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  1. You could also do things like make Mokushu (Kotaro's ninja land) like Brigid or Almyra, or Duscur. You could do this with any tribal area actually. Separate and their own state, but interacts with the main land. I second Dayni, Moirai.
  2. Because they are cats. Why are stop signs red?
  3. A werelion. I'm less likely to be near a lobster as I live in a landlocked state. And I don't like seafood. WYR discover a new edible plant and name it whatever you want or discover a new animal and name it after yourself?
  4. Sorry not sorry. #DudeIWasntThatDrunk #LionDads
  5. PoR but not RD. WYR have a prequel to Awakening or a sequel to Sacred Stones?
  6. Another example is how I still think fart jokes are the funniest shit ever when I probably shouldn't.
  7. https://www.polygon.com/2019/11/18/20970959/pokemon-sword-and-shield-roku-streaming-bug-system-boot-update
  8. You're actually getting better about the harshness of your responses! I didn't find rudeness in this one, or not as much as I have before, so kudos to you. It was a knee jerk reaction yeah, but also an understandable one. I will add that there are some things certain people will just never find funny under any circumstances and that is okay. Like for example, mine is treating the death of an animal as a joke or animal cruelty/abuse. I refuse to watch National Lampoon Christmas Vacation because of the cat death that was treated as ha ha so funny joke. ...Yet I eat meat even knowing that factory farms are horrible horrible to the animals, but yeah.
  9. May I just add that Ana lost her brother to suicide so that may be affecting her reaction.
  10. I expect Anna x Kristoff kids eventually, that's all I care about. If a roomba throws itself in a swimming pool, was it suicidal or stupid?
  11. Try to pee orange juice. WWYDI aliens landed and asked you to take them to your leader?
  12. Wasn't Bee Movie a meme when it came out? Since Barnyard has a TV show and it's supposably going to be the next Bee Movie, when will Bee Movie get a TV show?
  13. If that rain turns into hail and breaks your windows, that bliss will be gone. When elephants look at humans, their brain activity mirrors that of humans looking at puppies or kittens. Elephants think we're cute!
  14. If I had no thoughts wouldn't I also have no emotions? Confusing question. WYR have gold nuggets fall out of your nose or your butt?
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