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  1. I should try that with mist. Actually fits her color scheme XD
  2. With the most recent Forging Bonds, two of my favorite pairs finally have their cute, matching accessories! Which are your favorite pairs?
  3. Yeah I have a few, namely Elincia and Ike with A and in the Stats menu I don't see their respective names, with Elincia I only see the basic ones.
  4. So, after an eternity of wanting to play PoR and RD, I finally can. I got to max out some units, but some obviously didn't since I'm doing two blind playthroughs more or less. But, one thing I know is that Bond Supports appear on a units screen under the supports section. You can't attach supports to said unit, but you can keep them from PoR. But, as I've been playing, I noticed some, discrepancies. Supports I didn't fill out, had Bond bonuses, and so on. And I had transfered my save. A few notable ones were the Tormod and Sothe supports I wish I had gotten but never did. So, in reality, I don't know why these aren't appearing. Even the Ike x Elincia supports I kept throughout the game didn't pass over, but instead she got full Bond Supports with Geoffrey (who I didn't even use more than once cause XP Drain) and it's just, confusing. Am I not supposed to be able to see said Bond Supports in the Support page? Or did my save just not pass on right?
  5. Sure, the gates get you where you need to go, that's perfectly fine. But if they have to find Ragnell, and he's dead. Where'd they get his cape from? Where'd they learn to pass on the components of aether in the hopes his descendants would master it? And having kids for "strickltly business" to me doesn't make sense if Ike is to be with Soren. He doesn't need to have children at that point, adoption makes the most sense. At least, as I always say, it's how I see it. Who knows for real.
  6. Simply if you dislike it doesn't mean it's bad dude. Hell, him traveling the world and arriving in Archanaea fits at least in the traveling to grow stronger part. But you will have your PoV. Edit: Might I add Tellius didn't sell well nor was it extremely popular in the FE fanbase in Japan (their largest fanbase) for whatever reason. So, they kinda decided to modify it as time went on from the looks of it. At least, that's what I see.
  7. Why is it dumb? IS chose to expand upon Ike's story as they saw fit. It's their IP after all. In Awakening? His chapter, the supports, ending dialogue, and not sure what else. Cipher expanded upon IS apparent decision to keep him linked to Ike as well. Honestly, once he's in Heroes, and since we always get lore tidbits in Heroes, I hope we get to see more. Yeah the Marth/Anri debacle thing does have some leniency. Though I still find Mist' descendants finding Ike's cracked, broken ass shit in his grave rather, disturbing. But that's me. And yeah I based my whole adoption thing similarly to Musashi. Ike is a warrior at heart, and Zelgius his eventual final teacher. I would think he'd likely follow in the footsteps of the warrior he found his equal in. Just, yknow, not int he whole turn evil to find a worthy opponent level of Zelgius. But yeah, I really hope Priam get's in Heroes. I want to see what he'll say. Normally, most dialogue in Heroes is rather normal, but some characters with lesser lore (like Grima for example) got a lot more interesting with Heroes in tow.
  8. It is convoluted when Mist and nobody who remains in RD knows of his whereabouts according to his ending. Like, assuming Mist' descendants find him at all is going against the ending of RD in a nutshell. Furthermore, they'd need to arrive at Archanaea via Outrealm (instead of every other world), find his grave, loot his fucking grave somehow knowing it's him, and then after desecrating his corpse (cause if Ragnell is in tatters I doubt they'd find him alive), wearing it all. That's not only convoluted, it's just not right. Not to mention the wording used in japanese (Shishon) is indicative of lineal descent, not branched descent. But I digress Furthermore, Ike being with Soren, and feeling the apparent need to be with another woman if he truly does love Soren, really doesn't bode well for the ship if that's what you need to have Priam be a thing. Thus why I rather just assume Ike followed Zeglius' footsteps and ended up raising some orphan like him before dying and handing his sword and shiz off. Just fits his nonchalant, doesn't want to be remembered personality. Also lol Spring Scramble
  9. That's not the point neccesarily. The point is that Priam, as a character himself, has azure hair (a trait shared by most main lords), holds a bunch of Ike memorabilia, and can even use Aether of all things (in Cipher at least, in Awakening he's still in training). Besides that, point is. If you have to come up with convoluted ways to complete a ship or pairing, that's also not great. at least, that's how I see it.
