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  1. I myself didn't ran into so much difficulty with Thracia. I don't know why it is considered to be hard, when obviously Genealogy of the Holy War is the hardest of the three. As of playing them, as other people commented here, all three of them are different; but worth playing.
  2. I'm definitely going to make a very mature story that involves a lot of blood, sex and gore. And I'm not kidding.
  3. Actually check this site, because every time when I've played and recruited Harken, I did it by doing what it says on that site.
  4. This topic is going places. Fine. My girlfriend never wears Abra.
  5. vonretic

    Post Count?

    I may think of some reasons, but I'm curious myself too, of what is the real reason.
  6. I don't know about Fates, because I didn't played it but my favorite is Awakening and top three in order, Genealogy of the Holy War>Awakening>Sacred Stones.
  7. I highly agree with the post above. Maybe the emulator will work on your Galaxy and it will open the.iso file, but unfortunately as I've said on my first post, the Galaxy doesn't run on Nvidia Tegra CPU which means that you have to buy yourself either a PC or a mobile device that does support Dolphin Emulator.
  8. It is quite recommended to dump your own .iso game files for Dolphin, but if you can't do that, try to get your .iso file of the game from a different source.
  9. Well the only way to play the game on Android is to download Dolphin Emulator. The only and biggest problem, as I understand, is that the emulator doesn't work that well on Smartphones and Tablets, with FPS also being very low. Though if you have an NVIDIA Shield the emulator will work better and smoothly and also the devices that are using Nvidia CPU's Tegra. You can find them here.
  10. Totally true, a more powerful DF Inigo, but I just voted for Henry as I like white haired Inigo more.
  11. Tell you the truth, I'd rather go with Henry and making Inigo a Dread Fighter with Galeforce + Lifetaker.
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