suggest try reinstalling PySide. Clearly the reference to the Python package isn't correct but I don't know what would cause that. What's with the Yen symbol in your directory lines? You could try just running Python itself in a cmd window and typing "import PySide" and see if that works (it will come up with the same error if it doesn't). If not, PySide is likely not installed correctly.
  4. @CorySane: If you actually made an account to try and insult me for giving my own personal work out for free in a format you haven't heard of before, that was an amazing use of time. And if you bothered to read any of the instructions or the Readme, you'd find the answer to all of your questions. Everyone else here did. Sorry I haven't taken the extra time to bundle it into a nice windows installer for you, but I'm not that interested in doing so. .pyw is a console-less version of a .py file, or a Python script. You need to install Python version 2.7 and the PySide GUI library, links to which are given in the Readme. @Th3Miz3r: Nolan Bless slot 1 would be 0084DB51 00000010 - RDCC can tell you more codes if you want them, I'm not sure what you mean by an "Item Slot 1 code".
  5. I'll be honest, I have no clue how to make a control enemies code, nor how the Always Perfect Level-Ups code works...
  6. longtong4 - BExp for Part 4 is a combination of all the previous parts, so just use any of the other codes and it should work :) You need to try following the instructions I posted and tell me what error you get when you try to run the program in the console. Once I know that, I might be able to help.
  7. Hi longtong4 - what you can do is try running it in a console instead. Rename the file to .py instead of .pyw. Then, hold shift and right-click on the background in the folder, and click "Open command window here" (this option will only appear if you have unzipped it to another folder). This should bring up a console. Type "RD Code Creator.py" (shortcut by pressing r, d, then tab), hit enter, and see what error you get. You will need to install PySide from the link in the ReadMe as well as just Python 2.7. Good stuff Raivshard - I wasn't planning on maintaining this program though, I haven't looked at RD for a while now :( Damage Type stuff and possibly Weapon Exp look like great additions though, if you look at the code you can probably figure out where to add them yourself :) look at the create_data_type_lists function, and probably add something to the 'weapon': entry in that dictionary. Each entry is a tuple of (memory offset from the start of that target, human-readable name, type) - type is harder to figure out since if you want a list of names for Damage Types you are going to have to do it in the same way the Affinities are done. I've done a complete reinstall of my PC very recently so I'm not going to be working on this myself any time soon. Should be simple enough to rename the (0-8) (???) thing... From what you said about 0x10 less than min range, I think the offset would just be 0x10 for Damage Types :)
  8. Thanks for the feedback :) As I understand it sometimes different characters can be offset by different amounts in the memory for even different playthroughs of the same version and thus I am not surprised that Fiona/Muarim/Vika didn't work correctly. I know about the Bonus Exp code, I really don't know how to fix it though since it doesn't seem to do anything simple. Skill codes for free/locked status - what exactly do you mean? I know that adding the padlock icon doesn't actually lock the skill, you can still remove it. o_O
  9. Get them promoted to Tier 3 ASAP. Then give them some combination of Corrosion/Disarm/Adept. Since those skills trigger even if you do no damage, you can equip them with Bronze Knives and break 40-use weapons. Discuss.
  10. I think there is no one way of "playing well" - if we choose LTC or best endgame party or whatever we end up with different strategies and just playing the game for funs you can level anyone pretty well, especially with boss/priest abuse. This game is less active because it's friggen long and really hard to plan a good route for LTC...
  11. How on earth would Tibarn die o_O
  12. Fixed some stuff, including making the Forge Names work with normal characters (it was just Unicode ¬_¬ as simple as using ord() ) and fixing a push-button bug. Also split weapons and non-weapons up, not 100% tested so some feedback on stuff like changing the stat boosts for items would be good. Lastly, using None as your Target will generate codes for all targets in that category! Yay for mass-modifying items! Boo for mass modifying weapons to be unbreakable and bows no longer working! Learnt that the hard way. RDCC 30-04-2014.zip
  13. Yeah that looks fine, the codes should be active immediately. Note that it won't necessarily add 10 Lck to Edward, but will instead cause his Character to have 10 Lck - his final stat is comprised of the base stat for Myrmidons (or Swordmaster, Trueblade) plus the number you give him there. For me starting a new game, it makes his Lck go to 18. If those codes do nothing, try changing version: 0088717F 0000000A 0088719E 0000000A
  14. Well this was a giant waste of a few days... RDCC: Radiant Dawn Code Creator! Generate AR codes for anyone and anything. Still lacking some functionality but works very nicely so far. ReadMe included in the .zip. Requires Python and PySide. Edit: Deleted upload, see below for updated version.
