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  1. Just wondering if there is REPOS code like there was in FE7. Can't seem to find it.
  2. In FE7, I remember there being a REPOS code. I can't seem to find that when searching through the codes of FE8. Any ideas?
  3. Maybe this means something in regards to the release! Who knows? I'm sure some type of update will present itself. Be patient!
  4. I actually have a surprise coming in terms of progress.... Absolutely no set dates until our chapter goal is reached will I announce what is going on! Thanks for the compliment on the personalities, though I feel that's part of where I went very wrong with this project. I know it's been forever since there has been an update but I am definitely hard at work!
  5. RIP Staff of Ages. #ZimExposedParty2018 #InvdrZimIsDead Oh you're still working on this project after being exposed!? BOLD. In all seriousness, this is a very exciting update! I'm happy to see both routes are doing well in terms of progress. Honestly the progress is faster than I thought it would be. Good news :)
  6. Ah. I see. That's where the thick of the discussion is. Beautiful work.
  7. I must say, there is a lack of appreciation here. Am I missing something (why it's not getting the appreciation it deserves)? I will say that this is an incredible tool. One aspect I noticed is the world map image tool is not the full world map. It's kinda zoomed in. I haven't found any other issues. Eventing looks really difficult on this. I'll probably just stick to EA for now haha. BUT DAMN yeah this tool is so helpful and makes development much, much quicker.
  8. For the few of you who are concerned, and those you actually contributed mugs to my project, this project isn't dead. Ideas came up and it's been finalized what's going to happen in the future as far as the progression of this project goes. :) I hope some of you will still be interested in what's to come! I'm sorry it's been so slow.
  9. For the few of you who are concerned, and those you actually contributed mugs to my project, this project isn't dead. Ideas came up and it's been finalized what's going to happen in the future as far as the progression of this project goes. :) I hope some of you will still be interested in what's to come! I'm sorry it's been so slow.
  10. The Female Halberdier Disarmed animation seems to have some kind of bug. I inserted it and it bugs out whenever I try testing out the animation. The armed version works great, however. Is there any other way I could insert it? I have tested other animations in substitution for that one and they all work as well, so I've deduced that it is the animation file itself (it inserts fine, does not load in-game at all).
  11. It's because it's off the hardcoded frame....area, I guess you could call it? Check out the picures below / above your post. (Elwood288 disregard this) When you're finished making all of your animations, you have to have your mouth and eye pieces in a specific region on the template. The mouth frames are the numbered boxes in the top photo, and the eye frames are in the lettered boxes. I don't know how to explain it properly, as I feel like I'm doing a poor job, but basically if you were to put one of the numbered boxes over top of your portrait, the purple rectangle will be outlining an area on the portrait. You should make sure the mouth is inside that purple rectangle. Copy and paste whatever is inside that rectangle in the areas of the template where the mouth goes (the bottom boxes--the red and green ones as shown above). Repeat that step for all frames. Use that SAME purple rectangle for all of the mouth frames, don't be switching up a rectangle based on its convenience, because then it will look really weird in-game. Do the same thing for the eye frames except use the lettered boxes. Those purple rectangles show where mouth/eye frames need to be placed. Idk if you're using FEditor or makehack, but it's much simpler to drag and drop mouth/eye frames into the correct location. Makehack's way of importing portraits, as I recall, is a little bit more difficult.
  12. I guess I got it to work... but I just... DON'T UNDERSTAND HOW THAT WORKS? Whatever I won't complain.
  13. Soooo I finally made a custom battle frame for my game. However, the only issue is that purple pixely thing in front of the screen when I resume the chapter and there's battle happening, or when it's enemy phase there is text all over the screen when the battle animation begins. I've been following this tutorial, and everything has gone well except the part that says how to fix this issue I'm having is very unclear: I'm SOOO close. I just need to fix that darn glitch!
  14. Hey @Attila, thank you for your feedback. I didn't want to spill too much in my update, but I will say that I am not going the "information overload" route. And also, there won't even be a pre-final, or final exam on the next patch. That idea has been scrapped completely. I also am showing characters' stories when they become playable. So I won't be building up Landry & Bernie's, or Hunter's story up until you actually get to play as them on their chapters. I also reduced the amount of text and intro tremondously on each chapter. I do want the player to remember the details of the story, and giving away too much in the first bit is not a successful way to do that, I've learned. I've pretty much done what you've said, which makes me happy because that means you'll most likely enjoy it more! I'm sure the next patch will be an improvement, and I do really appreciate your feedback. Thanks!
  15. I read it here on a Markyjoe tutorial. I haven't always followed this, but sometimes I am paranoid this will affect me at some point. Edit: I did just realize this is for doors and chests.... I should have come back to this and actually read it before posting. Being so hasty!
