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  1. Alright, back to pulling. Green for the Legendary Remix since Jill's the only one I'm missing. 4* Cecilia: No. Blue for the Solo banner. 3* Laslow: Or not. And green for Weekly Revival 21. 4* Tharja: Not quite right. Now back to looking for Nifl. 65 orbs, 4.5% pity-rate, and 31/40 pulls. Well, I sparked for Nifl to cap off this disgrace of a banner. 1 pity-breaker Fallen!Berkut and 2 4* Specials in Delthea and Hinoka. Not a single 5* focus after 44 pulls, just two terrible 4* copies of Orochi. I can only hope that the upcoming CYL banner doesn't go as badly as this one.
  2. A ton of backlog banners before the New Heroes. First, red for Overseas Memories. 4* Raigh: No. Green for Summer Refreshes since S!Wolt's the only one I'm missing. 4* Merric: No. Green again for the Null banner. 4* Rath: No. Grey for A Steady Summer. 3* Robin: Or not. Green for Weekly Revival 20. 3* Nino: No. And finally time to look for Nifl. I've only got 129 orbs right now, so no spark today. While I've got free pulls I'll take greens too to see if I can get Charlotte or Orochi. This is going absolutely horribly. Down to 10 orbs after 31 pulls, I've got nothing to show for it but a 4.5% pity-rate, a 4* Special Delthea, a terrible 4* Orochi, and three 3* Benny copies. Given both the L!Byleth and the summer banner went horribly too, I've been having a vey bad month all in all.
  3. My baby girl Morgan's already +10, so for Weekly Revival 19 I'll try green. 4* Ross: No. Green again for the New Power banner. 3* Boey: No. I'm only missing Catherine from Goddess's Servants, so red for the tickets. 4* Lon'qu: No. 5* Fallen!Mareeta: Sure, why not. +Spd/-Res is excellent, but I already have a +Spd/-Atk copy. Merge time! 3* Erk: No. 3* Erk: Okay... 4* Olivia: No. That went pretty nicely. My orb stock is back up to 74, so time to try for Caeda and Plumeria again with a 4.25% pity-rate. 24 orbs later, I finally have them. +Spd/-Atk isn't fantastic, but I don't have enough to try for another merge.
  4. As...fascinating as this Lorenz vs. Marianne debate is, it isn't exactly relevant to the topic. At least take it to the 3H subforum. Anyway, I realized I never gave my opinion on my own topic. I personally lean more towards more characters and higher deployment limits, mostly so I have maximum freedom to build my team however I want it. The feeling of having more units at my command also helps the later chapters feel more epic, provided the enemies are up to the challenge of course. I'm also not a fan of maps randomly lowering the number of units you're allowed to use unless they're very well designed around it. One particularly annoying aspect of the GBA games that I'm glad later games have moved away from is that the endgame suddenly drops the deployment limit massively. Aside from meaning you have to leave several good units on the bench, it comes off as a cheap way to increase difficulty.
  5. The Legendary banner was a disaster for me, so let's hope things go better today. First, grey on the Dragon Fang banner. 3* Setsuna: No. Grey again for Weekly Revival 18. 4* Lissa: No. Grey yet again for the TT banner. 4* Felicia: No. Blue for Ylissean Summer. 5* S!Gaius: Or not! He shows up unexpectedly again. +HP/-Spd is awful, but I already have a +Atk +2 copy. I guess he's +3 now... That was nice. Finally, time for Summer's Dream. 152 orbs, all going towards Harmonic!Caeda. Down to 7 orbs, I am not at all happy with how that went. Not one focus unit, just a Mikoto and a 5* Special Minerva. At least there's a steady supply of orbs coming in the near future so I can try to break a 4.25% pity rate.
  6. Blue for the Pegasus Knight banner. 4* Donnel: Not even close. Grey for Summer's Arrival. 4* Gordin: No. Now to take some shots at the Legendary banner. Anything but red is fine. 220 orbs on hand. 3* Robin: No. 4* Roderick: No. 4* Roderick: Seriously? 4* Natasha: No. That was awful. 208 orbs left. 4* Soren: No. 4* Lena: No. 3* Lachesis: No. 195 orbs left. 4* Lex: +Spd/-Res is poor, so Reposition fodder. 3* Matthew: No. 4* Kaze: No. 3* Virion: No. 4* Kaze: Excuse me? This is going horribly. 175 orbs left. 4* Hawkeye: No. 3* Nino: No. 3* Kaze: No. Very horribly. 162 orbs left. 4* Mathilda: No. 4* Gunter: No. 3* Gaius: No. ......149 orbs left. 3* Reyson: No. 3* Sothe: No. 4* Leon: No. A 10% pity rate now. 136 orbs left. 5* Erinys: Took long enough. +Def/-Res is decent enough as well. 4* Bartre: No. 4* Lena: No. Since my pity rate's dead anyway, I'll take the two reds. 4* Raigh: No. 4* Roy: No. Ridiculous. I spent 104 orbs to get 1 5*. Just because I'm feeling masochistic today, I'll do one more full circle. 116 orbs left. 4* Caeda: No. 4* Fir: No. 3* Eliwood: No. 3* L'Arachel: No. 3* Donnel: Garbage. Naturally that entire circle was complete trash. Now I'm in an even worse mood.