  15. I posted a response in your thread on the Dolphin Support forum :P Skills shouldn't be too hard - in the first post, I show Nolan's Skill Slots. You can just use those, using the AR to put a skill code in a slot - you can assign new skills in a blank slot or in an already-used slot; I recommend either using slots you know would be blank (slot 10+) or assigning over a known skill (use the Dolphin memory reader to check the pre-existing skills). Removing a skill whilst looking at their skills in-game seems to freeze the game, so close any character info you have open when setting blank Skill IDs... I'm working on an AR Code Creator for FE:RD, allowing you to just tick some boxes and get out the AR codes at the end. It's gonna be so cool. It's actually mostly done, just a couple features I want to finish first.
  16. Fair enough :D Trying it out now... Eh. It's not amazing for FE10, it's just editing base stats and growths for different classes, it doesn't have the current values either, it's all zeroed :( Which would make using it kinda a pain. I am very confused by the module - it has a Class editor and a Growths editor, which appears to be done by Character - are there two different growth values? How do I Nightmare :(
  17. I wrote something using WX once, it ended up pretty shiny. Editing Wii ROMs, anyone?
  18. Nope, Edward is one of the first two characters you get, and he spawns under your control AFAIK - there is a brief scene where you see him and Micaiah in-game without any control but they don't do anything; he already has his weapon at that point. CT075: Looks like what I was talking about, although what does it output?
  19. ?? Nightmare modules? What are they?
  20. I'm realizing I really don't know how to hack properly at all... How do you decide the default items people have? For example Edward always gets an Iron Sword at the start of the game, yet the value for said sword is nowhere to be found in memory. It's not even in the part that specifies the skills and base stats each character arrives with, which means it must be hardcoded somewhere, but how do we go about accessing that value? An item editor (or at least a way of designing items you want) would be pretty easy, just making creating AR codes pretty with a GUI :-P I could probably do that in Python.
  21. Yeah might have to restrict those to fliers...
  22. Well it's possible we can do without new 3D models if we are happy with re-palettes, new sprites and new abilities and gameplay. Or indeed we could do a sequel where characters change class, like Aran decides to buy a horse and becomes a Lance Knight, or the Crimean Knights are indoors and not mounted. "Making Laguz Royals less broken" is something I'd want to look at. Or indeed not available at all. Alternatively, how would people feel about just having a randomizer? :D
  23. Very few people seem to be even looking at FE10 hacks. What changes would make for an interesting and new experience of playing FE9 and/or 10?
  24. I found some more cool stuff: [spoiler=Character Stats and Affinity] You can change the class of a character - causing some interesting graphical glitches when done during a level: $Nolan Class Slot 0484DA80 XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX is as in the below spoiler, in the Class Start Address List. Add 0x3F0 to step from Nolan's Character slot to the next slot. Maybe. I really don't know. $Nolan Current HP 0084DAA4 000000XX $Nolan Mv+ 0084DAA6 000000XX $Nolan Affinity 0484DAA8 000000XX 01: Fire 02: Thunder 03: Wind 04: Water 05: Dark 06: Light 07: Heaven 08: Earth Anything else seems to just be "-". $Nolan Stats 1 0484DAA9 WWXXYYZZ WW here is non-trivial - C0 seems to be HP of 1 and it wraps around after FF -> 00, so 00 is 64HP. Not fully tested. XX: Str YY: Mag ZZ: Skill $Nolan Stats 2 0484DAAD WWXXYYZZ WW: Sp XX: Lck YY: Def ZZ: Res Note that the last 7 of these stats are all added to the base Class stats, not just equal to the stats. [spoiler=Default Class Skills] When a character promotes, the skills from the default class that the character