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  1. Police on Friday afternoon named the man suspected of causing the fatal fire as Shinji Aoba, a 41-year-old with a criminal record, Japanese national public broadcaster NHK reported. The resident of Saitama City, near Tokyo, was convicted of robbing a convenience store in 2012 and served three-and-a-half years in prison, the report said. The man was seen screaming "Die!" by witnesses as he burst into the three-story studio, splashing a flammable liquid from a bucket before starting the blaze. Police say he started the fire because he claimed the company stole his idea for a novel.
  2. Same reason anybody laughs so hard at stupid shit that doesn't make sense. But why did Yoshi commit tax fraud anyway? Sounds more like Waluigi.
  3. She does not have hands or graspers, but maybe she can order you a pizza. If vampires go psycho over the smell of blood, how do the females deal with periods?
  4. One group is from a video game and the other is from an anime. NINJAS Because there's an actual clothes store called Soup and he got confused: What do lynels dream of when they take a little lynel snooze? Do they dream of mauling Link, or Zelda in her princess suit?
  5. Well that was an interesting thing I never heard of for sure...I don't know how to stop the sand mafia, but somebody please give those sand miners some pants or shorts. They're literally in their underwear at one point in that video... Will humans ever evolve to be flight capable on their own instead of relying on clunky unsafe machines?
  6. I know, I'm just doing a cute little nickname that rolls off the tongue well. @AnonymousSpeed That's mildly amusing but that high pitched voice is so annoying and I can't imagine sitting through a whole movie of that.
  7. I literally picked Gold Deers at like, last minute. Archer lord, small territories united, and there's a Claude in Spyro (but no Dimitri or Edelgard) and Spyro was my childhood and coming to Switch so it's meant to be.
  8. I second this as an option for the forums! I like affinities and am a thunder.
  9. Okay so guys This is a hot topic now on the forums As in it's on a "hot" topic list #OhGodWhy
  10. You can tell you're an adult when you're prioritizing which games to buy first because you have to pay for them yourself. Can relate.
  11. Perfect an already existing recipe. WYR find dinosaur bones in your yard or gold bars in your attic?
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