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  1. This seems fun! Leo - Brynhidr Poor guy probably has the worst refine in the game imo (even worse than Takumi's, bc at least Fujin Yumi's refine has saved my butt a couple of times). Srsly, IS, what you doing putting a Def requirement on a MAGE not named Boey? OG: If unit initiates combat, inflicts status on foe restricting movement to 1 space through its next action. Current Refine: Reduces damage from magic foe's first attack by 30%. If foe uses bow, dagger, magic, or staff and unit's Def > foe's Def, foe cannot make a follow-up attack. Re-refine: If foe's HP > 100%, grants Atk/Spd/Def/Res +3? to unit during combat, and foe cannot make a follow-up attack. After combat, inflicts [Gravity] on foe. If unit defeats foe, restores 50% of unit's max HP. I didn't exactly know whether to add Lifetaker to his tome, or give him +5 to all stats instead of the +3. I went with Lifetaker, because Brave Claude exists. Not too out of place. The Breakdown: "If foe's HP > 100%, grants Atk/Spd/Def/Res +3? to unit during combat." - This is a reference to his Personal Pragmatic skill in Fates. Granted, in Fates, it's 3 extra dmg dealt, and 1 less dmg taken. I kinda... FEH-ified it. "...and foe cannot make a follow-up attack. After combat, inflicts [Gravity] on foe." - These parts were to reflect Bryhildr. "If unit defeats foe, restores 50% of unit's max HP." - Lifetaker. Again, Leo probably could do without this in favor to +5 to all stats instead, but why not. It's not like he's going to do much with 29/32 +14Mt (+3) Atk.
  2. Hmmm. I'm not sure. To me, it felt like Jeralt was set up to be Greil intentionally. (and doomed for eternal comparison) Both lead a bunch of mercs, both are single fathers, etc. However that's really all that the same about them (asides from the FE daddy death bed trope, but that isn't exclusive to just them). I think Greil had more impact with his death because his past was fleshed out more than Jeralt's (face it, we barely know the guy's past), but we don't have enough screen time with him to actually get a good enough feel for him a a character. (Jeralt to me was essentially SoV Saber personality wise with the responsibilities Greil had). For that, Greil gets my vote, in spite of not actually playing Path of Radiance.
  3. Wind, huh? Sorry i didnt update you on info this month, i was busy >_<
  4. IKR??? But Lethe as well. Also, what if the silhouettes are Maria and Michalis?
  5. Am I the only one who sees Selkie or Lethe on the left? I swear I see cat-like ears, and a pointy veil in the middle. Left silhouette looks like a staff unit. If it's not ears.... Then I see... Katerina... Nino? I hope it isn't Fjorm. Book 2 is finito I.S.! On the right...... If it isn't Pent, I think.... Maybe Sigurd? I think I.S is more apt to pick grooms in a CONFIRMED canonical pairing. EDIT: Whelp. I totally meant Seliph, not Sigurd lmao.
  6. eyy! So your curse has shifted over to me. I pulled 2 -atk corrins lol. Congrats on the perfect IV Berkut yay you can join me in the perfect IV Fallen Berkut Club
  7. Do it. My Nino has dual atk wave, so Lissa gets +6 atk when she starts a turn net to her. With that, +atk boon, +10 merge and Max dragon flowers, Lissa hits 52 atk.
  8. Couple weeks. I had most of the merges, had to wait on feathers.
  9. ... Well.... I've actually never pulled a +atk lissa lol.... But now I wonder if I'll have the heart to change it XD It was a journey, for sure.
  10. Yeah. I designed her to support my Nino. (i don't have L!Azura, so this Lissa is the next best thing) Lissa has 28 def and 30 res i think at 5* level 40 neutral. Out of all the non armored healers, her mixed bulk was the best. Funnily enough, this is the 1* Lissa i got from the daily rotating battles. She was literally built from the ground up. I want a +atk merge later on, but the neutral works for me. Also, the Special is interchangeable depending on the teams needs. I'm too lazy to change it atm lmao
  11. @Jave Well, that makes two of us lol @Nym@Anacybele@Vaximillian@DarkLordIvy@XRay@Raven@Captain Karnage@TheTuckingFypo@GuiltyLove@Infinite Dreams@Tybrosion@Johann@SatsumaFSoysoy@Garlyle@DefaultBeep@Shoblongoo@mcsilas@Mackc2@Momentai~@Rex Glacies@Tree@Ginko@Tolvir@Anime27Arts@Poimagic @TheSilentChloey My third +10 unit :3
  12. What about..... uhhh.... I agree with Ashera and Mila being too soon. We'll see i guess.
  13. Epic. Only two -atk too! Granted, Lukas and Flora are still usable even with -atk. That Felicia though is looking good. I free summoned a -def lukas, and then a +def Genny showed up not long after. (They need to switch ivs lol)
  14. Yeah. I actually think it'll be Blue. We just got a green one, red has too many banner options and colourless has 2 already.
  15. Actually, another thing of note. I only think Brave Veronica will show up if the banner does jump to 16 units. The only reason we have two brave units this month is because we had none in February's banner. If it doesn't increase to 16 units, I expect the banner to have: Red: L!Marth, L!Roy, and L!Ike Blue: Fjorm, Winter Ephraim, and Ylgr Green: L!Hector, Brave Ike and Winter Fae Colorless: New Legendary Hero!!, Winter Eirika and Leanne At this point; I think it's pretty safe to say that Quan, Owain and Green Olwen have been skipped. They can probably be taken off the list in the future. If it does jump to 16 units.... I think Nailah, either Adrift Camilla or Tibarn, and Brave Veronica will be on it. For Green, there's like nothing except for Kaden (who I think is still too new), leading me to believe they'll keep it at 12 this month. I mean, it's possible he could show up, since the Binding Blade banner had 2 greens. Either way, I'm pretty sure a Feh Channel is bound to show up in the next couple weeks. Last year it showed up around April 9th. If it does, I'm thinking they would tell us if the focus pool will jump to 16 units then.
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