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  1. First, blue for the Moonbow banner. 3* Silas: Reposition fodder. Blue again for Weekly Revival 30. 3* Shanna: Desperation fodder. Blue yet again for Weekly Revival 63. 3* Mathilda: No. Red for Seior's banner. I don't really care for Ophelia, but better someone new than a merge for a Hero that's already free. 3* Cath: Reposition fodder. 4* Eliwood: No. 4* Guy: No. 4* Palla: No. 3* Palla: No. Ugh. Well, better here than a banner I actually want to pull on. As for the 4* Special banner, grey looks like the color I'm missing the largest percentage of Heroes from. 5* Takumi: Well, I guess he wanted to meet his son. Shame I couldn't get someone better though. +Res/-HP is meh, so merge fodder for my neutral +2 copy.
  2. Starting off this session with the Ascendant banner. Aiming for red since I prefer Volke to Fallen!Ninian. 4* Draug: No. 4* Eirika: No. 3* Sophia: No. 4* Eirika: No. 4* Ogma: No. 4* M!Morgan: No. That was disappointing. Anyway, red on the BHB banner. 4* Ares: No. Red for Weekly Revival 29. 3* Ogma: No. Red again for Weekly Revival 42. 5* Ewan: Okay? Not exactly a great 4* Special. +Res/-Spd is actually a decent base copy though, much better than the +Def I had before. Somehow Ewan's +4 now, and I don't think I've ever intentionally tried to pull him...Grey for Ninja Training. 4* Tanya: No. And now for Veronica and Embla. I'm interested in everything except grey, so I'll see what luck has to offer me. 114 orbs on hand. That was absolutely not worth it. 106 orbs and 27 pulls got me one mediocre copy of Dagr. That useless 4* Special copy of Ewan earlier probably ate all of my luck for the session. I doubt I'll be coming back to this banner now that I'm down to 8 orbs with little to show for it. At least Dagr's a Mythic I didn't have yet.
  3. A bunch of nice banners this week. Starting with grey for Weekly Revival 28. 4* Elice: Hey, nice! She certainly showed up quickly. Unfortunately +Def/-Spd is horrible, so I think I'll wait for a better asset to show up before doing anything with her. That was a good start. Blue for Weekly Revival 62. 5* Miledy: Huh. +Res/-Atk is awful again, so merge fodder for my +Res/-Def copy from her debut banner. Red for the Double Special banner. 4* Scathach: No. Now to spark from the New Heroes banner. 186 orbs on hand. In the end 151 orbs got me Hardin, Letizia, a 4* Special Myrrh, and a 4* Nyna. Sparking for Ascendant!Tiki and leaving this banner since I don't care about Ganglot. And now hopefully more merges for Morgan from the Solo banner! Unfortunately her brother's rightful place was taken by Nyx, so he'll have to wait. 110 orbs left. 59 orbs to give Fallen!F!Morgan another merge is pretty good in my books. Now she's +7, leaving her brother in the dust with a measly +4.
  4. Red for Weekly Revival 27. 3* Tanith: No. Blue for Weekly Revival 41. 5* Nailah: Hey, nice. +Res/-Spd isn't nice, but I have a +1 +Atk copy already. Merge time. Green for the Remix banner. 3* Hinata: Or not. Blue for In the Moment. 4* Ilyana: No. And now for the New Heroes banner. I'll see what the ticket circles give me before I decide how much more to spend here. 231 orbs to start. That went tolerably well. Five circles gave me no focus units, not even a 4* Nyna, but I got Letizia and a 4* Special Myrrh.
  5. Gameplay-wise, I would have really liked it, but story-wise I'm of two minds. We do know that Nyna is no stranger to violence, and she would certainly be willing to step into the frontlines if she thought it necessary. However, as the last member of the Archanean royal family she's both an important symbol and indispensable to the future of her kingdom. The same applies to Marth, but as the heir of Anri he'd be expected to fight even if he didn't want to. Nyna standing back and letting others fight in her stead has both political reasoning for keeping her out of harm's way and consistency with her character. Her willingness to step back and follow in the lead of others works out well this time, but causes catastrophe in her future political marriage with Hardin (letting Boah pressure her into the marriage to begin with and not being honest with Hardin regarding not reciprocating his feelings). You could always just headcanon that she works in the rear lines healing the wounded and helping administer the army to explain why she doesn't fight without making her seem completely useless. If Nyna was playable, I'd have her show up at the start of Chapter 12 so she can take part in the reclamation of her own home. Nice and symbolic. Class-wise I think Bishop is fine. She's not so special that a personal class makes sense. Her growths from Archanea Saga are fine as is (45/0/40/50/45/45/10/40), but she could definitely do with better bases for a Lvl 1 promoted unit (18/1/4/5/8/17/4/7), at least assuming we're trying to make her actually good unlike Boah.
  6. After doing some digging, yeah, I was definitely misremembering things. I do vaguely remember Linde being described as Nyna's "apprentice" at one point, but that might be wrong as well. It could also be referring to a political context rather than magical.
