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  1. Aw. Yeah. I had a period where I spent over 100 Orbs and didn't get a 5* anything. Sure you'll get your chance soon! My true goal of getting a better Bow was a failure. Only pulled a 3* Gordin during the whole Bridal banner that I recall. Unless I pulled a 3* Niles and forgot. At least 3* Gordin is a cheaper Fury replacement of Attack +.
  2. 3.25% rate. One Blue, four Reds. "I'll just get a Red and back out." >Sanaki "Welp." +Res/-Def. Eh. It didn't hurt her offense. Seems we're hitting no free Orbs again. Overall, a good banner for what I got. A Sanaki and a limited Bridal Lyn who's Sonic-speed fast. I was using this banner as an incentive to pull Colorless because I usually don't like pulling Colorless (accursed staff-users), but I didn't get as many Colorless as expected. Fun things: + Boey, Gaius, and Soren are new 4*- units. I really wanted Soren in PoR banner but missed all the PoR units! I was pleased getting him. + Sanaki is a new 5* for me. I didn't really need a new 5* Red Tome since I had 5* Tharja but not complaining. Adds to the PoR/Tellius checklist. + My +Spd Bridal Lyn is tied with my +Spd Marth for highest Speed in roster currently (37 Speed). Considering my luck with -Spd, I welcome this change.
  3. Could try splitting by placing two axes at the two points. What I did was bait the Troubadour with a flier and choke the point from there.
  4. This took me like... four or five tries on Lunatic. This is certainly a tough one to start! Team: 5* +Res/-HP Level 40 Ryoma (Raijinto, Swap, Night Sky, Defiant Atk 3, Vantage 3, Hone Spd 3) 5* +Def/-Spd Level 40 Minerva (Hauteclare, Draconic Aura, Life and Death 3, Ward Fliers 3 [forgot to switch]) 5* +Spd/-HP Level 33 Bridal Lyn (Candlelight, Rehabilitate, Swift-Winds Balm, Dazzling Staff 3) 4* +Res/-Atk Level 40 Olivia (Silver Sword, Dance, Hone Atk 3) Oof. Here we go. This is a minor stall game at the start. Minerva will die to the Axe Cavalier and Troubadour after finishing Camus. She will die if she baits the Troubadour from the mountains and tries to fight Camus after. With all that said: 1) Place Minerva to bait the Troubadour from the mountains. The others will be buffed and stay far from the danger zone. 2) Minerva will place herself in front of Camus and NOT attack. At all. She deals 29 damage from Draconic Aura from a combination of debuffs and enemy buffs. If she kills Camus, everyone else will go in for Minerva. 3) Instead, place Olivia to Minerva's west, Ryoma southwest, and heal her a little with Bridal Lyn from the south. 4) Minerva hits Camus. She's down to 1 HP. Get her out of there with a dance and go south. 5) Bridal Lyn and Ryoma take down Camus. Now I have to hope nothing goes bad. 6) Red Tome goes for Bridal Lyn! She survives with 2 HP. Perfect! 7) Kill Red Tome with Ryoma by Night Sky. 8) Bridal Lyn hits the Axe Cavalier on right. Makes it so Ryoma doesn't have to take further damage for now. 9) Ryoma gets a free kill. 10) North Axe Cavalier passes through Ryoma to go for Olivia. 11) Troubadour, who warps through Wings of Mercy, prioritizes healing. She would have only been able to get Olivia anyways. 12) Clean up. Kill Axe Cavalier with Ryoma and Troubadour with Minerva. 13) Clear! This was a doozy for me. This late, I should have tried splitting them up further. This is what happens when a bit tired and distracted, haha. At least it's done!
