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  1. Erm I just misread I thought it was for discussing about pairing, not for asking help
  2. I think only action replay can help me now for armstrhift.
  3. My favourites pairings are those who make my childrens able to be mercenaries And sorcerer :p but I prefer mercenaries most to play with the legendary weapons without having to abuse of infinite regalia. a shame that only 5 or 6 childrens can do that :(
  4. And from this sentence you don't try to think how a male could lose his powers just after the child is born and not before ? that sounds ridiculous to try explain that :p I guess Starman's explanation is going to be the most logic here. it's a kind of magic
  5. Pinxmirs


    wait, in what sense should understand that ? I'm really that old here ? brr Thanks for both chocolate and carpets =)
  6. JILL ♥ well Haar is a good guy but he isn't as good as Jill for one reason, I never tried to play with him in path of radiance cause he came so late, which is why I didn't paid much attention to him in radiant dawn at first. but Jill with Urvan is one hell of a guy ;)
  7. Wow wow was reading the topic but got lost :/ I was just looking if it were possible to have legendary weapons with inifinite use (and not blessed) and also stats boosting items. But I am not very good at reading too much english. Sorry ^^
  8. Daein part was horrible :p I dislike Micaiah and Sothe is is maybe the worst Ike fanboy ever ^^ Although having Black knight is cool but he should have been more in the story than he did. Part 2 is good and fun nothing more to say ^^ okay one thing, I love Elincia and I regret we couldn't play with her on all chapters :( Part 3 could have been better if they hadn't created this lion I don't remember his name. he acts too much of a retard to be bearable. And part 4 is good for me, Having laguz kings and blessed weapons make the game cool ^^ The problem of radiant down is not the stroy whihc is good enough for me. It is the postgame that is lacking.
  9. Pinxmirs


    In Awakening sure I unlocked them all ^^
  10. Those boots, it can be the only thing I'd like a working action replay for fire emblem. But yeah okay I got it now the logbook. I don't like using legacy characters myself but I understand the "cheat"
  11. And when you see Soren (I'm not sure but I might think it's ashnard son or i'm completely under drugs) You can say it's good way to evolve. I'm not sure that when they created the branded at first in path of radiance they thought of the explanation they got in radiant dawn, which for me is completely idiot.
  12. Going to be a bit late but I used lots of ar codes on PoR on dolphin, cause I couldn't buy the ar max, but supposing your perfect level up is getting +1 to each I would not work as I expected, i remember a time when my oscar got +1 at each after a fight without leveling himself and also remember than most of the time it does not work. Rather than trying that i'd suggest you take the boost items. that really works.
  13. You'll have to tell me how you can have 10 boots item in one save, even by using legacy character I'm not sure it's doable. But maybe i'm wrong
  14. Pinxmirs


    We are not so old !
  15. Wow you can set a relay point for streetpassing ? I need that, will try to find some french links or good help for that but if it can work that would be great for my aversa's night collection ^^
  16. Pinxmirs


    Online name: Pinxmirs Real name: Jérôme DoB: 27/03/1987 Favourite FE Game: Path of radinace Favourite Game (other than FE): tales of symphonia Favourite FE Character: Ike/Lyn Least Favourite game: Sports:running Online friends: Favourite music: Favourite artist/band: Offspring Favourite song: Burn it up Country:France MSN/Yahoo/AIM: gtalk but i won't give it this easily :p Hobbies: Playing Good Point: i have finished path of radiance in difficult mode :) Bad Point: I like using actions replays but not until I have beaten the game 2 or thee times Anything else?]I'm looking for guys living near for streetpassing Aversa's night with me. All in all I Started fire emblem since the gba games and can't stop now.
  17. Need aversa nights badly !

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