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  1. Just barely creeped into Tier 21 for the first time. Final tally of 11,035 with 45 Aether left (*cringe*) because I goofed on breaking pots. Thankfully I got three full defense successes, partly because of quick surrenders and partly because of some truly mind-boggling decisions on the attackers' parts. My defense team isn't even at all designed for the job; it's literally just six units in their normal setups. No dancers, no armor wall, only one cavalry (Sue). Now let's hope that I don't make a total mess of things and drop back down again.
  2. New Power banner first. Hoping for another Elincia. 3* Sophia: Nope. And now Weekly Revival 2. Hoping for Delthea. 3* Oscar: Couldn't you have been on the other banner? Well, Lancebreaker fodder is always useful. Oh well. Need to save orbs for Julia on next week's revival banner anyway.
  3. Plenty of new arrivals, so here's an update. The barracks get ever fuller...
  4. I jumped into Infernal so quickly I didn't even read that there were reinforcements...Needless to say they caught me by surprise. Still, I managed to clear on my third run after I made a silly mistake at the beginning of run 2. Team was, as always, Julia+B!Lucina+L!Ike and B!Lucina as the spare of the week. Nothing like sending in overpowered units and buffing the hell out of them for good measure.
  5. I got the last two tickets. Lucky stars? 4* Matthew: Meh. 5* Laegjarn: That's a surprise! I could always use another sword flier, and +Atk/-Res is about as good as it gets for her. With that I have everyone from Muspell except Surtr, whom I'd rather have stay away. A nice final pull from this banner.
  6. Picked up two tickets so far, so here's 3 free pulls. Let's see if I can find Morgan and Morgan some more of their friends. 4* Lucius: Nope. 4* Henry: Another nope. 4* Serra: Feathers. Nothing there then. Now back to the bridal banner for Fjorm. 37 orbs to start. 4* Felicia: Eh. 4* Leon: No thanks. 3* Nanna: Good SI fodder. Greys really don't like me. 24 orbs left. 5* B!Fjorm: Never mind then! She's neutral, which is decent. At least she doesn't have a bad flaw. Now for the rest of the set. 4* Leon: Again? 4* Serra: Again?! 4* Rebecca: Garbage. 3* Nowi: Ugh. There's always a sour feeling whenever I take the rest of a set and it turns out to be a waste of orbs. Still, I got Fjorm in all of her flying-healer glory. Now I must save up everything for the Lucina-B!Lucina-Julia weekly banner.
  7. Weekly Revival Banner 1! I've got Linde+1 but she's +Def, not exactly the greatest asset. Blue free pull it is. 3* Shanna: I've been needing Desperation fodder. Not Linde, but still useful. Now to snipe a grey or two on the bridal banner with 18 orbs. 3* Kaze: Bleh. 4* Wrys: Decent SI fodder.
  8. The Concert Hall is whatever, although I might actually bother listening to the music now. Sieges look like a fun mode (that totally wasn't ripped from Sword and Shield, no sir...), but I can see it getting dull quickly. The revival banners seem like a good way to keep older units in the summoning pool without having to push aside newer ones. If this becomes a constant thing it'd be awesome. However, the most important thing by far on this banner, at least for me, is the Week 6 revival banner containing Lucina, B!Lucina, and Julia! It's like IS looked at my account specifically and thought, "Hmm, what would this guy in particular like?" I know, we'll put his 3 favorite units on one banner!" Guess I have to save every orb I can for 6 weeks.
  9. Ooh, another chance for Elincia. I'd like a Kinoka that isn't -Spd, but sharing a color is a no-no. 3* Mamui: Ugh. There's only one grey orb, so I guess I'll spend my 4 remaining orbs on it. 3* Saizo: He makes his return... That was an egregious waste of orbs.
  10. Alright, scrimping and scrounging wherever I could brought me up to 30 orbs, so time for the final shots at another Julia merge. 4* Reyson: A new unit! Not Julia, but nice all the same. 25 orbs left. 4* Nino: Nope. 4* Sheena: Nope again. Gotta keep trying...16 orbs left. 5* Ranulf: Huh. This suddenly turned into a beast banner. +Def/-Atk, which is a great asset and bad flaw, but I'll gladly take him anyway. Since I need a Shanna for Desperation and because Adrift!Mamui is pretty damn useful, I'll take the two blues. 3* Nowi: Wrong dragon. 4* Robin: I guess not. This banner went extremely well for me. 3 Julia merges, Ranulf, and a Reyson to promote, done remarkably cheaply. Now to see if I can get Fjorm off the bridal banner in two weeks.
  11. Still looking for one last Julia merge. 29 orbs right now, so hopefully she comes by soon. 3* Camilla: Meh. Nothing there. 24 orbs left. 4* Camilla: Really? That was dumb. Going to try again with 19 orbs. 3* Reinhardt: Worthless. Very bad luck so far. This isn't how I like to do things, but one more time with 14 orbs. 3* Subaki: Also worthless. Alright, not risking the chance of un-pulled greens any further. Really going to have to hope the last few pulls tomorrow give me something.
  12. 20 orbs, another set in search of Julia merges. 4* Hawkeye: Could you please go away? 4* Frederick: Meh.
  13. June quests brought me up to 29 orbs, so now to try for one last Julia merge. 4* Catria: Meh. Not that easy, I suppose. 24 orbs left. 3* Lukas: Excuse me? I think I might have pushed my luck too far. Well, since I'm only looking for greens I'll try one more time with 19 orbs. 3* Cecilia: Meh. Oh well. There's still time and orbs left.
  14. Alright, VG banner time. Going to try to get Deirdre. 4* Olivia: Nope. Nothing there. I also finished Naga's battle, so now for another shot at her mightiest servant Julia. 28 orbs to start. 4* Hawkeye: Bleh. And another try. 23 orbs now. 5* Julia: And now she's up to +6! That makes the third quick merge for Julia this banner has given me. There should be enough time and orbs for at least one more before I go back to the new bridal banner.
  15. Honestly if you have 180 5* units I find it extremely unlikely that nothing you have works except that one video strategy. More likely there's a combination of units/skills/seals that you could have used but didn't think of. Not calling you out since I have a tendency to stick to my favorites myself, but it can be surprising what switching one unit out can do. Do you give proper SI to most of your units? I'm not even talking 5*-exclusives, just a full set of workable skills (Reposition FTW). That's carried me through everything short of Abyssal LHBs/MHBs and I specifically stick to infantry (unless I'm very desperate) with no healers and especially no dancers. Just as an example, I dumped L!Ike straight into this map and he had no more trouble than anyone else thanks to the buffs B!Lucina provides. Other than Julia he even did most of the work. Of course +5 Julia is basically the perfect anti-Naga unit, but I probably could have used Lewyn or Nino (too lazy to check) instead. Anyway, my Infernal team. Perfect map for Julia to demonstrate her full might by defeating the same god who empowers her. +Spd Julia+5 (Water): Divine Naga refine, Swap, Glacies, Fury 3, QR2, Drive Spd 2, Atk/Spd 2 seal Neutral L!Ike+1: Reposition, Axebreaker 3, DD3 seal +Def/-HP L!Alm: Draw Back, Res+2 seal Neutral B!Lucina+2 (Earth): Reposition, Vantage 3, Hone Spd 3 seal
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