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  1. Swift Sparrow daily first. 3* Cain: Garbage. And now for CYL 3. Going to take the first set in its entirety, then only greens and blues. Whether I take Eliwood or Micaiah as the free pull depends on who comes first. 221 orbs to start out, here's hoping for good fortune. 5* B!Eliwood: That's some very good fortune. +Atk/-Spd, which is that same good and bad combination I've seen on far too many of my units. Still, nice to be rewarded so early. 4* Seliph: Bleh. 3* Gordin: Feathers. 4* Saizo: Ugh. 4* Kagerou: Completing the pair, I see. That was so easy I'm going to keep pulling. Probably going to regret this, but whatever. Greens and blues now, 206 orbs left. 3* Tailtiu: Meh. 4* Mordecai: Okay. Onward. 197 orbs left. 4* Wendy: SI fodder. 4* Subaki: More SI fodder. Not a single green so far. 188 orbs left. 3* Soren: Feathers. 4* Nowi: More feathers. 4* Jagen: SI fodder. 4* Mae: Yet more SI fodder. There's the first green, with 3 blues to go along of course. 171 orbs left. 4* Oboro: Meh. Still no greens. 166 orbs left. 4* Soren: I'm getting you a lot nowadays. This is annoying. 161 orbs left. 3* Est: Feathers. 5* Quan: Not bad. +Def/-Spd, so a good master copy for my current +HP/-Def version. Good, but not good enough. This game really doesn't want me pulling Micaiah. 152 orbs left. 3* Nino: Meh. 5* B!Micaiah: I guess I was wrong then. +Atk/-Def is the same good asset as Eliwood, but with a great flaw this time. She'll be very handy from now on. Might as well take the rest of the set for fun. 4* Est: Totally worthless. 3* Ares: Eh. 4* Clarine: Disappointing. 11 orbs wasted at the end there, but for 89 spent in total I got an acceptable Eliwood, an excellent Micaiah, and even a good merge for Quan. Very, very nice. I really don't need Camilla or Alm, so I might as well stick to my running trend of picking the blue unit as my freebie and give the Eliwood I pulled a flaw removal.
  2. Alright, Fury banner first. Myrrh's already +1, so red it is. 3* Eirika: Meh. And now the TT banner. I've got everyone, but Sanaki doesn't have a merge. Red again. 3* Sophia: Feathers. Oh well. As long as I'm lucky on the CYL banner tomorrow, this doesn't mean anything.
  3. This New Power banner is full of lame units, so might as well go green since I don't have Boey or Beruka at 5*. 4* Libra: Meh. Now the daily banner. Olwen would be nice. 3* Chrom: Feathers.
  4. Hmm, I've got Karla+2 and Kana+1, so this daily has absolutely nothing for me. Might as well try to make Karla even more powerful. 5* Ares: A free 5*, even if it's not the one I expected! Full neutral, which is exactly the same as the one I promoted before. That was nice.
  5. The power trio once again blew through Infernal. with L!Lucina's help. Turn 2, Julia annihilated the wyvern, then L!Lucina Future-Visioned her way to take the sword cavalier. The bow cavalier mostly killed himself on L!Lucina. Turn 3, Julia took out the Death Knight, L!Lucina finished off the bow cavalier, and L!Ike got Repositioned in to take out the mages. Nice and easy.
  6. I've got Hardin+1, so might as well try for Grima on the Fighter banner. 4* Raven: Feathers.
  7. Distant Defense banner first. Going to try for another Micaiah merge. 3* Hinata: Fury fodder. And now Weekly Revival 10. An Amelia merge would be nice. 3* Soren: Worthless. Disappointing. At least no orbs are at risk.
  8. I've got everyone on the Luna banner, so might as well try to fix Kinoka's Speed flaw. 3* Kaze: I guess not. Good SI fodder though.
  9. Death Blow banner...Let's see if Delthea shows herself. 4* Est: Nope. And the Festival banner. I failed to get Elincia last time, let's see if my luck is better this time around. 3* Titania: Meh. Oh well. As long as I get lucky on the important banners, this can all be ignored.
  10. Chance at a free Morgan? Yes please. 3* Wendy: Ugh. I'm feeling greedy, so let's see if the other two blues have anything. 4* Est: Nope. 3* Shigure: Nope again. There goes 8 orbs for nothing.
  11. Last two tickets now. A free 5* would be nice given I need to save as much as possible for CYL 3 and the next Legendary. 4* Palla: Good SI fodder. 4* Seth: Ugh. So much for that banner.
  12. Let's see if Dorcas can get a merge today. 4* Cain: Meh. And now for the new 3H banner. Going to try for Petra, but I'm not really concerned. Only two tickets so far. 3* Odin: Moonbow fodder. 3* Cordelia: Feathers. 3* Athena: More Moonbow fodder.
  13. Combat Boosts first. Lyn? 3* Kagerou: Bleh. And the final Hero Fest ticket. 3* Leon: Meh. Now to wait for the Braves and the Legendary later in the month.
  14. Cooldown Bonuses first. Let's see if Mia can get a merge. 3* Libra: Bleh. Savage Blow banner next. Might as well try for Leo. 4* Beruka: You're not Camilla... Figures there's no reds either time. And lastly, Hero Fest Ticket 4. 3* Sakura: Feathers. Completely worthless set of pulls.
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