  5. I was hoping for Bride Cordelia, random Takumi, or Klein (fodder, mostly) since I was unfortunate to not get him in the recent banner with Klein and ran out of Orbs. In fact, I pulled only Blues and Colorless in that one and--just because the discount was three Orbs--I pulled a Red and ended up with 5* Corrin. Not the best time for him! 'Course, I hate pulling Colorless because staff-users are just bleh. Due to the Orb drought, I was going to give this a minor shot and save the rest probably. Staff-users are bleh. Game, come on. +Spd/-HP. I don't think the -HP will matter too much. Guess I got the best staff-user currently? I won't complain about getting a 5* considering the total I put into the banner, listed below. 15 Orbs for Lyn; 19 Orbs total spent in banner.
  6. Looks like Olivia or Sharena will be my bonus coming up. Five minutes before Arena closed, I was at rank 11,505 in tier 17 with offense 4,770. Considering how close a score it was just to advance, I'll probably be moving down when I enter tier 18. I think it'll be fine, though. The Orb reward is minor and I'm not looking for Feathers currently.
  7. Difference is that your Narcian doesn't need to live. If he gets the killing blow and dies, it still counts, as far as I recall. That map is the one with Zephiel, Armors, one Cleric, and then Narcian. According to FEHeroes Gamepedia, that Narcian won't have Vengeance. The Armors are probably the most annoying with Wary Fighters all around but easier to cheese with a Tome. Nobility and Vanity map data from FEHeroes Gamepedia
  8. I see. Thanks! Yeah, it was assuming that Ana still wanted to go both quests in one go, even though I said it's best to go two maps in her case.
  9. I'm pretty sure Blue Tome would go for her. He deals the most damage to her with her lower Res even after a Fortify Res buff. It happened with my M!Robin. Archer and Blue Tome can't attack Sharena same turn because they need to occupy the same space to attack her. I just did some testing and, unfortunately, M!Robin way has it so Blue Tome went for him first and not Sword. I assume because if the other way, M!Robin kills Blue Tome by Bonfire... or some other weird algorithm. Thought the AI would go for no-counterattack damage first. Also, predictably, Ryoma kills boss Narcian by sheer force of power. If you're trying for both quests, that's a problem. Maybe try a less powerful Sword so they don't finish off Narcian in one go. Though the Green Tome will need to be contested eventually.
  10. @Anacybele Thinking... Azura - Singer + Fortify Res 3. You're probably going mountain pass on this one since you don't have Camilla. Whoever's on the mountain pass square is going to want the extra Res. Sharena/M!Robin - have either tank the square with a Fortify Res buff. Sharena can damage the Sword (though I consider him lowest priority on the map) while M!Robin can damage Blue Tome. It's your call on who you think you'll need. Ike/Ryoma - Distant Counter is always good. They can take on Green Tome and Narcian, though they might want defensive buffs. Narcian - for quest As there's no turn limit on this map, start off Fortify Res 3 on whoever is going to tank the square. I'll assume Level 40's and neutral natures for the sake of relative calculations. > If you went Sharena, she'll kill Sword and take 15 Damage from Blue Tome after Fortify Res 3 > If you went M!Robin, he'll tank Sword, take 15 Damage from Blue Tome, and kill Blue Tome after a Bonfire proc and doubling (he needs to not be -Spd or, if -Spd, needs a Hone Spd 3 from Ryoma). If Blue Tome dies, Archer may deal minor damage because of Death Blow 2. Quickly retreat this unit because Narcian should go towards this unit or Azura (more likely Azura) and Green Tome is coming down. Ryoma or Ike should be able to fight without having to worry about Blue Tome (if alive) for a turn as Blue Tome should have attacked from the Archer's west. If so, he can't reach your Sword for a turn. Same deal with Archer. Have your Sword take on Sword (if you went M!Robin as tank) and possibly boss Narcian. If Sword can tank Green Tome, do this as well. If Sword and Green Tome are gone and boss Narcian is weakened enough, have your Narcian kill. Reposition as necessary so he doesn't die to Archer. Clean up as you see fit. And that's what I think will happen. I don't have Azura to test it out, but I could almost replicate the scenario and show it to you if you want.