  7. Might as well clear out some banners before the Legendary announcement. Red for Summer Passing since NY!Anna is still my only red bow. 4* Hinata: No. Grey for the Push banner. 5* Bernadetta: Yay! She's even +Spd/-Def, which is darn near perfect. Blue for Summer Returns. 3* Reyson: Or not. And lastly blue for Weekly Revival 17. 4* Mordecai: No. That went well. I'm hardly short on grey cavalry archers, but Bernie is still a great unit to have.
  8. I recently finished playthroughs of both Shadow Dragon and New Mystery, and something that struck me during the latter is that despite having the biggest roster in the series at 77 you never get to deploy more than 12 units on any map. Meanwhile the former allows you to deploy 15 or 16 units in later chapters despite having a significantly smaller roster (59 total playable characters, but you'll never have all of them at once). Then I got to thinking about the newest games in the series: Shadows of Valentia and Three Houses. I haven't played either of them, but I do know their rosters are on the smaller side for the series, something that's compounded by the route splits. Conquest and Birthright don't have particularly large rosters either (41 and 42 respectively if you count Anna), while still allowing you to deploy 15 or 16 units in later chapters. The point of this rambling is that I'm curious where people stand on both roster size and deployment limits in Fire Emblem games. On the one hand you have games like New Mystery and Revelations where you can only deploy a small fraction of a huge roster, on the other hand you have games like Genealogy and Shadows of Valentia where you can deploy the entirety of a small roster. Explanation of one's reasoning why they prefer one way or the other would be greatly appreciated.
  9. The Luna daily banner gave me a 4* Seth. Oh well. For Weekly Revival 16, red since Katarina doesn't have a merge yet. 4* Hinata: Nope. And as for Summer Vibrance, I'll just try to get Hilda and Marianne on the first circle. 94 orbs means I can spend a few. 3* Klein: No. 4* Niles: Darn. So much for that. Good luck to everyone who's planning to actually spend here.
  10. I feel like counting New Mystery Palla as a pre-promote isn't really accurate. She's more like Nolan given she starts stronger than the rest of the party but still within the general level curve, while also having growths on par with everyone else. I'd also say that New Mystery favors growth units more than you give it credit for. First, the offensive growths in that game are ridiculously high. Second, deployment limits are so small and you get so many good units early (Kris, 7th Platoon, Catria, Palla, Linde, Caeda) that there isn't a need for pre-promotes to fill out the ranks. Sirius and Minerva are the only ones I think are truly worth using, and Minerva is mostly because you need her for the endgame.
  11. The daily Foil banner sadly gave me a 4* Tharja instead of Midori. As for the Special Fighter banner... 3* Boey: No. Blue for the daily Infantry Pulse banner since I'm only missing Nils. 4* Altena: Nope. And blue again for the TT banner. 4* Gwendolyn: Nope again.
  12. I completely forgot to pull from the Iceberg daily banner. Now I'm annoyed. Still, another daily is here, so I'm going grey for Caineghis. 3* Tethys: Not even close. And now to splurge on the BHB banner to get Ike and Julia some merges. 197 orbs on hand. And I'm satisfied. 138 orbs later, I've gotten 2 Julias (making her +4), an Ike (making him +2), and a random Saber. I'll keep some orbs for the future, plus I don't want to push my luck any further.
  13. The Draconic Aura banner gave me something quite nice: a +Def/-Res 5* Ranulf. I already have a +Def +1 copy, but merges are always nice to have. As for the Link banner, Lilith could really use a merge, but I'm saving for the BHB banner with Fallen Ike and Julia, so just the free pull this time. 4* Silvia: Three reds and two greys in that circle... Now forthe Double Special Heroes banner. Going green to see if I can get Peony and Triandra. 5* Minerva: Another 4* Special! +HP/-Spd is bad, but she's merge fodder for my current +Spd +1 copy anyway. That was two free 5*s in three banners. I'm more than happy with that.
  14. More pulls. Mareeta's the only one I'm missing from the Solo banner, so red there. 4* Chrom: Nope. Bernie's the only one I'm missing from the Lull banner, so grey there. 3* Maria: Figures. And for Weekly Revival 15 I have everyone merged, so I'll try green since I like Olwen the most. 4* Rath: No. Nothing of any interest this time.
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