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  1. This is literally the same thing I headcanon. This is a very good idea. One thing I've done with my Fodlan ficverse is make Ingrid's pegasus a peachy tan color (because if horses can be a bunch of colors then why not pegasi), and she named her Cobbler after peach cobbler. Cobbler is especially flighty and sexist, because a group of male bandits once stole her from her wild herd and treated her very badly, starved her, whipped her etc. Ingrid rescued her. Dimitri has tried to feed Cobbler apples but she bites him. She will allow Ingrid to pick up Dimitri, Sylvain, and Felix but she clearly doesn't like it and will start misbehaving if they're there too long. She's better with Ashe but still acts slightly uncomfortable.
  2. Okay Helga is PERFECT. Maybe FE4 Arthur...Art? Or Artu yeah.
  3. Tobin was Robin originally, and they changed that. Tomas in New Mystery wasn't localized. It will probably happen.
  4. @Espurrhoodie said she had a dream where a FE4 remake had a love potion item to increase love points, among other things, but this item would make the most sense. It doesn't even have to be a potion, or one item. Like, if Arya likes potatoes but hates apples, and you want to pair her with Lex, have him give her a potato. Food, flowers, and little gift items. Like real courtship or the gift system in 3H. Definitely change Hilda's name. Allow Saias to talk to his father. Arvis kinda needs to know he's got one son that turned out alright.
  5. OH. There is a Tomas in New Mystery! My bad. In my defense OP was talking about 3H.
  6. This is a joke, but I like the idea of a fanzine about the Agarthan illusion victims. Who they really were and all that. Tomas, we have the least about. We know he was the librarian. That's it. For Monica, we get that DLC paralogue where you fight her dad. For Lord Arundel, we hear about how he used to donate to the church and was a decent uncle to Edelgard. And Cornelia? I'm pretty darn sure she was killed and replaced, but we never get the name of the Agarthan who did so. I'm saying Cleobulus, the datamined Agarthan name that wasn't used. But for her, we hear that she was a court mage. About as much as Tomas, but she gets more screentime. Maybe ask a few of them if they know how you could start this? A lot of them could probably point you to connections to help.
  7. Art is hard. My drawings are nowhere near the quality required for zines. Fics though, those are good! As I told OP, I participated in a zine organized by that twitter account.
  8. Eh, it's not my cup of tea either, but this wasn't necessary when OP was not asking for ship critiques. I once participated in a zine run by this zine account. Try contacting them, they should help you. https://twitter.com/cof_zines?lang=en
  9. Except I was just making a creative little thing about his roles, because people like to be creative and clever. Calling it "weird" and "uncomfortable" is a tad unfair. Nobody is offended by this. Nobody thinks I'm saying he was not a person.
  10. Lord Raven, I am back here just to comment that it was Ana. While I do not condone her threatening suicide, she is still my friend, as she has been from before I joined SF. I hope you can agree that if someone was your friend, you would be more sympathetic to them. She was banned, from my understanding, for not backing out of heated arguments. But I would be lying if I said nobody egged her on and nobody stirred the pot. Some of this is coming from the area I live in as well. Wyoming is a red state. My family, my neighbors. Trump supporters. So when you guys say some of these things about Trump supporters, you are indirectly saying these things about my family and neighbors. Step back a bit and try to see where I'm coming from. It does not matter if Crysta says "I don't care about your mom". She does not have to care about my mom or what my mom thinks, but imagine if you were on the recieving end. It just feels like there is no gray area allowed here. You are either red or blue. You're not allowed to be purple. And heck, if you're red...well, good luck.
  11. Ideas I loved: Give a hint about where to find Stefan. Training units in things they would realistically be good at, no mage Boyd. Random mercenary missions for extra cash and exp. Idea I was meh on: The mercenary camp like the monastery. I worry that it will become tedious like it was in 3H, but it's a cool idea. Ideas I will add: Gauntlets. Perfect for Boyd and Largo. Overwork the laguz system. They should stay shifted the entire battle so they're not useless for half of it. Instead, use their transform gauge for an AoE attack or a special skill. Maybe a cat or raven would leap or fly forward and attack an enemy a few spaces away, but a tiger or hawk would get an attack that does extra damage to an enemy right in front of them. After using this, it takes a good amount of time to recharge. Beorc units can get battalions instead.
  12. As many VAs, he was in a lot of things, but to us, he was those four in the title. His wife has told some of his VA friends, no news on cause yet. Cormag, fly high with Glen. Merlinus, stock heaven's convoy. Kostas, you no longer need to steal to survive. Raid in paradise. Nader, I guess you met the opponent you could not beat. Rest easy, Undefeatable.
  13. Not five. Why is the sky blue?
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