  11. A little bit of exaggeration on my part. Though you'd have to make up that 1-6 damage range with other folks and try to initiate with your Narcian so boss Narcian's Vengeance doesn't go off. What's the team you've been trying? And a minor list of other competent (including support) units you got? Otherwise, I'd just go two maps. In the end, you want the Orbs even if it costs you more stamina.
  12. @Anacybele I wouldn't even feel bad about the stamina. You always get that. Orbs, not so much. As Cute Chao said, if you keep using stamina in failed attempts trying for both conditions, it'll cost more than if you did both in two separate maps and did them successfully the first times. Three failed attempts of both in one map (45) > both successfully first tries on two maps (36). The two maps route is also less harsh for you considering where your Narcian is now in his levels. More than likely, you would need a dedicated support for him to even damage Hard boss Narcian. And then you have to worry about Vengeance proc. If you separate, then you don't necessarily need the dedicated support for him in the Hard GHB.
  13. Ah. The GHB that started them all. Quest time only for me. Camilla and Olivia stayed. The new were Eirika and either of Alfonse or Narcian for quests I needed to do. I did all the quests in the appropriate GHB. None for story mode. Hard: Camilla, Olivia, Eirika, and Narcian. This one was pretty easy. Camilla can't kill anything Turn 1 except Archer. Just lure boss Narcian in for my Narcian to kill, though he does take a Vengeance hit. Normal: Camilla, Olivia, Eirika, and Alfonse. A bit tougher if only because I need to keep boss Narcian alive for Alfonse to kill. I had to take the mountain pass route since 5* Level 40 neutral Attack Camilla still will kill boss Narcian from Draconic Aura. Eirika baited Sword. From there, just make sure Alfonse gets the boss killing blow. Do you mean Narcian kills Level 35 Narcian? Because that can be done in the story mission and doesn't require he stays alive. If you find it hard to do both conditions at once, take Narcian for Hard GHB and just toss him into the corner. If your other three are competent enough, finish the map. Then take Narcian to the appropriate story mission where enemy Narcian is Level 35 and kill him there, not worrying if your Narcian dies along the way.
  14. 5/27/2017 - offense 4,770; rank (tier17) 7,470 (2:29AM PST) [deathless] Team: (all Level 40 and 5*) +Atk/-Spd Ninian +Res/-HP Ryoma +Atk/-Spd Reinhardt +Atk/-Spd Roy Total BST: 667 Scores: 682, 682, 682, 682, 680, 682, 680 Surrenders: 2; both before final and for predicted unfavorable match-ups Defense: 558; replaces Roy with a leading 4* Level 40 Subaki with all available default skills Spoilers are skill lists with italics being inheritance: Planning to have Ninian learn Hone Attack 3--though I'm wary considering how slow my team is. Only Reinhardt readily takes advantage of it. Ninian and Ryoma have to be up against slower opponents. I might try to see how much it would affect my score. I lucked out on the final boss. There was no skill inheritance outside of the classic Takumi Vantage. Granted, I almost sent my severely weak Reinhardt who Moonbow'd Takumi prior, which definitely would have cost me a deathless run by Vengeance Vantage. Roy wasn't that useful this run except to wall Hector's. Out of the new maps, I absolutely loathe the zigzag of defense tiles and breakable walls in the center. I didn't mark a previous run where I lost two units on the final boss alone due to the way that map is constructed. I forgot the exact rank with that score but it was beyond 12K rank in tier. Final boss of that run was Celica, Linde, Julia, and Ninian. And that team probably was by a whale since they were willing to give Celica Swift Sparrow and lots of inheritance for the other girls. I couldn't find a good spot to bait one without expecting Ninian to dance a tome to kill the baiting unit. That Celica had 40+ Speed on initiation and full HP. Either I'll try to improve score or "trade" defense wins to people.
