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  1. Now you have diabetes like me but it's worse. The power to make anything you eat taste like your favorite food.
  2. Thanks everybody, I understand them now. LOL, I actually think similar about people who play Maddening and Lunatic.
  3. (Almyran cannon) Fabian: No, not this tacky thing. I will shoot it once and then it's going back in storage. Holst: Rumor has it your wife said the same thing
  4. These are runs where the game is hacked to give 0% growth rates if I'm correct. How is it possible to beat the game if that's the case? Do the units never grow in stats unless they promote? Do people who do these runs bench older characters and use newer ones because of higher stats later in the game and coddle the lord? Do enemies even get higher stats as the game goes on? Or is there still a miniscule chance that a stat will increase on a level up this way? I think I remember something about level ups will always give you at least one increased stat in either PoR or RD but idk if this is all games.
  5. Everybody of your prefered sex/gender/orientation instantly falls in love with you and you have to pick one and reject the rest. The power to sing and make animals clean your house.
  6. Absolute win. I can't have regular due to being diabetic. It's the kind of coffee that's made from the poop of a rainforest critter. The ability to never pay more than five dollars for anything you buy.
  7. Why am I not surprised there's a game called Don't Shit Your Pants.
  8. You always cool yourself too much so you're better off not using the power. The power to turn water into soda pop.
  9. All animals obey me if I approach them. WYR open an ice cream parlor or a taco truck?
  10. Gatekeeper comes with him and he's the only viable lancer for all the same reasons.
  11. For every one you create, you also create a bitter enemy. The power to create stunning pieces of art using the simplest tools.
  12. I was just playing music from my bluetooth speaker and during a break in the song the battery went low so it was like [7:16 PM] Witches flying around making brew music "Low battery please charge" Sinister dubstep [7:16 PM] Yes I was listening to Shambhala
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