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  1. After the success of the last Mythic banner it's time for an update. 26 5*s added, but only 9 new slots filled. Thank goodness for merges or else the barracks would have overflowed a long time ago.
  2. And here's the 3 remaining tickets. 4* Mamui: Eh. 5* Nailah: Well, that's a pleasant surprise. +Atk/-Def is pretty good, although Res would have been a better flaw. And now for the last ticket. 4* Camilla: Oh well. So there's one free 5* from the tickets. Hopefully I can get Lucina now. 43 orbs again. 3* Selena: Reposition fodder. Nice. 38 orbs left. 5* Lucina: There we go! +2 for her now. +HP/-Atk for the record. Now for the 3 blues in case her Brave alt wants to show up. 4* Oboro: Meh. 3* Reinhardt: Worthless. 3* Nowi: Also worthless. That was a waste of 12 orbs at the end, but I achieved my goal of getting Lucina a merge. Along with the free Nailah this went very well.
  3. New banner time. Only one ticket so far, so two blues it is. 4* A!Tiki: Or not. 3* Roderick: Meh. Now back to the Weekly Revival banner before it disappears. 43 orbs on hand. 4* Marth: No. Not quite right there. 38 orbs left. 4* Hinata: Fury fodder. 4* Eirika: Nope. Getting Julia last time this banner came by was so much easier...29 orbs left. 4* Lon'qu: No thanks. 3* Hana: Worthless. So many myrmidons. 20 orbs left. 4* Soleil: 3* Palla: SI fodder. 4* Bantu: New unit! He's finally made his appearance after quite a long wait. A nice surprise at the end, but still no Lucina. Fortunately I haven't done the new story chapters beyond Normal yet, so there's still some hope.
  4. Alright, since the newly announced banner doesn't strike my fancy here's the BHB free pull. Grey for Innes please... 4* Maria: Completely useless. The game really doesn't want to give me Norne, does it?
  5. Alright, Arena and Allegiance orbs pushed me up to 32. Back to looking for Lucina. 4* Sophia: No. 4* Hinata: Fury fodder. 3* Olivia: Worthless. 3* Ogma: Also worthless. That's disappointing. One more try with 15 orbs left. 3* Ares: No thanks.
  6. Alright, Weekly Revival 6. Julia's already attained glorious +10 status, so now to red-snipe and see if Lucina can get a merge this week. 36 orbs to start. 4* Cain: Meh. 4* Lilina: Nope. No quick luck, I guess. 32 orbs left. 4* Selena: Reposition fodder. That's nice. 27 orbs left. 4* Matthew: Ugh, no reds or blues. That was annoying. 22 orbs left. 4* Eirika: Meh. 3* Fir: Feathers. Alright, that's enough for today.
  7. Link banner time. Going grey since I don't have Nina. 4* Rebecca: Worthless. Feh, I really would like Norne at some point. Good luck to those still pulling on the Mythic banner.
  8. Alright, Altina's MHB is cleared and I have 557 orbs in the stockpile. Reds and blues only, time to pray for luck. Also a spoiler since this is going to be long. To sum this gargantuan spoiler up, having spent a total of 552 orbs I've pulled: 4 copies of L!Marth (+Atk/-Def, neutral, +HP/-Spd, +Atk/-Def) 4 copies of Fjorm (+Def/-Spd, +Hp/-Spd, +Spd/-Res, +HP/-Def) 1 copy of L!Tiki (+Spd/-Def) 2 copies of Sothis (+Res/-Def, +Atk/-Def) 2 copies of Altina (+Atk/-HP, +Atk/-Def) 3 copies of L!Julia (+Atk/-Def, +Def/-Spd, +Def/-HP) That leaves me with a ratio of 34.5 orbs per 5* pulled, absolutely fantastic considering how much I spent. Of course up until the 3rd Marth the ratio was less than 20 orbs per (9 5*s for 176 orbs). Although it really plummeted after that, that's also when I got most of the really good stuff: Tiki, 1 Sothis, 1 Altina, 2 Julias, as well as another Marth and Fjorm. Even if we discount the 3 Marths and 4 Fjorms that I didn't particularly want, that's still a ratio of 61.3 orbs per 5*, which is decent. And now some funny little trivia for anyone who cares about that sort of thing. This session was almost a sort of anti-Rezzy. 8/16 of the 5*s were -Def. 5/16 of the 5*s were +Atk/-Def Out of 25 lance fliers that I pulled (including 7 Florinas, 6 Clairs, and 4 Shigures), precisely 1 was a Shanna. Given how much Desperation fodder I need, this ticks me off quite a bit. Fjorm: Bearer of Good News Sothis and a summary of the session. All in all, a lot to be thankful for.
  9. I definitely did not see Altina coming. Not that I'm complaining, especially with how busted she is. Fortunately I've been saving a ton of orbs for L!Julia so I have ~550 in my stockpile. I guess it's finally time to splurge like crazy. Red: Absolutely yes. Altina is awesome, Sothis is great, and Marth could use a merge. Blue: Even more yes. Fjorm is meh and Tiki only really needs one merge, but Julia needs as many as she can get. Green: Definitely not: My Lyn is already +3, Laevatein is pointless next to Giga!Nino, and I don't like Yarne. Grey: Definitely not. Guunthra is kind of pointless, Fjorm doesn't need a merge, and Duma doesn't have much use to me when I could have Altina instead. Hopefully I haven't used up my luck on the previous New Heroes banners.
  10. I guess it's green for both VG banners. Block A first. 4* Catria: Or not. And now Block B. 4* Frederick: Double Luna fodder.
  11. Alright, here's a potential merge for B!Ike. 4* Selena: Reposition fodder.
  12. Same here. I once made a CYL-version of F!Morgan for fun that turned out to be an uncannily close match for M!Morgan when he was released 4 months later. Aside from +3 Speed on my version (and missing his HP and Res super-assets) I, no joke, exactly predicted every single one of Morgan's stats. My version was also a red tome infantry whose Prf weapon debuffed foes within two spaces for 5 Atk/Spd. I missed the debuff on the target and the friendly buffs, but I suppose IS was less paranoid about balance than me. I also picked Dragon Fang as the special. The other skills weren't really close, especially the unique A and B skills I thought up, but I'm still just impressed by the stat accuracy. Now, here's a remake of the first character I posted in this thread, Farina.
  13. I'm not enthused about anyone here, so I guess I'll try blue. 3* Draug: Worthless. Oh well. Can't win them all.
  14. TT banner first. Since Chad's in the 3-4* pool I'll try green. 4* Lucius: Not one of the orphans, but close enough? That tickled my heart. Now for the New Heroes banner. Echidna is probably the demote, so I'll try red. 3* Oboro: Feathers. Since I have 492 orbs I might as well take the rest of the set. I got lucky with Desert Mercenaries, so maybe that'll hold. 3* Tailtiu: SI fodder. 3* Clarine: Garbage. 3* Fae: Ugh. 5* Echidna: Lucky me! First Gerik and now Echidna, my choice of axe infantry has gone up quite a bit recently. +Res/-HP is middling, but at least it's a super-asset. That went well again. Hopefully I haven't drained all of my luck for getting L!Julia on the next Mythic banner.
  15. No interest in Hector or Lyn, so time to see if I can get B!Lyn a merge. Norne would be nice too. 4* Azama: Feathers. 3* Serra: More feathers.
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