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  1. And here I thought you ceased to exist Let these fools know your name The actual real unbeefwithable soul
  2. Im plain old sugar Butterscotch is probably my most preferred sweet out of anything else There isn't a flavor like it out there
  3. I dont really like candy all that much Id say my preferences but the OP specified high fructose corn syrup S O
  4. Ever try using the orbs we have for free What are the must haves on this banner anyway. It looks pretty skip-able to me. Besides Dragons Ire but nowadays it's hard to know what looks busted when a bunch of other units have a bunch of other busted stuff... CYL Edelgard 👀
  5. Maybe if we start doing that we'll get more of the characters we want! And get banned in the process I highly doubt IS cares anything about this forum anyway Dang that's big thinking Nino Nowi Nah team activate
  6. If only this dimension could be the dimension where all the dragons look crazy awesome Dragons Ire is also a crazy looking skill... I'm sure there are more OP options to run it on than Robin herself Buff Grima F Robin's dragonskin now
  7. Amelia is actually the third greatest thing about this franchise After Seth of course ~
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