  16. UPDATE TIME! Long time no post... It's been about 7 months since I have made any updates in this thread. So I think it's about time, even if it's not too groundbreaking and not that big of news. With V1.1 being somewhat a failure, and very short, I decided to (once again) redo my project! I had read and listened to feedback based on what I have released, and realized that I need to start over--come from a better angle. And I believe I have done that.Though I haven't done much modifications to the ROM itself since FEE3 2016, I have been doing a lot of brainstorming and giving the story a major face-lift. This story has been in the planning stages for over 3 years. Unfortunately you have only been able to see variations of the first part of the hack, but this redo is hopefully (99% sure) the last (I can't keep putting all of the time into the introduction!!!). I have been putting more effort into the project as a whole, and the story is a big part of that. I have almost every chapter planned out on the surface--meaning that I know how that Chapter advances the story, but not the other subtle or important details (I will cross that bridge when I get to it). I do, however, have the first part completely nearly planned out with a full-on guide with details and devices that need to be implemented into each chapter. What I'm saying is that I have the ammunition I need to start firing off full-throttle for a little while! Also I have some gorgeous portraits that some people have been nice enough to complete for me (and some of you have seen in the patch) and I don't want to think their efforts are going into a dead project. I plan to release V1.2 at FEE3 2017, which will have 6 or more chapters. No promises there, but if I at least put it out there it pressures me to work hard and reach a deadline that I've made for myself publicly! Life has been unexpected so stuff gets kind of messed up but I am seeing, based on my schedule, that I should be able to put a lot of work into the project over the next few months. Here's a sneak peek at V1.2: I might be looking for help over time! Excited to get stuff moving!
  17. Can you clarify something for me? I read somewhere that tile change IDs must be ordered depending on the locaion of the change from the left and down. Meaning that if you have a tile change starting from [0,0], one from [8,8], one from [2,2], and one from [1,3]. The order of IDs should be like this (for example): [0,0] = ID: 0 (literally the very top left tile) [2,2] = ID: 1 (a few away from the top left) [1,3] = ID: 2 (the X coordinate may be smaller than the X coordinate before, but its Y coordinate makes this change below it, which means it would come after) [8,8] = ID: 3 Is this true? I don't know if I can be more clear if this question seems complicated. It's just that, even though I've made many maps, I am not sure if this will become an issue or when it is an issue.
  18. OMG stupid mistake. Lol yes, I meant unpremoted wtf. Oh well yeah I guess so. I did have a few that were not yet level 20 when promoted, now that I think about it. Silly me. I lost my .sav file that has all of their stats.
  19. Hey @AsukaDrag, glad to see those problems we discussed earlier aren't overrunning the experience of your hack :) glad it's working out!
  20. Yeah, it does help in certain circumstances to promote early, especially because it does take advantage of a nice bonus. But what I should have said is that reaching level 20, for a prepromote, is typically more desirable than not reaching level 20 as a prepromote. I just don't usually have troubles with deciding who to promote and I don't usually have, say, a lvl. 16 prepromote who is in the threat of danger, or a time crunch, to make me absolutely need to use the promotional item. Usually by that time the unit is competent enough to wait for the promotional bonuses until lvl. 20 and gain as much experience and stat points as possible. So that's why I said that.
  21. 20 is the norm for pretty much any fire emblem, vanilla or hack.
  22. Hey I have someone named Jade in my hack too :) and she's my favourite one of all of these portraits here @Lowen I'm not allowed to be critical on bodies because I, too, am guilty of having almost completely non-original bodies, but others need a little bit of adjustment I feel aside from Jade, who looks great. Viktor, you can easily tell it's Kent/Hector mixed. Malcolm, you can distinctly see Alen's face. Leinani, you can see it's Thany/Fiora. It's easy to mesh hair with face, but if you take the time to add more components from others' faces you can probably come up with a completely new face. Replacing jawlines also helps a lot. For hair, the same thing: just add a bunch of components from others' hair. Changes from character to character, because sometimes it comes together with minimal adjustments, but other times you can add lots. You are not bad at all though. These are good starters, but I believe I can offer those critisms! I know I'm not the best but I believe I have enough experience in splicing to at least share my thoughts.
  23. Yes, but giving the incentive to go up the left side would be pretty cool. Like a village on the left, a village on the right. Both be somewhat threatened by the bandits who will be trying to destroy it. I'm sure you'll do fine, but I hope I helped out! Bottom line, do what you want, but try and use this advice to help out.
  24. 2. I still don't like that counter-idea. I mean, yes--you should have a left-hand route--but no. I think you should scrap the current map and start over. Even out your routes, right now it seems very right-hand-oriented. I can't really visualize in my head what you were thinking as far as making a separate path, I guess you'd have to show me, but I, personally, think you should redo the map... completely. It's not terrible, but I think if you like the idea I presented, the current map you have is going to need a little more doctoring. That's just my opinion. Don't take what I say personally, it's just some advice. If you wanna make a polished hack, expect a LOT of time to be put into a single chapter. Re-doing maps is completely normal and necessary. 3. That's totally understable. I can't really know what you decide to do for enemy placement, but I just thought that might spice your prologue map up some more, especially with 5 units.
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