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  1. Yes if you go digital beyond the first main path (Birthright or Conquest). What I mean is getting your first main path (either by buying the digital FE Fates and choosing the main path you'll be locked into, or getting a physical copy) for $40, then buy the other main path on the eShop with the discount (for $20), and then by adding Revelations ($20), you get your Special Edition's worth... Main game wise, anyway. The Special Edition, however, still gives you the free benefits of: -An exclusive artbook; -An exclusive 3DS pouch; -Saving tons of space on your 3DS's SD card. Each path takes about 12k blocks of memory space.
  2. I already got one of my preorders there, but... hey. They restocked again. How nice. I guess there is hope for more people to get a Special Edition online after all! That's if Nintendo doesn't decide to produce more, at any rate... which wouldn't make sense at this point.
  3. I don't make preorders often enough to give an accurate answer. Personally, I just like being on top of things whenever I can afford to do so and have said backup plans ready anyway.And as far as my preorders are concerned, I actually haven't been charged yet... I hope this is the case for you too? This should only happen as the item processes and ships, as I've been told by some people already.
  4. I've seen no difference whatsoever. The only different loading times I've noticed was when playing between a physical and a digital copy or saving on either medium, but that's a thing with most games really.
  5. Got a GameStop occurrence on my CC... for a big $0. My pockets feel so empty now.
  6. A'ight, that's more good-sounding news. B'sides, they haven't charged me yet.
  7. I was sarcastic. I like having backup plans. Nothing to do with my channel. Though I'd kill for a 3DS capture card to LP it I got a SE preorder from Amazon after the Direct, and another SE preorder today from online GameStop. If one of those orders cancels out or has to be cancelled for whatever reason, I'll have another one up and running. And if I end up getting both SEs, well... I'll have a backup copy. Or an extra sealed SE. Whatever works out in the end.
  8. I would brag about having made two different preorders, but-- ...oh wait. I just did, didn't I?
  9. If it works the same way it did in Japan, then no, we'll have to wait for Revelation to be released so we can download it and play it. The benefit for Special Edition users would be that they get it for free is all.
  10. Aaaaand GameStop's sold out again. Time for another waiting game, online folks. Or pre-order it in-store if you haven't and can afford to do so. I sure did. Got two different preorders now; one on Amazon and one on GameStop. Definitely useful in case one of them gets cancelled for whatever reason. Or I'll get two and have either a backup copy, or a collectible. Basically I'll still be happy. Whatever works now that the deed is done.
  11. The power of telepathy can do so many things! XD
  12. Well, the Vanguard class gets Aether at level 25, so assuming your character can use the Vanguard seal (in this case all male units), then they can get Aether.The Aether scroll itself (the one dropped by the General in the actual DLC chapter) should be saved for female units because they have no access to Aether outside of the Great Lord class, which requires consuming your one-time-only Great Lord seal from the Awakening DLC in the process. The Hero class focuses more on Skill and Speed, whereas the Vanguard has higher Strength, Defense and HP.
  13. Welp. Canadians are once again on the lower end of the stick on that one =/ EDIT: Nevermind, I got it to work outside of PayPal. PayPal just thinks it can't ship to Canada because GameStop's international shipping options aren't factored in for whatever reason. So now I got two Special Edition preorders, get at me
  14. It's free... for now. What I mean by this is... we did get a free DLC episode back when FEA came out, which was Champions of Yore 1. It became a paid DLC later on however. Furthermore... the Awakening DLC from Fates actually rewards you with the Lodestar and Great Lord reclassing seals, but only on your first clear. Afterwards, you can't get any more on that save file. The other reclassing seals (Vanguard, Grandmaster, etc.) so far can be obtained in unlimited quantities from their paid DLC. Think Anna's Gift, another free DLC for Fates. This one gave you a free Ballistician or Witch seal, but no more after this. Same principle as Awakening: both are free, and both hand you a one-time only item. That being said, the Awakening DLC could eventually end up being paid DLC if Nintendo decides to go the direction it went into in FEA (even though there wasn't a particular improvement for CoY1, the Einherjar reward was always unlimited). And if so, I hope we'll be able to get more Lodestar/Great Lord seals for our units.