  15. 5/17/2017 - offense 4,754; rank (tier 16) 3,498 (1:11AM PST) [deathless] 5/20/2017 - offense 4,762; rank (tier 16) 8,204 (3:42PM PST) [deathless] Team: (all Level 40 and 5*) +Res/-HP Ryoma (173) +Atk/-Spd Ninian (164) +Atk/-Spd Reinhardt (149) +Atk/-Spd Roy (173) Total BST: 659 Run #1 scores: 678, 686, 678, 680, 678, 678, 676 Run #2 scores: 680, 680, 680, 680, 682, 680, 680 Many surrenders as second run was for points. New change of Ryoma having Swap so I can clear my inventory. I have Fury 2 for Reinhardt now since I haven't been able to get Klein and had a spare Bartre. The second run doesn't have Fury 2 Reinhardt so it's not mentioned in the spoilers. After making a 4* Subaki my leader and replacing Roy, it took a couple days for me to get a defense win. It's enough points so I'll take whatever. I might want some advice later for future seasons.
  16. That is true. Forgot that since I didn't have any units that could be lunged onto mountains.
  17. Just to bait than kill. I went the Bow Cav route so I only offered a potential bait unit.
  18. If you got a decent -Raven user (and maybe TA to tank), you can kill the Bow Cavalier easy. My -Spd M!Robin under a Hone Spd 3 buff can double that one. You can try a Palla if you want to bait the Axe Flier.
  19. I did Lunatic one try! Team: 5* Level 40 +Atk/-Spd M!Robin (Blarraven+, Bonfire, Triangle Adept 2, Swordbreaker 3, Spur Def 3) 5* Level 35-36 +Res/-Atk Eirika (Sieglinde, Pivot, Hone Spd 3, Fortify Res 1 seal) [she leveled up during the map] 4* Level 40 +HP/-Res Nino (Gronnblade, Draw Back, Hone Atk 2) 4* Level 40 +Res/-Atk Olivia (Silver Sword, Dance, Hone Atk 3) The Bow Cavalier is pretty dang slow, being doubled by a Hone Spd 3-buffed M!Robin. Eirika with her 38-39 Atk can't two-round the Axe Flier but it's quite easy to bait and not get screwed by the flier's Lunge. From there, I had to bait the Lance Cavalier since he kept repositioning Lloyd back in an infinite loop. M!Robin can bait him by tanking 21 damage and doesn't get into further combat even after getting lunged. He took damage that he couldn't double Lloyd by Swordbreaker 3. That's why Olivia's there. Just kill the Blue Mage with Nino and that ends the map for me. Here's stats for those that want them enemy stats:
  20. 5/17/2017 - offense 4,754; rank (tier 16) 3,498 (1:11AM PST) [deathless] Team: (all Level 40 and 5*) +Res/-HP Ryoma (173) +Atk/-Spd Ninian (164) +Atk/-Spd Reinhardt (149) +Atk/-Spd Roy (173) Total BST: 659 No surrenders as far as I remember. No defense wins yet. I think it's from Ryoma leading for gauntlet. I'll try Roy when it's all over. Scores from each match: 678, 686, 678, 680, 678, 678, 676 Spoilers are full skill list, with italics being Skill Inheritance: I assume Roy's BST and more costly skills compared to last week's Barst pumped the scores I'm getting. Regardless, Roy has found his place fending off any greens that Ryoma would still take considerable damage. Reinhardt has become the designated killer of blues as well. The boys are putting in the good work.
  21. 5/11/2017 - offense 4,734; rank in tier 7,515 (1:12AM PST) [deathless] 5/13/2017 - offense 4,746; rank in tier 12,939 (12:35PM PST) [deathless] Team: (all Level 40) 5* +Res/-HP Ryoma (173; +Vantage 3) 5* +Atk/-Spd Ninian (164; +Wings of Mercy 2, Speed+1 Seal) 5* +Atk/-Spd Reinhardt (149; +Moonbow, Wings of Mercy 3) 4* +Atk/-Spd Barst (146) Total BST: 632 Forgot to write [deathless] on entry before. Here's the full list: Ryoma - Raijinto, Night Sky, Defiant Attack 3, Vantage 3, Hone Speed 3 Ninian - Light Breath+, Dance, Wings of Mercy 2, Fortify Defense 2, Speed+1 Seal Reinhardt - Dire Thunder, Moonbow, Wings of Mercy 3, Spur Attack 2 Barst - Brave Axe, Reposition, Spur Attack 3 I surrendered on the first run for match-ups that I thought I was going to lose (Dancer leader, Eirika leader [usually meaning Nino user]). It was a few times. Second run was for points and I surrendered a lot to get 677+ points match-ups. At least 12 match-ups. Not knowing how much Skill Inheritance and number of skills contributes to points, I assume Barst is bringing score down for being very vanilla and 4*.
