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  1. Before I get to the Legendary/Mythic banner, some tidying up. Blue for the BHB banner. 3* Mordecai: No. Blue again for the 2nd VG banner. 4* Ferdinand: Reposition fodder. Blue yet again for the 1st VG banner. 3* Valbar: No. Green for Weekly Revival 40. 3* Python: No. And now for the L/M banner. I don't have an interest in any particular unit, but with 410 orbs I can afford to take a few circles. 3* Clarine: No. 4* Robin: No. 5* Fallen!Dimitri: Alright! +HP/-Def is fine. 3* Seteth: No. 4* Tailtiu: No. That went nicely, so I'll try one more time. 395 orbs left. 5* Anamnesis!Eirika: Not a bad 4* Special. +HP/-Res is pretty meh, but I've got a +2 +Spd copy already. 4* Laslow: No. 4* Bartre: No. 4* Raven: No. 5* L!Corrin: Very nice. +Spd/-HP is quite good, although I'm not exactly short on Wind Legendaries. That went extremely well for once. 3 good 5*s for only 35 orbs. Depending on what the next few banners hold I might even come back to spend a bit more.
  2. @Xenomata Oops...Well, that's embarrassing. As for the latest 4koma, boo hoo Kiran, what will you do without your crutch characters? Not that there aren't a bunch of other refreshers or anything...
  3. After one good Thanksgiving dinner, time to do some more pulls. Blue for Weekly Revival 30. 3* Donnel: No. Grey for the Bonfire banner. 3* Tanya: No. And now green for the Double Special Heroes. 3* Ross: No. 3* Ross: Seriously? 3* Mae: No. 3* Raven: No. 3* Reyson: No. 5* Summer!Ashe: Hey, not bad! Not whom I was looking for, but nice nonetheless. Full neutral's good enough for purposes. A nice ending to a seriously awful sequence of pulls.
  4. First things first, blue for Weekly Revival 39. 3* Est: No. Red for the Rally banner. 3* Oscar: Or not. Blue for In the Moment. 4* Shigure: No. And lastly to see if the tickets will give me Ascendant!Laegjarn. 4* Gaius: No. 3* Maria: No. 4* Norne: Finally a +Spd copy! -Def is fine because it's time to start feeding you merges. 3* Chrom: No. 3* Jakob: No. Well, at least I finally got the +Spd Norne I've been looking for. No Laegjarn, but that's fine.
  5. Time for some more pulls. First, green on Weekly Revival 29. 4* Roderick: No. Blue for Seeds of Fodlan and its tickets. 3* Cecilia: No. 4* Ferdinand: Reposition fodder. 4* Hawkeye: No. 4* Reinhardt: No. 3* Oscar: No. That was disappointing. Red for the New Power banner. 4* Lilina: No. And lastly the Legendary Remix. I've got everyone on this banner, so I'll see if I can give Tiki a merge present to honor her new skills. 4* Ferdinand: Again? Ugh, that sucks. Back to saving orbs.
  6. Alright, time for a bunch of pulls. Starting with red on Weekly Revival 38. 3* Jagen: No. Red again for the Ignis banner. 4* Mordecai: No. I don't have anyone from Trick or Defeat, so grey for the better odds. 5* H!Sakura: Hey, nice! Not that she's much use anymore, especially when I have Guinevere+1, but a free 5* is fine any day. +HP/-Res, so that's tolerable. Grey again for the TT banner. 4* Catria: Really? And for the new ninja banner, I don't particularly care, so I'll just try to get Shinon for being a red bow. 4* Bantu: Not even close. Well, I got H!Sakura, so that's good enough for now. Back to saving orbs.
  7. First, blue on the Chill banner. 3* Tatiana: No. As for the legendary banner, I'll take two circles and see what I get. With 149 orbs I don't have enough to splurge, but I am interested in this banner. 4* Lilina: No. 4* Orochi: +Atk/-Res is pretty good with a merge, so I'll keep you. 4* Tethys: No. 3* Chad: No. 3* Natasha: No. Complete garbage, as I expected. 134 orbs left. 4* Lon'qu: No. 3* Palla: No. 5* Ullr: Great! At least I got one new unit! +HP/-Res is mediocre, but good enough for my purposes. 3* Odin: No. 4* Leon: No. Well, that went well enough. I was hoping for some better luck after my recent string of disasters, but I'm happy with Ullr.
