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  1. This is interesting, I didn't know the Japanese had different words that each gender uses, but it may be like saying "gurrrrl" or "bro" or "dude"? How similar is it to that? Like I'm female and say "dude" and like gay men or drag queens might use "gurl". Also I thought "baka" was what tsunderes said, so I learned that it's actually anta.
  2. No, because they weren't made like babies are made. Why does Yuri do the same pose as Lorenz?
  3. I mean, I kinda DO, but it's because it has bad writing. You're taking a game with bad writing and fixing it in your own way, so that's a big kudos.
  4. Because watching baboons throw poop is funny, is it not? Was the guy who baked the Gingerbread Man a wizard?
  5. AYAW having your dream job, but...
  6. Think it's cool I guess. WWYDI your DNA test said you were 5% chimpanzee?
  7. Skittles poop! If I peed rainbow I would be so scared. Well, rainbow poop isn't much better, but... WYR invent a new candy or a new salty snack?
  8. I'm millennial and I can vouch for this.
  9. Is the Secret World of Arietty Studio Ghibli? From this it doesn't seem like it.
  10. BEEP BEEP BEEP No wait, that's the smoke detector. Is Gautier cheese like cheddar, swiss, munster, mozzarella...etc?
  11. Cat, I guess. WYR end world hunger or end slavery in all places it still exists?
  12. Click out of it and go somewhere else. WWYDI you found fanart of your favorite FE character but their face looked exactly like yours?
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