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  1. Ooh, Fallen!Julia's on the Iceberg banner. Shame she shares a color with Say'ri, but I wouldn't mind adding her to the barracks either. I think I'll snipe some reds this time around. 182 orbs on hand. 5* Say'ri: That was easy! +Atk/-Res is actually good too. I think I'll keep going though. 4* Caeda: Meh. 3* Tharja: Meh. Nice to get a 5* on the free pull, but I still want Julia. 174 orbs left. 4* Est: You're not Fiora. No reds that time. 169 orbs left. 4* Lon'qu: Meh. 4* Roy: Meh. Hopefully this doesn't turn into an orb sink. 160 left. 3* Bantu: No. 3* Fir: No 151 orbs left. 3* Eliwood: No. 146 orbs left. 4* Mamui: Meh. 4* A!Tiki: Bonfire fodder. 137 orbs left. 3* Femui: No. 132 orbs left. 4* Mamui: Again? 127 orbs left. 3* Silvia: Feathers. 122 orbs left. 4* Hana: Feathers. 4* Palla: SI fodder. 113 orbs left. 3* Palla: Okay? 108 orbs left. 5* Fallen!Julia: Yes! Right before I fell below 100 orbs. Unfortunately +HP/-Def isn't a good master copy, so merge fodder it is. +2 now. All four of the other stones were grey, so that's that for this banner. Say'ri and a merge for Julia is quite nice for 79 orbs.
  2. After the sheer elegance of my clear last week, this week's was really crude but kind of funny. My team was Harmonic!Mia+1, L!Lucina+2, Olivia, and Groom!Marth+1 of all units because he happened to have Wings of Mercy. I had absolutely nobody who could take out Valbar and Forsyth, so I rushed up the right side instead. I ended up having to use Swap and Future Vision on Mia 3 times in a row on Turn 3 in order to daisy-chain her up to the top of the map so Olivia could dance her into range of the top red thief. Thankfully my score of 431 should leave me safely in Tier 21 for another week.
  3. Since PA!Olivia is available as a manual right now, I'll try a grey free pull for Performing Arts. 4* Felicia: Nope. That's a disappointment. Anyway, back to stockpiling.
  4. Time for Weekly Revival 8. I still don't have Hector, so green it is. 3* Rath: Nope.
  5. Let's see what the tickets have in store for me. I'll try grey for Shinon. 4* Sothe: No. 4* Arthur: No. 4* Emmeryn: First time pulling you. 3* Lucius: No. 4* Python: Moonbow fodder. That's a shame.
  6. IIRC, the Double Bow was the only bow in RD that could attack at 1-range. That's probably why. Glad I'm not the only one who thought that. Anyway, while I would like to pull on this banner, I do need to save orbs for the future. I'll just hope I get Shinon or Jill from the tickets.
  7. This is an attractive banner. I've got Eliwood, so I'll try for Leila. 4* Chrom: No greys...
  8. So after muddling through with a solution that left me uncomfortably close to the cutoff at 421, I stumbled upon a route that not only gave me a much more comfortable score of 431, but also required only a single use of Dance and quite literally made the fourth unit completely unnecessary. I was one move away from an outright 2-unit clear. I'm so pleased with myself that I'm actually going to post some screenshots of what I did for once.
  9. At least the tickets were easy to get this time. Maybe Sanaki can finally get a merge from Debut 1. 4* Tanya: Meh. 3* Sophia: Feathers. 3* Sophia: Seriously? 4* Stahl: Swap fodder. Oh well. Now to see if I can get Tibarn from Debut 2. 4* A!Tiki: Bonfire fodder. 3* Selena: Reposition fodder. 5* Tibarn: Boom! +Res/-Def isn't good, but it's still serviceable. At least he isn't -Atk. Maybe Caineghis now? 4* Azama: Not even close. Another free 5* for the barracks.
  10. I've got everyone on Weekly Revival 7, so let's try to get Kinoka a merge. 3* Gordin: Nope.
  11. Forgot about the New Power banner, so that first. Grey so I can hopefully complete the set. 4* Clarine: Nope. And now for A Splendid Soiree. Grey again, since I already have Ishtar. 4* Gaius: Ugh. No free Nephenee for me...
  12. Tickets obtained, time to snipe reds. I got Larcei last time, so maybe Shannan will show up this time. 5* Larcei: This works too! +Def/-Res, so I might as well merge her into my current +Res/-Def copy. 4* Effie: No reds or greens that time. 4* Olivia: Feathers. 4* Mordecai: Seriously? 4* Arthur: Swap fodder. That went very nicely. A free 5* is good to see after that disaster of a Legendary banner.
  13. No particular interest in this banner, so I'll see what I get. 4* Chrom: No. That's a shame. Well, now I need to rebuild my stockpile after that disaster of a Legendary banner.
  14. Double chance for a free Sigurd. First, Weekly Revival 6. 3* Ogma: Feathers. No surprise there. Now the TT banner. 4* Eirika: Meh. And since I'm a sore loser, one last circle on the Legendary banner with 23 orbs. I'll take anything I can get at this point. 5* Naga: Wow, three times in a row when I wanted zero. +Res/-Spd, so merge fodder. Still, she's a 5*. 5* Naga: I'm sorry, what? At this rate she'll be +10 completely by accident. +Def/-HP for the record. 4* Reinhardt: Finally something different. 4* Seliph: No. 4* Python: Moonbow fodder. On the one hand, I got 4 5*s from this banner. On the other hand, literally all of them are merges for the one unit I didn't want from this banner. I guess I have a +6 Naga now?
  15. Loki's the only one I'm missing from the Duel banner, so grey it is. 3* Brady: Meh. And I did some Chain Challenges, so back to 30 orbs for the Legendary banner. 4* Mordecai: No. 4* Florina: No. More disappointment. 21 orbs left. 4* Catria: Meh. 5* Naga: Again? I swear, every time she's on a banner she steals everyone else's spot. +Spd/-Def, so she's a good master copy at least. Might as well take the three grey orbs to see if I get lucky. 3* Klein: Meh. 4* Maria: No. 4* Niles: Iceberg fodder. Well, this banner was a complete waste of my orbs. ~200 spent just to get two nearly worthless merges for Naga.
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