  8. If I had to grade stats I'd do it based on how easy/difficult it is to compensate for them being low and what sort of restrictions said compensating puts on your playstyle. Obviously a unit wants every stat to be high, barring niche situations like feeding kills to someone else, but since that rarely happens I'd say the "best" stats are the ones that are the hardest to make do without. Using that metric, I would have to say: Move > Speed > Strength > Magic > Skill > Luck > HP > Defense > Resistance. Move: This isn't really a stat in the same vein as the others, but given the current track of discussion I put it in anyway. A unit with low move is incredibly restricted in what they can do in combat because they so often have trouble just getting to said combat in the first place. See Genealogy and Binding Blade with their huge maps and abundance of high-move units on both sides. When you have to move for three turns just to get in range of the enemy, infantry end up an entire turn's worth of move behind their mounted comrades. Compensating is also very difficult. Rescue-dropping doesn't work well for actual fighting and ties up another unit. Slowing down the rest of the army can cause problems with secondary objectives and still doesn't help the unit do anything other than smash straight into the enemy's frontline where more mobile units can slip around to take out different targets. Warp and Rescue are generally very limited in use and the latter still requires the staffer to get to wherever needs to be gotten to first. Awakening and Fates have Pair-Up, which does a good job of making low-move units more useful, but that still requires them to rely on a high-move unit. Speed: Incredibly useful in both player and enemy-phase combat, improving evasion and enabling doubling. The former can be compensated for in plenty of ways (supports, terrain, etc), even if Speed is the most reliable method, but the latter can only truly be replaced by Brave weapons, which aren't the most common things. You can sort of make up for not doubling by just hitting really hard, but that takes very heavy investment in Strength/Magic and good weapons. Strength/Magic: These two stats do basically the same thing, but since most enemies have higher Defense than Res I ranked Strength higher. These can be compensated for by doubling, using stronger weapons, critical hits, or effectiveness, but early in the game that isn't as much of an option. In general you always need to be able to kill the enemy, especially in situations like breaking chokepoints or formations, so a unit being strong enough to ORKO or even OHKO gives you a lot more options for using your other units. Skill: This affects a lot of things, but usually not in a big enough way for me to rate this higher. Its most important role is in boosting hit rate, but like with Speed and evasion there are a ton of ways to circumvent this (supports, weapon advantage, etc). However, since hit rate is virtually always higher than evasion anyway due to getting boosted by weapon stats, I think it's more useful to make evasion (i.e. Speed) as high as possible to minimize the enemy's hit rate since getting over 100 visible hit rate on your own units is pointless. Critical hits and skill activations are nice, but they're usually not reliable enough to count on in good strategy. Luck: Like Skill this affects a lot of things, including both hit rate and evasion, but it doesn't do as much for each as Skill or Speed does. It is usually the sole source of dodge, so that bumped it up a bit even if enemies usually have bad critical chances. Still not that important unless it's atrociously low like Arthur's. HP: The all-purpose defensive stat. Although it's not as effective as Defense or Resistance if you get hit multiple times, there are often skills and such that explicitly ignore those two stats, not to mention just circumventing them with physical or magic damage, so I think in the grand scheme of things HP is more useful. In general I don't rate these three stats very highly because high evasion can render them unnecessary, while minimizing exposure to constant enemy attacks through aggressive offense or firm defense means what damage you do take can be topped up by healers before anyone gets low enough to be at risk of actually dying. Defense/Resistance: Again, these two stats do basically the same thing, but since most enemies are physical I rate Defense higher. Most of my argument for these is in the HP section.
  9. Yesterday's Tactic banner gave me a 4* Henry, today's Spurn banner... 4* Clarine: Not a single red or blue. That was dumb. Now for the BHB banner. 4* Barst: Reposition fodder. And The Land's Bounty. 4* Seteth: No. Hmm, do I spend on the Legendary banner or not?
  10. And to think I just finished a playthrough of Binding Blade yesterday. Between this and L!Lilina maybe IS is trying to give us a hint? As for Fae herself, I'm tentatively positive about including her as a character, even if there are some others that should have gotten it first, but I feel extremely let down about her as a unit. L!Tiki just got her remix and here comes another Earth-season blue dragon except Fae's infantry instead of armor. If Fae at least used her chicken wings to fly I could let it slide on fun factor, but as is she feels very unimpressive. Also, I suppose they aren't creating a new Legendary effect or filling in those two inexplicably empty holes in the stat-boost grid, just adding more Pair-Ups.
  11. Yesterday's Rally banner gave me a 4* Seliph, today's Special Spiral banner... 3* Sophia: Ugh. Now grey on Weekly Revival 28. 3* Klein: No. And red on Treat Fiends. 3* Chrom: No. *disappointment*
  12. The Form banner gave me a 3* Sophia, the Moonbow banner a 4* Peri. As for today's Rouse banner... 4* Nino: No. And blue for the Iceberg banner. 4* Benny: No. Shame about that.
  13. Yesterday's daily banner gave me a 4* Marth, let's see what today's gives me. 4* Erk: No. And now for Dragon's Harvest. A free Harmonic!Tiki? 4* L'Arachel: Oh well.
  14. Time to do a bunch of pulls, starting with red on the Double Special banner. 5* Ayra: Another 4* Special. +Hp/-Def is meh, but she's merge fodder for my +1 +Spd copy anyway. A nice start. Now blue on the Rein banner. 4* Robin: No. My Keaton is -Atk, so red on Weekly Revival 37. 3* Setsuna: No. Red again for the daily Odd Wave banner. 3* Hinata: No. And now for finding Fjorm. 223 orbs to start sniping greens with, here's hoping I don't need to go all the way to the spark this time. So for the first time in a while my spending didn't go too horribly. I got Fjorm, plus merges for Mamori, Sonya, and Ishtar, and sparked for Wolf. For 163 orbs that's not too bad.
  15. They're giving us the entire Wolfguard, yet for some inexplicable reason they're also giving us Malice instead of Hardin himself. They'd better be saving him for whenever they introduce Nyna, and he'd better be good, because this is some serious BS. Was Fjorm not attractive enough already or something? Anyway, I'm not super enthused by this banner regardless of whether Hardin's on it or not. I'll probably end up going for Fjorm, but whether I'll spark or not is questionable.
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