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  1. Time for Heroes with Combat Boosts. Lysithea's the only one I'm missing, so red. 4* Libra: Or not. Green on Weekly Revival 26. 4* Frederick: No. Lastly Dark Burdens. I really want the spark here, but I don't have enough orbs. I'll stick to red free pulls. 4* Gwendolyn: No. 4* Fir: No. 4* A!Tiki: No. 4* Draug: No. 4* Mamui: No. No luck that time around.
  2. Time to clear out a banner backlog. Grey for Hostile Springs. 3* Jeorge: Feathers. Red for the BHB banner since Mareeta is busted. 4* A!Tiki: Meh. Red for Weekly Revival 25 to see if I can get Saber. 4* Effie: No. Red again on the TT banner. 3* A!Tiki: Again? Lastly, time to pull for Dorothea and Lene to keep my Harmonic roster full. 149 orbs to start. That went supremely well. 96 orbs total for B!Lysithea, Rinkah, and Harmonic!Dorothea. I could try to dig for a merge for the dancer duo, but I'd prefer to save up orbs for the future.
  3. All of the New Year's tickets finally trickled in, so time to use those. Red on Fire and Ice... 4* Seliph: No. 4* Eirika: Meh. 4* Roy: No. 4* Eirika: Meh. 4* Wrys: No. 3* Marth: Oh well. Lots of lords that time around. Red again on the Hoshidan NY banner. 3* Lilina: Meh. 4* Boey: No. 3* Morgan: Eh. 4* Silvia: Eh. 3* Sophia: No. 4* Lilina: Disappointing. Now for Weekly Revival 24. Hector? 3* Marth: Nope. And lastly New Power. Kinoka's the only one without a merge, so grey it is. 4* Gordin: Not even close. So many pulls, so little of use...
  4. A no-dancer run this week since I don't have Lalum and Reyson is tagged as being from RD for whatever reason. A lot of Reposition shenanigans were needed. Harmonic!Altina+1: I was expecting her to be more useful than positioning ended up allowing her to be. She did some work, but the true star was... Dieck: This guy was an absolute machine. He tanked Perceval, Echidna, and Sue while taking out all three left-side thieves. He needed the Dancer's Veil and Elixir to not die, but in the end he put those automatic follow-ups to good use. Merlinus: Reposition, Wings of Mercy, and distracting his AI counterpart. Not glamorous, but highly important. Guinivere+1: Mostly for taking out the right-side red thief quickly.
  5. Got around to picking up the tickets, time to see if I can get Asbel for free. 4* Klein: Meh. 4* Gaius: No. 5* Asbel: Lucky me! He's even got a good asset and flaw: +Spd/-HP. He can join Julia and Lewyn on my roster of Jugdralian green mages. 3* Jeorge: No. 3* Frederick: No. A very nice set of free pulls. Now to clear off the Draconic Aura banner. Blue for better odds. 3* Florina: Feathers. Oh well. After Asbel I couldn't really expect anything better.
  6. Alright, time for my final sore loser pulls on the Legendary banner. Only 25 orbs on hand, maybe they'll be enough. 3* Raigh: No. 4* Tharja: No. 16 orbs left. 4* Marth: No. 11 orbs left. 3* Soleil: No. Naturally there are two red orbs left when I only have enough for one. Here goes nothing... 3* Marth: Expected nothing, got nothing. Well, that was over 40 orbs down the drain for garbage. Time to sulk and restock.
  7. Weekly Revival 21, can Lute get a merge? 4* Gwendolyn: Nope. Now for my last try at the Legendary banner. 10% pity-rate, 53 orbs on hand. 3* Stahl: No. Not a good sign. 48 orbs left. 4* Sakura: No. An even worse sign. 43 orbs left. 5* Plumeria: Sure, this works. +HP/-Res, the exact opposite of my current +Res/-HP copy. Merge fodder it is. I really should stop now, but I want Lilina. 38 orbs left. 4* Olivia: No. 3* Roy: No. 29 orbs left. 3* Seliph: No. 24 orbs left. 3* A!Tiki: No. 3* Marth: No. 4* Bantu: No. So much for that. Maybe I can scrape up enough for a few more pulls later, but it looks like Lilina will have to wait for another time.
  8. I'm pleasantly surprised by all of the tickets for the New Year's banner. Time to use them up. Going green to see if I can get Peony and Triandra. 3* Nino: Meh. 3* Klein: Meh. 5* NY!Lethe: You're not bad either! +Spd/-Atk is a fantastic asset and awful flaw, but then again her Attack isn't great to begin with. 5* Lugh: Okay. Nice to have you, although +HP/-Atk isn't as good as Lethe. 4* Virion: No. 3* Niles: No. I'll go through the other NY banners when I get all of the tickets. Now to clear the backlog. Winter's Envoy, green again for better odds. 4* Mustafa: No. And the TT banner, grey since I don't have Velouria. 5* Velouria: What is up with today? And +Atk/-Def is actually very solid. I've got Kaden and Selkie, now I'm just missing Keaton himself. Lastly, back to L!Lilina's banner with 65 orbs. 53 orbs later, absolutely nothing of value. Figures I'd get lucky everywhere except the one banner I spend orbs on. Still 8 free pulls giving me 3 free 5* units is some incredible luck. Hopefully I at least don't have to leave the Legendary banner with a pity-rate.
