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  1. yo arc where tf you @, everyone's worried in EiMM and so are your buds that are not in EiMM

    also, Moxie and I are friends now, I guess

  2. technically, i wasn't conscripted she just mentioned something about SF, so i decided to hop back on
  3. a the time has come to awaken from my slumber also, i vote @#!/dev/haru
  4. No, because Marth, Roy, Lucina, Bowser, and Bayonetta still have instant-kill Final Smashes.
  5. I feel like it's been answered before, but it's not the effect of Darkness-Cleaving Sacred Blade itself placing Seliph into the Bond Area, but rather the skill enabling you to put down an extra card in the Bond Area. As a result, Seal of Light does not activate, and you do not get to flip a card in your Bond Area face-up.
  6. For me? It usually starts with "who do I like", then ends with "but what do they do", and "how do they do it". Only consider the first question, and you'll probably have some degree of fun optimizing around them. I've been out of this meta for a while, but unless your deck oozes with advantage generation, you should consider having a good high base Attack to consistently rely on, both to keep you alive during your opponent's turns, and to make it easier to hit face during your turns. Shannan sucks. While Divine Blade: Balmung is an amazing way to fill your hand with Evades, remember that you also reduce your hand to nothing BUT evades for Shanan, while also requiring a big hand to get the most out of his skill. Because of this, it's a "win more" thing. Promised Sword will rarely come into use, unless you're either buffing the shit out of the untapped unit, or only using it to clear rabble, in which case, it's on your opponent to keep things out of the Front Line.
  7. what part of "grossly overcosted" do you not understand? no, the mage trio is just pack filler, if you have to go out of your way for something like that, with so little return compared to even Delthea or Faye Overclass, it's by no means worth it, ever
  8. Man, it's been too long, since I looked at places in here that aren't the Fire Emblem Cipher section. I'm surprised you're still alive, Anacybele! But... > Her breasts were as large as the cleavage What did you mean by this?
  9. As long as neither of them have the same name as the other, you can support them. Gawain does have the clause of also being treated as Greil, so it's a no-go for that.
  10. Unfortunately, none of the current trial decks include Kent as one of the cards. You're gonna have to either pull him from Set 7, or purchase single copies of his cards.
  11. meh, their effects are all grossly overcosted, considering that you need all three of them to be out, and even then, flipping 1 to temporarily be a 60-attack unit isn't that terrific no way to reliably get them in hand or on field (tutoring, if you're familiar with the term), Fotla hits only Orbs, so you can't actually kill with them
  12. Technically, yes, you can untap her during any phase, to activate her effect, but doing so requires such dedicated cards to be added into your deck, that there's really no point in doing so, as you get a much greater net loss.
  13. You must declare a Critical Hit before the Attack of each unit is compared and/or before your opponent declares that they will Godspeed Evasion or not. As long as you control 1 face-up card in your Bond Area with the same insignia as the unit you're placing down, you can do it. As colorless cards have no insignia in the first place, you don't need to care about this. As far as I'm aware (@TheVinceKnight may want to correct me on this), yes, you do include Ike himself among the list of targetable units. Thankfully, I believe he cannot destroy 1 unit multiple times, or we'd be seeing people take 5 damage. As untapping requires you to be tapped in the first place, it is the former. For Ayra or Tiki, you'll sometimes see people moving from the Front Row to the Back Row when going first. This is to get the Attack boost during their next turn.
  14. Hold ` or ~ (the key on the top left corner of your keyboard, below Esc) while mousing over a card. By the way, have you considered using the Q&A thread in this forum?
  15. 1) Bonds are placed down from your hand into the Bond Area during the Bond Phase. Any card can be placed in your Bond Area (unless otherwise stated). They're used not only as a limiter for deployment, but also for paying the costs of your units. 2) You can move units during the Attack Phase by tapping them, and moving them to the other row. Theoretically, there is no limit to doing this, as long as you can untap the unit afterwards, and move it. 3) A few handful of decks love the long game, like Grima, Nino, Elise, and probably some others, I haven't been in the metagame in a while, but I remember those as being particular culprits of a strategy known as "mage stall".
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