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    Laughing, watching movies, music, playing video games, reading, and (sometimes) learning new instruments and languages. :D
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  1. Happy Birthday, sorry for being late.

  2. Happy Birthday!!! (again)

  3. Personality-wise, maybe Mia with some of Soren's sarcasm.
  4. *Like button* The story is darker and better executed I suppose.
  5. You're welcome! It's always good to see people coming back.

  6. True... how long do you think I'll stay before disappearing for another half a year? I bet on two weeks. xD

    Okie dokie. I shall wait on MSN stalker-ishly until the next time you get on. lol G'night!

  7. I don't know if you will, since not too much has changed, but who knows? =P

    ... That, I will tell you over MSN or PM. But not today, since I have to run. We'll talk about it tomorrow, if you want.


  8. The dark, I guess, especially if I'm at home alone. My imagination gets pretty wild in those situations, so I might just turn on the radio or TV so it wouldn't be dead silence.
  9. Sadly. Nowadays, the characters are so underdeveloped and the storyline is just plain confusing, if not horrible.
  10. Same here! Which is odd because I used to really like horror films. But my best friend is going to drag me to watch Paranormal Activity 2. Time for some sleepless nights.
  11. Thanks for the "Happy Birthday" from a very LONG time ago. I've temporary revived myself on this forum. It's changed so much! :o

  12. Well, I'm not making any promises, since we both know what happened the last couple of times. xD I'm just planning on having a look around. Let's see if I stay interested long enough to stay :P

    ...Seph got banned? Wow, for what? :o

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