  9. The reason I say she's useless is that I try to keep all of my units with their base set of skills, so no Wings of Mercy or other such stuff to help me. I had to work my way up the map the hard way, and with only one dancer that meant I had to pour everything into Fallen!Julia. Nice use of cavalry on your end despite the trenches.
  10. This week was a pain in the rear thanks to the restrictive terrain. Harmonic!Altina being infantry and thus automatically awkward to use didn't help matters. She pretty much ended up being a Reposition machine while Fallen!Julia and Dancer!Eldigan did 95% of the work. Fallen!Julia: Even with her automatic follow-ups she still had trouble because of how tanky the guard units were. I had to give her the Death Blow seal so she could ORKO Shannan and I had to manipulate her special cooldown so she could ORKO the top blue thief. Dancer!Eldigan: Thank goodness for him, since for whatever reason Reyson is tagged as being from Radiant Dawn. He needed Guidance to help Altina out because LOL at infantry movement. Harmonic!Altina: Like I said, basically useless. Julia: My pride and joy, sadly not of much use on this map. She took out Lachesis and Ishtar, but it wasn't really necessary.
  11. Alright, Luna banner first. I don't have Ced, so green it is. 4* Rath: No. Weekly Revival 22, aiming for Lyn. 4* Tharja: 4 red orbs in that circle. No interest in the New Year's banner, so back to looking for Lilina with 30 orbs. 4* Stahl: No. 25 orbs left. 4* Hana: No. 20 orbs left. 4* Soleil: No. 4* Ares: No.
  12. A bunch of free tickets is never bad. Starting with Gifts of Winter, looking for W!Eirika. 4* Clarine: Feathers. 4* Felicia: Feathers. 5* W!Eirika: Yay! Finally an armored healer for those niche occasions where I want one. Full neutral is decent for her role. 4* Effie: No. A good start to today's pulls. Now on to Glorious Gifts, looking for a merge for Marth and Elice. 4* Rebecca: No. 4* Saizo: No. 3* Setsuna: No. 3* Brady: Meh. And now for L!Lilina's banner. I'll just take whatever reds I get since I still need to rebuild my stockpile. 34 orbs on hand. 4* Chrom: No. Only one red that time. 5* Plumeria: Awesome, another Astra hero. +Res/-HP is fine for a dancer. A nice pull, although I have so many Astra heroes already. 5* Reginn: Merge time! +Res/-Def isn't great, although it is a superasset at least. Yet another Astra hero, yet another one-red circle. 4* A!Tiki: I guess hoping for Lilina was expecting too much. Now that I'm 2 for 3 on red heroes, I'm going to push my luck a bit and do a few more pulls. 3* Lilina: No, no, no. That was a blatant snub, Feh. 29 orbs left. 3* Selena: Reposition fodder is always needed. 24 orbs left. 3* Gordin: No. 19 orbs left. 4* Palla: No. 14 orbs left. 4* M!Morgan: No. Probably shouldn't have spent those extra orbs, but I still made off very well. W!Eirika, Plumeria, and a merge for Reginn is more than satisfactory.
  13. Back up to 35 orbs, time to hopefully spark on the Christmas banner. 4* Silvia: Feathers. This dearth of reds is frustrating. 30 orbs left. 4* Beruka: Feathers. Not even any greys that time. 25 orbs left. 4* Tethys: Meh. Still no reds. 20 orbs left. 4* Chrom: No. This banner is seriously not cooperating. At least it's going to stick around for a while yet. EDIT: Picked up some more orbs, up to 25 now so I can definitely get the spark. 38/40 pulls. 4* Sophia: Feathers. 5* Harmonic!Altina: Well, better late than never. I guess they'll get to be +1 after all. Full neutral isn't great when taking the spark merge into account, but it's still acceptable. For fun's sake I'll take the remaining orbs. 4* Lachesis: Feathers. 3* Kaze: No. 3* Echidna: No. 11 wasted orbs at the end, but overall this banner didn't turn out too badly. 43 pulls got me Altina, a +Atk Tibarn, and a superfluous Laegjarn merge.
  14. I'm only missing Tsubasa on the Chill banner, so blue it is. 5* Tsubasa: I guess she's used up my luck from the Christmas banner. She's even got a good asset and flaw: +Atk/-Def. Lucky me. Now for Weekly Revival 21. No Rhajat, so pulling green. 3* Gunter: No. And one more poke at the Christmas banner with 20 orbs. 4* Rebecca: Feathers. Ugh, this banner is really annoying me. Still, a free Tsubasa is nice.
  15. BHB banner first. Lyon's the only one without a merge, so green it is. 3* Rath: Feathers. And back to the Christmas banner for Altina. 45 orbs on hand. 3* Forrest: Feathers. 40 orbs left. 4* Seth: No. 4* Lilina: No. 31 orbs left. 3* Morgan: No. 26 orbs left. 4* Marth: No. 21 orbs left. 4* Ares: No. 4* Lon'qu: No. And one more grey orb. 3* Emmeryn: No. 33/40 units pulled, still no focus units.
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