  22. 5/11/2017 - offense 4,734; rank in tier 7,515 (1:12AM PST) Team: (all Level 40) 5* +Res/-HP Ryoma (173; +Vantage 3) 5* +Atk/-Spd Ninian (164; +Wings of Mercy 2, Speed+1 Seal) 5* +Atk/-Spd Reinhardt (149; +Moonbow, Wings of Mercy 3) 4* +Atk/-Spd Barst (146) Total BST: 632 It's been a while since I've posted. So bumping my 4* Reinhardt who happened to get that sweet nature of +Atk/-Spd to 5* and giving him Moonbow and Wings of Mercy 3 has proven to be very disgusting. He blips swords and Takumi's out of existence before they can retaliate. With Moonbow, sometimes he can take down even units with higher Resistance. I'm seeing more mages with the lower BST. I hope to get Ninian Hone Attack 3 at some point. No defense wins yet. I'll wait a few days before I switch Barst for someone else. I'd at least try to get a defense win even if it's not max points.
  23. Funnily enough, I would have had Lunatic done in one try if Ryoma had Vantage 2 instead of Vantage 3. Team: (all Level 40) +Res/-HP 5* Ryoma (+Vantage 2), +Def/-Spd 5* Minerva (+Draconic Aura), +Atk/-Spd 5* M!Robin (+Swordbreaker 3), +Res/-Atk 4* Olivia Draconic Aura wasn't used. 1.) Hone Attack 3 everyone 2.) Ryoma moves in range of Infantry Sword and Green Tome Cavalier 3.) Vantage 3 Ryoma would end up with one less charge on Night Sky since he wouldn't take the hit from the Green Tome. It also sets him up for Defiant Attack 3 proc. 4.) Now that Ryoma can handle the Infantry Sword with Night Sky, M!Robin and Minerva are free to kill the Infantry Lance. 5.) M!Robin also kills Xander on the same turn via Dance (Swordbreaker 3) 6.) Kill Cleric next turn 7.) Victory! This was the one I had to do the least amount of attempts, which was easily fixed by giving Ryoma a lower Vantage proc.
  24. Took me about two or three tries but I got it. Team: (all Level 40) 4* Olivia (+Res/-Atk), 5* Minerva (+Def/-Spd; +Draconic Aura), 5* M!Robin (+Atk/-Spd; +Swordbreaker 3); 5* Ryoma (+Res/-HP; +Vantage 3) Swordbreaker 3 didn't come into play. It was guerrilla tactics with M!Robin and Vantage Ryoma being the main offense. Due to calculations, the Red Tome wouldn't die to Ryoma and M!Robin unless both were Hone Attack 3'd. Then funnily enough, the Lance Knight didn't swap the Red Tome after being baited by Ryoma. M!Robin killed. From there on, it was about making sure my units were not going to die on enemy phase (one of my failed attempts, I forgot Brave weapons) and backing up as they encroached into my area. I had to make use of M!Robin's Spur Defense 3 in one instance. Kind of wish I had Nino trained since her huge power would've easily thrown those guys under 50% HP but alas she's Level 27 4* and not of the right nature really (+HP/-Res which not terrible by any means but doesn't help offense). Still on my unbroken streak of clearing all variants of GHB's. Edit: Oh yeah, and I did roll a Reinhardt a while ago but he's not trained fully either. That would have been good too!
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