  15. Mostly what you mentioned, but it's honestly because of their skybreaking damage potential. A 20 crit bonus is nothing to scoff at, compared to Garous only getting 5 built-in crit on promotion. Having no ranged option kinda sucks too when it could be the deciding factor of a turn. Also the Great Club. Never forget the Great Club. Berserkers are purely meant for hyperoffense, and when using one, you always want your enemy to die in a single round of combat. They should never be used as tanks however, even though they'll have super-high HP. -5 crit evade kinda sucks (-10 with Great Club equipped) when you already see 1-3%s on the enemy side under normal circumstances. In such case, Garous become a superior option for your team if you're in need of a strong unit that can function as a tank and Benoit isn't an option for whatever reason (or need more). That's what I can think of right off the bat.
  16. I seem to have misunderstood this post. We're talking about an actual Fates-themed 3DS console, and not just the faceplates, yeah? In this case... I honestly don't know. If so, it would have to be a XL variant since those don't support faceplates. In the case of a regular New 3DS, you have enough of faceplates (which I do think the FE Fates themed ones are likely to make it here) for customizing your whole New 3DS that no need of a console redesign is necessary.
  17. If anything, they'll announce the faceplates soon before the release of the game. With the series having gained so much more popularity since Awakening, I'm pretty positive they will get to us.
  18. I think that stands for pre-ordering before the official release date is revealed in this context.
  19. I know that some talk has been brought up about how at some point Amazon listed the FE Fates Special Edition as shippable internationally, but now the page actually states that it isn't eligible for international shipping... To clear some confusion. The reason why the Amazon page for FE Fates' Special Edition now says that ''this item isn't eligible for international shipping'' is because there is no currently available seller that can ship internationally. The wording is kind of misleading, but yeah. Furthermore, my preorder is marked as sold by Amazon Export Sales LLC, with AmazonGlobal Priority Shipping as the shipment option, in my history. I think that says enough. And... Amazon should tell you as you select your shipping address that said address can't be chosen as the shipping address, usually when an international transaction is in question. So, take that as you will.
  20. Yes you can, a friend of mine did today. To be honest, it's probably the safest way to go about it.
  21. From my experience and what I'm getting out of this... if you boot your game that has Revelation data on it on a 3DS that doesn't have it installed, the corresponding save slots will be marked as empty. DO NOT OVERWRITE THEM, as I do believe that'll delete the file that's actually there (they do show up again when you reboot on the original console, so don't worry). Same goes for any other paths you do not have physical/digital access to at the time you boot the game. Any DLC class or skills you try to load when the game doesn't have it installed will show up as "Outrealm Class/Skill". I don't know if they keep their abilities or not like in Awakening.
  22. Maybe AmazonGlobal LLC had limited stock expectations for these or something along the line? I don't think you would just let people buy up to a million copies and expect them to have all this in stock. Besides, we're talking about one seller (in this case an Amazon official program); not the Amazon website itself. That being said, if the Amazon website lists them back in stock, it will probably be by another seller, which I'm thinking will likely raise the price tag...
  23. Same. I'm a completionist, after all. Having played the Japanese version will give me an edge.
  24. That's cool. I did buy it a bit later than the release and off of the best I could find on eBay (since this is one of the only sites where I buy online) as far as I'm concerned, as I wasn't sure if I wanted to jump into the Japanese version from the go before a later ''2016'' release (which isn't THAT late now). I said screw it, got myself a Japanese New 3DS with the FE Fates faceplates and the Special Edition. To my eyes, it still paid off and I didn't regret playing right away. It also makes me want to learn Japanese now XD
  25. Day 1 LP it if I can get my hands on a capture card before then. Probably on Lunatic too.
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