  7. It took long enough for Hardin and Nyna to appear. At least IS had the decency to put them on the same banner, although them not releasing alongside the Wolfguard is still a load of nonsense. It's kind of a shame that Nyna's the demote, especially since she was Linde's magic teacher, but story-wise she wasn't much of a fighter so I can accept it. Hardin looks fun in a cavalry team, but unfortunately aside from Wolf his men aren't good units themselves. Ganglot is blatantly designed to be skill fodder, and Ascended!Tiki looks like yet another extremely powerful dragon that just needs the DC(D) seal to function. I am pretty annoyed that IS felt the need to give Tiki yet another alt when plenty of other Archanea characters could have Ascended instead (Linde, Merric, Minerva, etc), but after Celica I don't really expect anything on that front anymore. I'm tentatively considering investing in this banner. I don't have so many orbs that I can afford to brush off bad luck, so I might split the difference and only use the ticket circles until I can see what the banners over the next two weeks have to offer.
  8. Green for Weekly Revival 26. 3* Titania: No. Grey for Weekly Revival 61. 3* Miriel: Or not. Red for the TT banner. 4* Sophia: No. Red again for the New Power banner. 4* Erk: No. Blue for Wyvern Ninjas. 4* Ilyana: No. And lastly, time to see if I can get Ascended!Idunn from the tickets. 3* Roshea: No. 4* Eliwood: No. 3* Ferdinand: Reposition fodder. 4* M!Robin: No. 4* Tailtiu: No. Oh well.
  9. Time for more pulls. Blue for the first VG banner. 4* Miriel: No. Grey for the second VG banner. 4* Lena: No. Blue for Weekly Revival 25. 4* Sully: No. Grey for Weekly Revival 40. 4* Virion: No. Grey again for the Lull banner. 4* Lena: Not quite. Lastly, pulling greens and greys from the Mythic banner, since I could really use most of those units in my barracks. 202 orbs on hand. All in all, a massive disappointment. 140 orbs got me one copy of Eitri and a merge for Valentian!Catria, which absolutely wasn't worth it. I've only got 62 orbs left, so no point risking them on what looks like a lost cause.
  10. Blue for Weekly Revival 23. 4* Silas: Reposition fodder. Red for Weekly Revival 60. 4* Guy: No. Red again for the BHB banner. 4* Guy: Really? Grey for the Ideal banner. 3* Tanya: No. And now greens for the Double Special banner. Maria and Roy could both use merges, so time to spend some of my 247 orbs. I ended up spending more than I would have liked, but it was worth it in the end. 107 orbs got me a merge for Spring!Maria plus a new Young!Ike. No merge for Harmonic!Roy sucks, but I need to keep orbs on hand in case the Mythic banner catches my interest.
  11. Blue for Treat Fiends. 5* Halloween!Ilyana: Yay! +Atk/-Def is quite good too. Blue again for Weekly Revival 23. 3* Altena: No. Blue again for Weekly Revival 39. 4* M!Morgan: No. Green for The Land's Bounty. 5* Gerik: Hey, a nice 4* Special. +Spd/-Res is great, but I've already got a +1 +Atk copy. Merge time. Red for the Luna banner. 4* Mamui: No. Red again for Trick or Defeat! 4* Hinata: No. Lastly, greens and blues on the New Heroes banner as long as the tickets hold out. 193 orbs on hand is enough to spend a few. That went very nicely. 8 orbs spent, and while I didn't get Ascended!Eir, I did get Phila as a 5* plus a freebie Priam. All in all, an extremely successful session.
  12. About a week ago I suddenly realized that in all my years on this site I don't think I've ever seen this question be asked. We constantly discuss gameplay gimmicks, unit growths, and all of those other features that go into FE, but never the titles, specifically referring to each game's name as printed on the box. Each version of Fates and all spinoff games are included for thoroughness's sake. The reason why a certain title is your (least) favorite would be interesting to see, whether it be its sense of drama, catchiness, or lack thereof. To answer my own question: Favorite: Genealogy of the Holy War: I've never even played this game, something I need to get around to, but the name absolutely catches my attention. It has a feeling of historical significance due to being about a "Holy War", giving you a sense of how massive and complex the events of the game are. Least Favorite: Engage: To be completely honest, I hate this title. It sounds more like the name of a convention or wiki than a game where you slay dragons and save the world.
  13. It's that time of the week again. Grey for the New Power banner. 3* Felicia: No. Grey again for Weekly Revival 22. 3* Lissa: No. Red for Weekly Revival 59. 4* Selena: Reposition fodder. Grey for the Hall of Forms Revival banner. 3* Gaius: No. Blue for Shared Bounty. 4* Subaki: No. And blue again for Dragons Harvest. 4* Roshea: No. Disappointing, but I need to save orbs in case the New Heroes banner catches my interest.
  14. Grey for the Solo banner. 4* Maria: No. Blue for the TT banner. 3* Reinhardt: No. And red for the Halloween banner. 5* Alm: Not who I was looking for, but another 4* Special is fine by me. +Atk/-Res is excellent, so I guess I should merge in my current +3 +Def copy. At least I got something. I really need to restock on orbs, so that's it for this banner.
  15. Red for the VG banner. 3* Boey: Figures. Red again for the Combat Boost banner. 4* Lex: Reposition fodder. Green for the Performing Arts banner. 4* Mustafa: No. Green again for Weekly Revival 21. 5* Rhajat: Hey, nice.+Spd/-HP is nice as well. Finally something worthwhile. Red for Weekly Revival 38. 3* Ares: No. And now to try a few full circles from the Legendary banner. Reginn and Nott are the only units I have from it, so hopefully I can get somebody new. 120 orbs to start. So in the end 5 full circles got me L!Ninian and a merge for Reginn. Kind of annoyed since I really would have liked L!Lilina or Fallen!Lilith instead, but a free Rhajat means I can't complain too much. Ultimately I'm just happy I essentially matched the focus rate.
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