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  1. I mean I don't have nudie posters, but I do enjoy nudie fanart...just not on my wall.
  2. I have Aspergers too, I get it. @Interdimensional Observer I remember reading something about how the Ancient Greeks associated big penises with brutish ugly criminals, so their statues had small ones to say "Hey, this is a good citizen and a good man!" Also, in the bottom right corner of the image you posted, there is a man with a snake coiled around him biting his package. That man has the face of one of the pope's advisors who barged in while Michelangelo was painting and yelled at him about the nudies. So he painted him in hell with a snake biting his balls. Of course the pope heard of this, and he just said "as Pope, my domain is Heaven and Earth, but I have no authority in Hell. Sorry about that." Michelangelo hated his job and it was glorious.
  3. I was actually completely serious. While a naked girl would motivate them because they want that, Goku would motivate them as like a rival. Nature is a tenacious beast and I find this sort of thing interesting. Maybe I should use pictures of naked dudes to motivate me to get fit...but I'm not sure if it would work as well for the female brain.
  4. Good question. I mean they're not rubbing one out to those posters, they're just there. As a straight woman, I only like looking at naked guys when I'm in that mood, I don't want posters of them. Then again, a lot of classical art has nudity in it and idk what's up with that either. Oh, maybe since he's doing a workout, the naked girl is triggering something in his subconscious? Nature is acting up and in his subconscious, he's a primitive ape/neanderthal/caveman and he has to impress that girl/show her how strong he is? That's my best guess. It's actually a neat strategy!
  5. I completely understand this, it's really hard to do research on it anyway! You'll find more attacks and strawman arguments from both sides than anything else and talking about politics is just stressful. I kinda know who I'm going with, but I'm gonna run through I side with anyway. It's very helpful, just put in your views and it will show you who you side with.
  6. "Lightning brings the cactus pain, now it all begins again" Thunder on the big cactus. "Crumbled inn few reminice, its faulty beams will not be missed" Gravity on the collapsed tent. This is the least obvious one. "Lonely mushroom bursts into flame, in the land that quicksands claim" Fire on the mushroom shaped rock. "Three rocks await the winter's kiss, one by one they find their bliss" Blizzard on the group of three rocks, biggest to smallest. "In the end shall bloom a flower, sacred light reveals its power" Holy on the white flower, it turns into the hotspot where the fifth element is obtained.
  7. "I disagreed on politics with someone without being a dick about it"
  8. Because there's a photography business here called Sunshine Photography and the lady who owns it made it so. Why did Game Freak not use the idea of a legendary pokemon talking through a human until now, with Calyrex?
  9. You am what you am. Why is it okay to put naked statues outside but it's not okay to be outside naked?
  10. During WWI or II, either or, the Japanese government gave grenades to farmers. But they didn't know how to use them. They threw them without pulling the pin. Their enemies just pulled the pin and threw the grenade back.
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