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  1. Well he would probably try to kill you in your sleep for starters just for making him one. I did this! He kicked ass. I got super lucky on his level ups and beat the game (hard/classic) with him around level 45, having aura and like, 32 mag. He and Enlightened One!Byleth solo'd the last two maps... out of necessity, because everyone else was just slightly too underleveled for me to make it out without a casualty. :^) But him being able to dance and heal was extremely helpful the whole game. Also, forcing him to be a dancer midgame was so very, very funny...
  2. Except that's false; Tharja used a staff, when, as a mage, she should be using a tome. Ah, what I meant by that was that each character is locked to one weapon type. In other words, since we saw her with swords, she's going to be using swords the whole game and not switching to a lance. True! I always get SD generals mixed up with SS Generals and think that they can use axes, but nope. Bows. Part of me wants it to be Phina and part of me wants Azura- Phina has my favorite personality and character of any dancer in FE, yet her design is honestly unappealing to me. (yellow and pink are pretty much my two least favorite colors.) On the other hand, Azura has, by far, my favorite design of any character in FE, but I genuinely cannot stand her as a character. I think Phina wins by just a bit since her getting in would make her more popular and give her a better chance of getting into Heroes and get her more Cipher cards for sure. Plus, I'd die to get more Phina/Navarre dialogue. As someone whose favorite FE character has been Navarre since 2010, the last couple of years have been GREAT for me, but... I still want more! Whether or not it's actually Sam, I'm 99.8% sure he's a reference to Sam. What I'm saying is that I'd like for them to go all the way and say that it is him. Probably my favorite thing about odd side games like TMS, Warriors and Heroes is that they're a great chance to shine a spotlight on otherwise obscure characters and give more people a chance to enjoy them- think Reinhardt (and to a lesser extent, Navarre as well. He's still not massively popular but compared to nine years ago, the difference feels enormous.) I think Sam is a pretty funny minor character, and I'd like to see him in a game with a good sense of humor like TMS.
  3. OH BOY THE HYPE TRAIN IS REAL TMS was my second favorite game on the WiiU, falling short only of Xenoblade X, my all-time favorite game. I missed the direct up until the end of Pokemon and felt extremely disappointed by the direct with that last announcement (With Monolith working on XC1 and BotW2 It's probably gonna be years before an enhanced Switch port of X or XCX2... like, between XC2, the remake, XCX getting completely snubbed for Smash, and the behavior of XC1 fans, my feelings on the original are quickly going from "Great story, well-written characters but I didn't really connect with them, boring gameplay, 7/10" to "I really hope XC1 dies soon". XC1 has p much been ruined for me at this point.) cue my friend messaging me on discord and going "HOW ABOUT THAT DIRECT :D" and me being very confused. First of all, Mirage Masters and Mirage alts in Heroes?????? INTSYS PLEASE. I've said since pretty much day 1 that I will stay f2p until Heroes releases Yashiro or a Navarre alt and I intend to stand by that. Up until now TMS characters haven't even been on CYL ballots, but with the yearly survey (That didn't happen outside of Japan this time, much to my dismay...) they were asking if players would be interested in TMS or Warriors characters! Second: Nope, I'm almost positive she isn't. Maiko was dual-wielding swords. Outfits can change hair/eye color and clothes, but never weapon type. For sword dancers, that's: Phina (Archanea), Sylvia, Lene, Laylea, or Lara (Jugdral), Olivia (Awakening), or a 3H character as an odd pick. Obvously, considering the FE cast in the original TMS, Phina or Olivia would be the most likely. (Oh, and Maiko was planned to be a dancer in the original but was reduced to an NPC later. That's almost certainly her class.) Now here's the thing... neither Olivia nor Phina ever dual-wield. However- Navarre usually does! Basically everywhere except TMS. Because of Phina and Navarre's relationship, I'm guessing it's her. some final thoughts... PLEASE, PLEASE add subtitles to the in-battle dialogue. I only know a bit of Japanese- just enough to tell that I'm really missing out on some interesting stuff. The OC/OC and Mirage/OC conversations were really good, but I REALLY hope they add some conversations between the mirages as well. Also, I hope they make Chrom a bit funnier- TMS takes him very seriously, and his main draw for me is how often he made me laugh during Awakening. Itsuki needs to be able to be taken out of the party BADLY, at least outside of important fights. doubly so if there's gonna be a third sword character. I don't really care about changed dialogue/outfits/ages, but I'd really like to see the hot springs dlc. I really hope Samto/Samuel gets called by his name instead of just "Dark Yashiro." We all know it's him. (And by "we all," I mean all 3 of us that played both TMS and New Mystery.)
