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  1. Everyone prefers different hairstyles. For example, Anacybele (but don't tag her here because she hasn't played Crimson Shadows and does not want spoilers) doesn't like short hair on females or long hair on males a lot of the time. I don't mind either that much.
  2. Because they scare people. Why did the chicken cross the road?
  3. "Hey Frank, I know what we're gonna do today!" "Hey where's Peter?" Where did all the jokes about unicorns pooping rainbows come from?
  4. Shut up and take my money. ASMR is wtf. Ketchup and mustard are gross. Mayonnaise is best.
  5. Go whatever, you're entitled to your opinion. WWYDI you were at a restaurant and you looked out the window and saw a porta potty fly past?
  6. Replace every heck. With things like cockwaffle. WYR say the F bomb in every sentence you speak from now on or never say any swears again?
  7. I didn't know this topic was still alive. Astor doesn't need a bunch of siblings, heavens no. Granted maybe it would help with his I'M THE FUCKING EAGLE EMPEROR BITCHES BRING ME APPLE JUICE AND CHICKEN NUGGETS attitude if he had to share his Dad butler. Hubert jumps up every time Astor makes a peep, basically. He would have had one sibling, but Edelgard's crest implant was attacking her system by that time so the sibling was miscarried. Yeah. Right, so...wolf pups? I might have to think of some. Constance sounds most likely to want to pair up and have kids on purpose. Gotta revive house Nuvelle.
  8. Maybe aliens on another planet already have. How do aliens in movies suddenly speak English?
  9. Be annoyed. WWYDI your grandparents got matching tattoos?
  10. Ryoma, because cats like to eat seafood. Not sure if dogs like pineapple. WYR have ten kids or no kids?
  11. Would vulneraries still work? Would make them more useful overall.
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