promotes to are added to the existing character. Same with a new character being created - the skills for a new character are a combination of the default class skills and the default character skills. Vanguard start address: 808A890C (048A890C to edit) To find the slots from the start address, add 0x24, and then multiples of 0x8: $Vanguard Default Skill Slot 1 (MSID_HIGHEST - Third Tier) 048A8930 XXXXXXXX 048A8934 YYZZ0000 $Vanguard Default Skill Slot 2 (Shove) 048A8938 XXXXXXXX 048A893C YYZZ0000 $Vanguard Default Skill Slot 3 (Nihil) 048A8940 XXXXXXXX 048A8944 YYZZ0000 $Vanguard Default Skill Slot 4 (Aether) 048A8948 XXXXXXXX 048A894C YYZZ0000 $Vanguard Default Skill Slot 5 (blank) 048A8950 XXXXXXXX 048A8954 YYZZ0000 XXXXXXXX and YY/ZZ are as above in the Skills spoiler. You may need to think about changing the second lines to make default skills free, but I don't know if that persists. [spoiler=Class Start Address List] 808A87F0 - Hero (Ike) 808A890C - Vanguard (Ike+) 808A8A28 - Myrmidon (Edward) 808A8B44 - Swordmaster male (Zihark, Edward+) 808A8C60 - Swordmaster female (Mia) 808A8D7C - Swordmaster disciples of order 808A8E98 - Trueblade male (Stefan, Zihark+, Edward++) 808A8FB4 - Trueblade female (Mia+) 808A90D0 - Soldier (Aran) 808A91EC - Halberdier male (Danved, Aran+) 808A9308 - Halberdier female (Nephenee) 808A9424 - Halberdier disciples of order 808A9540 - Sentinel male (Danved+, Aran++) 808A965C - Sentinel female (Nephenee+) 808A9778 - Fighter (Nolan) 808A9894 - Warrior (Boyd, Nolan+) 808A99B0 - Warrior disciples of order 808A9ACC - Reaver (Boyd+, Nolan++) 808A9BE8 - Archer (Leonardo) 808A9D04 - Sniper (Shinon, Rolf, Leonardo+) 808A9E20 - Sniper disciples of order 808A9F3C - Marksman (Shinon+, Rolf+, Leonardo++) 808AA058 - Armor lance 808AA174 - Armor axe 808AA290 - Armor sword male 808AA3AC - Armor sword female (Meg) 808AA4C8 - Lance general (Tauroneo, Gatrie) 808AA5E4 - Axe general (Brom) 808AA700 - Sword general male 808AA81C - Sword general female (Meg+) 808AA938 - Lance general disciples of order 808AAA54 - Axe general disciples of order 808AAB70 - Sword general disciples of order 808AAC8C - Marshal lance (Tauroneo+, Gatrie+) 808AADA8 - Marshal axe (Brom+) 808AAEC4 - Marshal sword (Meg++) 808AAFE0 - Marshal zelgius 808AB0FC - Black knight 808AB218 - Thief 808AB334 - Rogue male (Sothe) 808AB450 - Rogue female (Heather) 808AB56C - Whisper male (Sothe+) 808AB688 - Whisper female (Heather+) 808AB7A4 - Assassin (Volke) 808AB8C0 - Bandit 808AB9DC - Fire mage 808ABAF8 - Thunder mage male 808ABC14 - Thunder mage female (Ilyana) 808ABD30 - Wind mage 808ABE4C - Light mage (Micaiah) 808ABF68 - Fire sage male (Tormod) 808AC084 - Fire sage female (Calill) 808AC1A0 - Thunder sage male 808AC2BC - Thunder sage female (Ilyana+) 808AC3D8 - Wind sage (Soren) 808AC4F4 - Light sage (Micaiah+) 808AC610 - Dark sage (Pelleas) 808AC72C - Fire sage disciples of order 808AC848 - Thunder sage disciples of order 808AC964 - Wind sage disciples of order 808ACA80 - Arch sage fire male (Tormod+) 808ACB9C - Arch sage fire female (Calill+) 808ACCB8 - Arch sage dark (Pelleas+) 808ACDD4 - Arch sage thunder (Ilyana++) 808ACEF0 - Arch sage wind (Bastian, Soren+) 808AD00C - Light priestess (Micaiah++) 808AD128 - Empress (Sanaki) 808AD244 - Chancellor (Sephiran/Lehran) (I stopped adding names here) 808AD360 - Druid 808AD47C - Druid disciples of order 808AD598 - Summoner 808AD6B4 - Priest male 808AD7D0 - Priest female 808AD8EC - Bishop male 808ADA08 - Bishop female 808ADB24 - Bishop valtome/numida/disciples of order 808ADC40 - Saint male 808ADD5C - Saint female 808ADE78 - Saint lekain 808ADF94 - Cleric 808AE0B0 - Valkyrie 808AE1CC - Sword knight 808AE2E8 - Lance knight male 808AE404 - Lance knight female 808AE520 - Axe knight 808AE63C - Bow knight 808AE758 - Blade paladin 808AE874 - Lance paladin male 808AE990 - Lance paladin female 808AEAAC - Axe paladin male 808AEBC8 - Axe paladin female 808AECE4 - Bow paladin male 808AEE00 - Bow paladin female 808AEF1C - Blade paladin disciples of order 808AF038 - Lance paladin disciples of order 808AF154 - Axe paladin disciples of order 808AF270 - Bow paladin disciples of order 808AF38C - Gold knight sword 808AF4A8 - Gold knight axe male 808AF5C4 - Gold knight axe female 808AF6E0 - Silver knight lance male 808AF7FC - Silver knight lance female 808AF918 - Silver knight bow 808AFA34 - Pegasus knight 808AFB50 - Falcon knight 808AFC6C - Falcon knight disciples of order 808AFD88 - Seraph knight 808AFEA4 - Queen 808AFFC0 - Draco knight male 808B00DC - Draco knight female 808B01F8 - Dragonmaster male 808B0314 - Dragonmaster female 808B0430 - Dragonmaster disciples of order 808B054C - Dragon lord male 808B0668 - Dragon lord female 808B0784 - Lion red untransformed 808B08A0 - Lion red transformed 808B09BC - Lion black untransformed 808B0AD8 - Lion black transformed 808B0BF4 - Lion king untransformed 808B0D10 - Lion king transformed 808B0E2C - Tiger untransformed 808B0F48 - Tiger transformed 808B1064 - Cat male untransformed 808B1180 - Cat male transformed 808B129C - Cat female untransformed 808B13B8 - Cat female transformed 808B14D4 - Wolf untransformed 808B15F0 - Wolf transformed 808B170C - Wolf queen untransformed 808B1828 - Wolf queen transformed 808B1944 - Hawk untransformed 808B1A60 - Hawk transformed 808B1B7C - Hawk king untransformed 808B1C98 - Hawk king transformed 808B1DB4 - Raven male untransformed 808B1ED0 - Raven male transformed 808B1FEC - Raven female untransformed 808B2108 - Raven female transformed 808B2224 - Raven king untransformed 808B2340 - Raven king transformed 808B245C - Heron reyson untransformed 808B2578 - Heron reyson transformed 808B2694 - Heron rafiel untransformed 808B27B0 - Heron rafiel transformed 808B28CC - Heron leanne untransformed 808B29E8 - Heron leanne transformed 808B2B04 - Red dragon male untransformed 808B2C20 - Red dragon male transformed 808B2D3C - Red dragon female untransformed 808B2E58 - Red dragon female transformed 808B2F74 - White dragon untransformed 808B3090 - White dragon transformed 808B31AC - Dragon king untransformed 808B32C8 - Dragon king transformed 808B33E4 - Dragon prince untransformed 808B3500 - Dragon prince transformed 808B361C - Spirit fire 808B3738 - Spirit thunder 808B3854 - Spirit wind 808B3970 - Order incarnate aura 808B3A8C - Order incarnate ashera 808B3BA8 - Pilgrim 808B3CC4 - Vendor 808B3DE0 - Citizen old man 808B3EFC - Citizen male 808B4018 - Citizen female 808B4134 - Citizen child male 808B4250 - Citizen child female 808B436C - Horse 808B4488 - Hero (can have an ss rank in all types) [spoiler=Default Character Skills] Don't know what order these are in, I don't think it's easy to figure out since you don't really get much of a reference point here. 8084DA7C (part of Nolan's Character slot) has the value 8088F130, which is shortly (offset by 0x4C) before the Skill Slots below, I guess you can use that to figure each one out. The next one along seems to be Haar for some reason (has Cancel but not Lughnasadh Usable and the line at -0x4C is referenced in Haar's Character slot). I'm expecting the character's default level and base stats to be somewhere here. Again, add 0x8 to both addresses to step to the next slot. $Nolan Default Skill list, Slot 1 (Nihil) 0488F17C XXXXXXXX 0488F180 YYZZ0000 $Nolan Default Skill list, Slot 2 (MSID_EQ_I - Tarvos Usable) 0488F184 XXXXXXXX 0488F188 YYZZ0000 $Nolan Default Skill list, Slot 3 (blank) 0488F18C XXXXXXXX 0488F190 YYZZ0000
  25. So lots of people get upset at this level and put Pass on Nailah and send her up the ledges. If you just kill the second thief and leave the first one alive, he will get all the chests in the level in a clockwise order and come down to the chests on the right hand side after going around the top where the boss is. He then stands in-between those two chests when opening the lower one, and will be very easily blocked in by Sothe, allowing you to one-by-one steal all the items from him. Then kill him as a reward for bringing you all the chest contents. Probably not that useful since you still have to catch one of the thieves and kill them. But neat.
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