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  1. My Castle Code:11376-48791-36824-55686 Path: Conquest Avatar Name / Castle Name: Kanna/Ft. Kanna Region:Europe Food Resource:Wheat Mineral Resource:Blue gems Battle Level: Easy Additional Notes: Looking for Visit and Battle Points.
  2. I am considering reading the Genealogy of the Holy War Manga instead of playing the game.Will I miss anything?
  3. I am on the same boat!The artwork is amazing background material!
  4. I am from Europe too and I am so glad it is physical! And I am quite surprised we get it on the same day as N.A..
  5. I didnt understand whether this game will be eshop exclusive or if we will get a physical cartridge.
  6. ~History Lessons~ After the end of war against Anankos,Valla was liberated from his tyranny.His descandant ascended as the king with his wife Selkie.Afterwards the Vallite King went around the realm of Mird(the Hoshidan and Nohrian realm)seeking the kitsune tribes.He wanted to make Valla a safe place for all kitsune,where they wouldnt have to worry about a potential human invasion.All of the Kitsune tribes agreed and went to Valla,leaving behind only few members who refused to be ruled by a half human. The known kitsune tribes are the following Silver:Extremely fast and highly skilled Arctic:Despite their small ears they have acute hearing and some claim they can hear other beings' thoughts.They arent friendly with other tribes.They have immunity to magic. Corsac:The most enigmatic of tribes.Little is known about them other that they arent good runners but their high intelligence makes up for that. Red:The first kitsune tribe.They have the normal strengths and weaknesses of kitsune(high speed and resistance) Valla: Last known Ruler: Kana Valla has been an isolated kingdom from the years after the war with Anankos.Because Valla was distorted the Vallite King fused with the Omega Yato,the legendary blade,to become a full fledged Dragon.He recovered Valla to her former state and was worshipped as a God.He passed the management of Valla to his daughter Kana who had human,kitsune and dragon blood. Vallite's legendary weapons:Demon Ganglari,Bitfrost An average kitsune can live up to 9000 years,a half human half kitsune up to 4500.Anyone infused with dragon blood however can live much more than 10000 years depending on how much dragon blood they have Dragon Energy:Required to activate dragon veins.Its potential has expanded after the war.
  7. There will be 2 Kanas in the story:Kana(with 1 n)will be the Avatar's daughter,Kanna(with 2 n)will be a different one(still a girl).The story will be a collection of events that happen many many years after Revelations(50000+ years).For now I do not want to have a specific storyline so the stories will be random chronologically.Feedback appreciated(Post it here)!Let's Begin! The Camellian Orphanage was an Orphanage created by Princess Camilla of Nohr after the defeat of Anankos.The Camellian Orphanage provides great education to the orphans(academical and military) and the ones who proves themselves worthy obtain the title "Camellian" which allows them to get positions in the royal palace. Kanna:Checkmate! Shino:Gah!Not again... Mari:Hahaha Shino,you got defeated by Kanna again!You should stop playing this card game Shino:Like you are any better!You cant beat her either. Mari:Kanna is really good at games AND fighting.No wonder she is our leader. Kanna:Yeah like being a leader of a sub unit under Princess Chloe's command is an official title.You guys just called me leader all of the sudden Shino:Well Mari told you the reason... Kanna,Shino,Mari 3 orphans of the Camellian Orphanage and about to graduate into full fledged Royal Army soldiers. K:If you are doing all that so I have to fight the Wolfssengers up and personal you are veeeeery wrong ladies... S:What?!How can you say that? M:The chances are we wont have to fight them anyway.There is no shame for us,not yet soldiers to run away K:True but Wolfssengers are VERY fast.They wont have a problem catching up to us. S:That's where my warp magic comes into play! K:I guess thats true.Ugh what business do wolfssengers have in our Realm anyway?I thought they left it a long time ago S:Princess Chloe seems to know but she seems to keep it secret. ~Bell rings~ K:Well time to go to class.We have history now.
  8. If anyone is interested some more pages here:https://www.reddit.com/r/fireemblem/comments/4911ai/translation_of_the_hoshido_manga_anthology/
  9. Is there a support log in these games?I cant seem to find it.
  10. How did Astore join my party?He just popped in the beginning of the chapter without any dialogue or did I skip something?
  11. Thanks guys I will try the latest version of snes9x and see how it goes.It was an error message that said that the emulator stopped working,
  12. Considering it is nearly impossible to find a copy of the games(and if you do it is not worth the money) what emulator do you use to play the game I have been using snes 9x but it shows an error message after a bit of playing and shuts down.
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