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  1. I mean, this works with archers. But that's about it lol.
  2. B) Open the present. The present is a baseball bat, and there's a note with it from Mark. "Hey man, I have been recruited into a biker gang. Things kinda suck without you here, but sometimes friendships have to become enemy...ships? For various reasons. If you still want to be my friend, meet me behind the Burger King tonight at 8 and bring this note. The boss will give you a test to see if you're worthy of joining the gang. If you don't want to, we are now enemies. Watch your back." Do you: A) Make the coffee and decide what to do later B) Take Mark up on his offer C) Not take Mark up on his offer and ignore the biker gang D) Plan to destroy the biker gang
  3. 2nd gen with smartphones again: Emily: Our fearless leader won't eat lunch. Fernanda: Why? Emily: Okay, he's eating the side dishes. But he's not touching the steak because it's not his anus. Fernanda: His anus wtf? Emily: Angus! The Empire Angus steaks he gets back home! Fernanda: That makes more sense. Damn you autocorrect
  4. Ask other customers eating there if they have any grey poupon. The proper way to eat at a fast food restaurant is...
  5. You hear "BUT MARRRSSSS" all day every day for a week. I put Nair in Shinon's shampoo.
  6. Wow, people want to pretend to give a colon exam? Maybe people will buy it just for the butt. Idk.
  7. You find out trampolines are made of taguel fur and that's why they went extinct. Rhea hears Byleth say "whoever threw that paper, your mom's a hoe!" and the class erupt in laughter.
  8. Always type with horrible grammar and spelling. The proper way to have a birthday party is...
  9. Wouldn't be the worst thing. Holst bites off your nose and eats it. I don't give Flayn her fish.
  10. The animation is so crappily done that most people skip it. I wish Felix's mom would have appeared, as well as both Sylvain's parents and Ingrid's parents.
  11. New Mystery of the Emblem doesn't end happily because Medeus didn't have his puppet, so he just killed everyone himself. I throw an orange at Alm and it hits him in the back of the head.
  12. How about that virtual training thing doctors get to practice colon exams with the butt controller?
  13. Frederick bans you from entering the Shepherds camp ever again. I stick a suction cup dragon dildo over the door to Seteth's office.
  14. Basically this. Rhea doesn't think humans can control themselves or are smart enough to lead their own countries without her help. The dog analogy works well, on some occasions a male dog can recognize that the puppies are his and act like a proper dad. So Rhea knows male humans can tell their kids are theirs. ...Oh my god, now I'm picturing Jeralt in a cone of shame so he doesn't pick at his stitches after Rhea saved his life. Lol. Exactly, Rhea is just racist, or speciesist.
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