  4. Oof, A Dark Fall is actually my favorite song from Fates and F!Corrin is the only FE Amiibo I'm missing T_T I think unlocking cosmetic things/music is a good way for Amiibo to work, and I say this as someone who owns... 20ish??? It's enough motivation for me to keep buying them, since I love collecting clothes/music but if I end up short on cash like I am right now I don't feel like I'm missing out on an integral part of the game because, say, I can't afford to get the octolings/Splat2 inklings right now. Like, now that there's a game that gives a different bonus than M!Corrin I'm definitely going to pick up F!Corrin to complete my collection, but I'm not going to break the bank right now to do so.
  5. I had every intention of marrying Dimitri on BL, Lorenz on GD, and stealing Felix for BE (Unless I really like Edelgard once I get to know her better or the rumor about turns out to be true and she wins me over) but hhhhhhhhhhhhh Joe's videos/Foraging Bonds is making my decision to play Golden Deer second and not marry Claude when I do Really Hard. I still don't like his beard but he seems so... perfect in every other regard...
  6. I knew I was gonna try to get all the 3H lords so I haven't spent a single orb since F!Berkut (I had about 250 saved up before him but I pulled three copies of him, and pulled a Thea and F!Tki at the same time so I have no regrets.) All-in-all, 340ish orbs total including the ones from the chapter, and I grabbed all the tickets too. I got a Byleth in exactly 45 obs, +atk -res. Nice. By the time I got Edelgard (+spd -hp), I was down to 1 orb. 6% pity rate. ouch. And the boys (particularly Dimitri) were the two I wanted the most... Here's hoping one of them gets demoted. It's a real shame this isn't a 30-day banner.
  7. uhhh a big chunk of this turned into ragging on Fates (particularly the localization- most of my opinions on Fates were formed in 2015 through watching let's plays and reading translations) so... cut time! Navarre isn't sexist????? The whole point of his "I won't kill women" thing is that he respects women more than men, who he kinda sees as animals, including himself. I'm not sure if this is an unpopular opinion or not but it is one I've been seeing popping up post-warriors and just... no my dude you got his whole character wrong Shadow Dragon isn't a bad FE game. Yes the gameplay is kinda trash but it and FE12 has one of, if not the best story in the series. If you play FE for gameplay, skip it for sure. If you're like me and play for story, you'll love it. Awakening doesn't have a bad story. Simple, yes. It's definitely one of the more lighthearted entries into the series, and it's not the absolute best FE has to offer. But it's still good. Tatiana is a Bad Character and I Don't Like Her. By far my least favorite character in the entire series. Toshiyuki Kusakihara is the Worst and I hope he leaves IntSys like, yesterday. His designs are BAD Alm is literally just Green Marth and he absolutely did not deserve to win CYL3. Berkut was the easily best part of Echoes tbh... And he absolutely would not have been if he were much older. I can see why some younger members of the fandom don't like him, but as a 22 year old, I can look back at me five years ago and say "Ah, yes, I too was this stupid and immature when I was seventeen. Poor baby..." and consider him purely tragic. Fallen!Berkut broke me a lil bit inside guys I was not READY And while we're on the subject of Berkut- I really, really like how they left it vague on whether he sacrificed Rinea to gain Duma's powers, or Duma possessed Bekut and Duma killed Rinea with his body- even if he was really willing to kill Rinea more power, or if he was actually like "Yes, anything, Duma! w ait no not THAT NO I DID NOT MEAN THAT LITERALLY." It reminds me in a very good way of the end of Dark Side of Dimensions- I won't spoil it here, but it has a very open ending where a character may or may not have committed suicide. The author has come out and said that anyone's interpretation of the ending is canon, since there isn't one set ending- be it bittersweet, sad, or just happy. Leaving the truth up to the beholder... I think there's a certain beauty to that. That said, ny'all who have headcanons over whether or not Berkut was a murderer need to stop insisting it's 100% canon and shaming people for conflicting opinions. For instance: I interpret the scene as Berkut not realizing what Duma was asking, Duma possessing Berkut and killing her with his body. That view isn't any more or less valid than someone who thinks her murdered his fiancee for power- but I shouldn't have to deal