  10. There's in inherent problem with most other theories though. If Ike wished to be with Soren, there's no need for children, so that theory just doesn't make sense. Being Bisexual also doesn't mean Ike is going to be with anybody else to have children. And Mist makes even less sense since nobody ever hears from Ike again in his ending. meaning some poor descendant of Mist would have to travel via outrealm gate, find Ike's grave, dig him up, take Ragnell, and his cape, and somehow learn to use aether. That's just a bit much. Closest thing Ike/soren can get, at least given the current context, is Ike training a kid after him, since he saw himself in the kid. But then there's cipher stating Ike's travels and not mentioning anyone else with him at any point and time. But I suppose IS decides what they wanna do with that. And I don't think it's the problem with Ike being explicit. More along the lines of him being as blatantly uninterested in anyone and anything aside from fighting. He's the equivalent of Zelgius but with friends, and even then he would rather go around and fight people to get stronger. That's how I see Ike (also extremely stoic in a good way but that's another aspect)
  11. Well, Raven x Lucius can be seen in multiple ways. Raven is simply annoyed by him at the start (trying to create distance) while Lucius is trying to help the kid he was raised with (equivalent to brothers as well since, this time, Lucius was adopted explicitly if I recall). So this one is more up to interpretation than anything. Aside from that, I don't think the "you get to live!" logic fits Spotpass. Outrealm gates prove that there's variations. Simply put, all the heroes that survived in Spotpass were either from your world or not. Emm is from your world because this is her post splat and with amnesia (Miracle worked for once!!!), and Aversa remembers the fight with you, so she seemingly wished for death but survived, that's how I see it. Yen'Fay, Walhart and the others (aside from Priam who's a special case) mention how they are from alternate worlds. Namely, one where Walhart was defeated but not killed, and one where Yen"Fay kill Say'ri. Priam however is actually cannon in existence. Cipher explains further upon his story, and even shows him wielding Ragnell whilst covered in blue flames, while stating that a Legendary Hero with the very blade he carried traveled to the world they inhabit (Archanaea) and traveled to grow stronger.
  12. While I agree with the ships not needing to be so blatant, IS has a track record of making and and any gay pairings rather blatantly obvious (Leon from Echoes anyone?). Plus, they've kinda steered away from that pairing as time goes in in both Cipher and the overarching story, especially with the original writers shipping the two so heavily, and IS doing the exact opposite and simply keeping it as neutral as humanly possible. Hell in Cipher they explain that Ike traveled to Archanaea (Can I drop a link to the translated text?) That being said, ya'll can ship what you want. The only thing that irks me is the whole "muh ship is cannon!" argument. Which, even the crazy Rob x Olivia shipper I am (and I can find some evidence spread across Fates and Awakening, that should explain how much I like the pairing XD) knows that nothing shall ever be cannon. As is the way IS does things. And I am going to pull for Ike. I wanted to save for Find and Vote, but fucking Ike man. Just the art has me wanting to pull for him.
  13. Well, if I had to pick something I like, I'd say some of the supports (some of them, not all of them are great). The music is great. And the art (not the class art, more or less the official art) we got is great as well. Negatives are the story (sadly it's pretty mediocre, sadly), and the gameplay (who though allowing fliers with tomes to dodge and survive bows, which were made to slay fliers more often, was a smart idea?
  14. I do feel it's safer. You can get copies, all it takes is time and careful planning (cause AR is a nightmare if you;'re not careful.
  15. I'd say it depends on the Enlgish VA if we're being honest. Hell, I dislike 2 of Olivia's VA's but P!Arts is incredible in English. But there's other's like Hector, or Lyn, and many more which are very good at what they do. So I wouldn't call it bad.
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