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  1. Bridal Bloom has returned. I'm not much for dancers, so let's see if I can get Tharja. 3* Selena: Reposition fodder. That's good too. Now another circle on the Mythic banner. 23 orbs on hand. 3* Virion: Go away. 5* L!Eliwood: Great! Finally a Wind Pair-up Hero to join Guunthra, Hrid, Lyn, and Lucina. Unfortunately he's +HP/-Atk, but Death Blow 4 and his general focus on team support mean it's not quite so bad. 3* Roy: How fitting... 3* Lukas: Feathers. 4* Oscar: Ugh. A merge for L!Julia and a poor L!Eliwood were definitely not worth the 135 orbs I spent on this banner. I did get a few nice pieces of skill fodder, but I really would have liked at least one more 5*.
  2. Weekly Revival 12 first. I've already got everyone on the banner, so I'll try to fix Lute's Res flaw. 4* Mae: Meh. Now the Bond Skills banner. Owain? 4* Olivia: Nope. That's a shame. With 27 orbs, time for another circle from Mila's banner. 4* Jakob: Feathers. 4* Gaius: Ugh. 4* Athena: Moonbow fodder. 4* Roy: More feathers. 4* Est: FFS. Well, that was a worthless circle. Up to a 10.5% pity rate now.
  3. Time for another circle from Mila's banner. 21 orbs and a 9.5% pity rate on hand. 4* Forrest: New unit! +Atk/-Def is pretty good, so you'll be getting some feathers soon. 3* Kaze: Eh. 4* Cordelia: Eh. 3* Shanna: Desperation fodder. 3* Cherche: Ugh. Make that a 10% pity rate...
  4. Time to get started with Mila's banner. I'll take whatever comes to me. 90 orbs on hand. 5* L!Julia: Well, that's a fantastic opening pull! +Spd/-Res, so a merge copy. She's +4 now. 3* Raven: Feathers. 3* Raigh: More feathers. 4* Sophia: Even more feathers. 4* Eliwood: So close... Getting Julia so quickly makes me very happy. Now to see if I can get Leif or Alm a merge. 75 orbs left. 4* Wrys: Meh. 3* Reinhardt: Ugh. 4* Mathilda: Feathers. 4* Henry: No thanks. 4* Echidna: SI fodder. Continuing on...55 orbs left. 4* Norne: Finally she shows up again! +Res just like my first copy, so might as well merge her. 4* Nanna: Eh. 4* Silas: Reposition fodder. 4* Reyson: Feathers. 3* Sheena: Meh. Some good fodder, but no 5*. 35 orbs left. 3* Klein: Death Blow fodder. 4* Tanya: Feathers. 4* Eliwood: Again? 4* Stahl: Swap fodder. 3* Python: Moonbow fodder. Probably should have just considered myself lucky to get Julia and called it a day there. I guess I'll have to come back to this banner.
  5. Can I get Fjorm a merge? 4* Kagerou: Nope. I really would appreciate it if the game deigned to give me a Norne every now and then.
  6. Well, these New Heroes revivals are definitely a pleasant surprise. The new freebie system makes it even better. I picked up the four tickets, and since I already have everyone on this banner I'll just try to get Claude a merge. 3* Lissa: Feathers. 4* Mercedes: Right game, wrong character. 3* Tethys: Meh. 4* Mercedes: Really? 3* Legault: Eh. Easy come, easy go. I would have liked at least one merge for Norne though.
  7. Weekly Revival 11 now. Brave Lyn? 3* Clarine: Nope. Figures. Back to the Fallen banner. 34 orbs on hand. 5* Fallen!Ike: Finally a merge! He's full neutral, so fine fodder for my +Atk/-Spd original. 4* Hinata: Fury fodder. With that merge for Ike I'm finally done with this banner. All in all it went pretty well.
  8. Well, I already pulled Sirius from the Fallen banner, so I guess I'll try red for Kiria. 4* Caeda: Nope. Back to the Fallen banner with 29 orbs. 4* Seliph: Feathers. Disappointing. 24 orbs left. 3* Silvia: More feathers. I'd appreciate more reds, Feh. 19 orbs left. 4* Eirika: Eh. 3* Roy: Ugh.
  9. 29 new 5*s added. The barracks continues to grow.
  10. I got a free Ishtar on the TT banner, so maybe I'll be extra lucky and get Micaiah on the Bridal banner. 4* Virion: Screw you. Darn. Well, she'll show up again sooner or later. Now 26 orbs for some more Fallen pulls. 4* Stahl" Swap fodder. 4* Bantu: Meh. One more circle with 17 orbs. 4* Eirika: Nope. Hopefully I don't have to leave this banner with a pity rate.
  11. Time to see what the TT banner has to offer. 5* Ishtar: You're kind of a silver-haired maiden, I suppose. +Def/-Atk is horrible, but she's a merge anyway. It'll fix my current +Res/-Def copy's superflaw anyhow. Not a free Micaiah or Nailah, but a free 5* still. Now back to the Fallen banner. My pity rate died with Ewan, but 9 days should be enough to get one more unit. 22 orbs on hand. 4* A!Tiki: Bonfire fodder. It's annoying how few reds seem to be appearing. 17 orbs left. 4* Echidna: Drive Atk fodder.
  12. This is definitely a stretch on my part, but working off the idea that it's Japanese wedding clothes this time around the "propeller hat" silhouette may be both a shaku and kanmuri, both parts of a formal outfit called the sokutai which to quote Wikipedia: "...is however still worn by male imperial court members, including the Imperial family and government officials such as the Prime Minister on rare occasions, such as weddings and enthronement ceremonies." For context here's a picture of the former Emperor Akihito when he got married in 1959. The shaku is the baton-like white thing he's holding that could be one half of the "propeller". The kanmuri is his hat, which comes with a large tail that could be the other half. You can't see the tail very well in the previous picture, so here's one just of a kanmuri. Note the flat sides match up pretty well with the top of the left-side silhouette's head. However, the "propeller blades" do look somewhat too large and straight-sided for me to feel comfortable with this assumption. If I had to guess though, we're going to see some noble guy and girl dressed up as a royal pair.
  13. I actually managed to beat Abyssal L!Lyn with the three Julias and SS!Ishtar. It wasn't even difficult because of how strong all three of them are (L!Julia has 64 Atk, the others have 60). Now to get the golden accessory when L!Lyn comes around on a banner again.
  14. Weekly Revival 10, let's get Amelia a merge. 3* Fae: Nope. And another try at the Fallen banner with 20 orbs. 4* A!Tiki: Meh. 3* Draug: Feathers. 5* Ewan: And here's a pitybreaker! Hardly a bad one, but I would have much preferred Julia. +Def/-HP is a superasset/superflaw combo, so that's amusing. Nice to add Ewan to the barracks, but he's really not who I was looking for. Anyway, back to scraping together as many orbs as I can.
  15. I didn't even bother to use my usual L!Ike+Julia+B!Lucina+L!Lucina quartet this time. I jumped straight into this battle with my Arena defense team of Julia, Lucina, and the Morgans because the presence of three dragons made that decision all too easy. Julia ended up wiping out everyone except the cleric, whom Lucina finished off. So much for the power of dark dragons. Naga's chosen strikes yet again. For laughs I also decided to do a Julia+L!Julia+Fallen!Julia+Deirdre run. Fallen!Julia decided that dragon-effectiveness was for goody-goody losers and one-rounded Femui anyway with Dark Scripture. All the Speed in the world won't save you from Loptous's might.
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