with being told I'm stanning an immoral, misogynistic character when I just don't interpret him that way. (I have no idea if this is happening here on SF or not but it sure did on Tungle.hell) PoR is just as good as everyone says it is. RD's story is really bad. If you're gonna give Fates crap for having good graphics (for a 3DS game), music, and gameplay but a terrible story, give the same amount to RD, please. Fates had it's silly moments but it never did anything half as atrocious as the Micaiah/Sanaki plotline. Oh, and the "Blood Pact" thing was just as silly as Fates ever got. And all the 3DS games have better graphics than both parts of Tellius, even Awakening. Priam isn't an offensive, homophobic inclusion because I'm like 95% sure at this point that Soren is canonically trans male. It offends me bc Ranulf/Ike is the better ship 😉 Ephraim shouldn't have become a king at the end of Sacred Stones. There's not a single character trait of his that makes me think he'd be a decent ruler. He's a meathead! Just let Erika be queen and let him be a general or something! Blazing Sword isn't all it's cracked up to be. I got it a few years ago and still haven't quite beaten it... It's just not all that fun for me. I think a lot of the older stans are looking at this game through rose tinted nostalgia lenses because it's okay but it's not That Great. I think I would have liked it quite a bit more if it hadn't been hyped up as one of the All-Time Best FEs when... it's average. Tokyo Mirage Sessions plays nothing like FE but it's a FANTASTIC game and is one of the two games that deserve a Switch port the most out of the WiiU's entire library IMO. (The other is XCX.) My only complaint with it is that it doesn't do quite as much with the FE characters as it could have- but many of the games getting ports have additional content to the base game! If we just got some mirage-centric sidestories the game would be an absolute 10/10. The fact that TMS and Warriors characters are missing from Heroes is a crime. I'd pull for Darios... and tbh I'd probably whale for Yashiro... he's my SON, INTSYS Young!Dimitri has the worst design of any 3H character shown so far and Old!Dimitri has my favorite by far. IDK if this is an unpopular opinion but it's a strong one! be careful who you call ugly in high school The Deliverance DLC was really poorly written but in a very funny way IMO- it had me 100% convinced Fernand had a crush on Clive instead of Mathilda until very near the end. All of the women in Echoes retiring and settling down after the war was very ehhhhhhhh... I didn't like it. Echoes didn't treat its girls as well as it should have kinda in general. I've seen a lot of people get Celica and Erika's personalities kinda... backwards, imo. Erika is pretty much tough as nails. I can't really say that about Celica- she's still badass, but nowhere near as tough. Celica makes her bad decision based on being unsure of herself, while Erika makes hers based on being overconfident in her own judgement. They’re both naive, but for opposite reasons.
  8. Hello! As anyone following me on social media (likely no on reading this thread, I don't have a terribly large following) knows, Navarre is my favorite FE character. Since he's not an overly popular character, I decided about two years ago to start collecting all of the official merchandise featuring him- TCG, artbooks, ect. There aren't really scans for most of these books online (Which is fine, people should buy the books themselves for the text imo but I do wish there were scans of all the artwork available) - a lot of them only have shaky phone pictures. Still, I think I know for the most part which images are from which books. However, upon buying Fire Emblem - The Complete, I found to my surprise, a short manga! (Two, actually, but I haven't scanned the second one yet. The second one is about the whitewings, I think?) I've never seen anyone mention this before... so I'm assuming most people haven't heard of it. I mean, I was doing digging for artwork for two years and didn't find it until I bought the book myself! I've scanned the whole thing and put it in my Google Drive- I also attempted a rough translation, but my Japanese is entirely self taught and not very extensive so I had to rely on Google Translate quite a bit... if anyone who actually can read Japanese sees this, I'd be super happy if you'd give this a quick look and see if I got anything horribly wrong! Here's the raw scans And here's my attempt at an English translation I also don't read enough to know who the artist actually is. If anyone in the know could tell me, that'd be great!
