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  1. I had a feeling that Genealogy would be #1, but it's still a bit surprising to see. Definitely some very nice results. FE7 and FE9 near the top, the 3DS games not too high and with Fates as the highest, and Shadow Dragon all the way at the bottom lol. Heroes might deserve a bit more credit, but there's plenty of good reasons to dislike that game so whatever.
  2. I haven't been able to access it on my computer or cellular data anytime today.
  3. Those of you that have played Fire Emblem Heroes probably know that Reinhardt is ridiculously overpowered in that game. I've played Genealogy of the Holy War, but probably won't bother with Thracia 776. So I was wondering what Reinhardt's like in Thracia 776. Is he a villain or more of a Camus? And does he survive the war?
  4. I wish. But IS doesn't care about ports and remakes unless it's FE1 or 3. And I'm starting to think that they don't care about FE2 or FE4-10 in general anymore....
  5. 1. Blazing Sword 2. Path of Radiance 3. Conquest 4. Scared Stoners 5. Revelation 6. Radiant Dawn 7. Birthrout 8. Awakening 9. New Mystery of the Emblem: Shadow Heroes 10. Genealogy of the Holy War 11. Sword of Seals 12. Shadow Dragon
  6. Maybe Sword of Seals. Definitely not Binding Blade though.
  7. If you want to assume a certain game, use Fates.
  8. I feel there's too much emphasis on flavor of the month stuff. Though I suppose I'm bitter just because 6th gen is my favorite gen, and I feel it always gets the short end of the stick due to being too new for people to be nostalgic for, but too old to be fresh in people's minds.
  9. GameFAQs is having another site-wide contest! Today's matches are: Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow vs. Undertale The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim vs. Super Mario 64 You can vote here: http://www.gamefaqs.com/features/bge20_vote I thought that Serenesforest would be interested in this, seeing that many of its members originally came from GameFAQs.
  10. A few of those seem petty, but overall I'm definitely waiting for the inevitable price drop to $20 or lower within several months.
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