  9. REALLY REALLY hoping Naesala is on the beast banner, please intsys I need my slimy trash bird... I'd be happy with Ranulf or Reyson too tho just. much less so I'm so down for the edgy gothic themes that is 110% my aesthetic... nice Hel... pretty <3
  10. Quick question for anyone with the Switch version! Hyrule Warriors Legends had an option to buy the DLC & then transfer it over to the WiiU version, and I assumed there'd be something like that in FEW as well. I have the 3DS version currently & and am planning on getting the switch version post-holidays for sure, and I'm wondering if the switch version has an option in the DLC shop for getting the DLC for both versions at the same time, since the 3DS version doesn't. Thanks!
  11. I've been planning on getting the game and season pass tomorrow pretty much since the game was announced so this doesn't really affect my decisions at all... but... "Broken armor" costumes, huh? If that means I get fanservice damaged Navarre, it almost makes up for paying extra for on-disk content! Almost.
  12. Hey guys! I was wondering if if posted which 5* units I have if someone who knows more about the game than me could tell me which have particularly decent or bad IVs, and maybe give me a couple of tips for which units work well together. For red, Lyn is +1, also +Def -HP, Ryoma is +Speed -Res, Luke is +Attack -Res, & Leo is +Attack -Res. For blue, Lukas is neutral, Brave Lucina is +Attack -Res, Azura is +Speed -Def, Ninian is +Attack -HP, Bridal Caeda is +Def -Res, Reinhardt is +Def -HP & Olwen is +Attack -HP. For Green, Summer Tiki is +Def -Res, Fae is +Def -Speed, Soren is +Def -Speed, & Celcilia is +Attack -Speed. For colorless, Faye is +Attack -Def, Klein is +Attack -Res, Innes is +Res -Speed, Summer Frederick is +Res -HP, and Mist is +Speed -Res. I also have Masked Marth, Black Knight, Shareena, Berkut, Valter, & Brave Ike with neutral IVs. Berkut is also the one with summoner support, which seems to be enough that he's performing decently well. I'll definitely pick up Camus when he comes around again but I missed both him and Xander :/ (Also Navarre. Who I know isn't that great in game but he's my favorite FE character so I'm not very happy about that one either.) Thanks!
  13. Navarre, Feena, and Ogma. Navarre is my favorite character in the entire FE series- tons of character development in the manga, anime, & New Mystery, plus gets the most references those things in TMS #FE of any of the Mirages (I can definitely tell someone on the team was a big fan, since all of the other mirages besides Tiki have little to no connection to their past selves.) Plus, he's great in game- a little frail, but in my experience his speed is so ridiculous nothing can hit him. Gotta love those 80/90% crit rates, man. From what I've seen, Feena is pretty much regarded as having the best stats of the attacking dancers, right? I like a lot of her dialogue too NAVARRE IN PIGTAILS GUYS but her stats are the real draw for me. She plays like how I wanted Olivia to play :/ And Ogma... honestly, just for his character. He has great stats too but I've always preferred myrmidons to mercenaries when picking a sword user for my team. He's another one that gets a lot of character development in the anime/manga/New Mystery and he's just a Really Good Guy. Plus, if you compare Navarre to Yashiro & Ogma to Navarre, he's like 6'8". I bet he gives the Best Hugs. Honorable mentions go to Marth, Julian, Tiki, Cain, Nyna, & Kris. And yes, my team in 11/12 is just Tiki, one magic user, and all of these sword users. I try to use Roger, Jake & one of the axe users too but they always end up lagging behind in levels & are pretty much useless by the endgame. Who needs the weapon triangle when you can just pick your favorite characters, right?
  14. Ohhh yep, she was! I both missed her in my notes and my memory failed me. Everything should be fixed now!
  15. I agree, but he's only appeared once (in Heroes) outside of the main four games. (The other characters that have appeared in all four games but only once outside of them are Rickard, Lena, Maria, Boah, Wrys, Lornez, Midia and Castor, if you're wondering. In hindsight, maybe I should have added an "other" option.) Thanks!
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