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  1. A banner backlog's built up again. First, hoping for Sigurd from Weekly Revival 6. 3* Seteth: Or not. For the Double Special banner I think I'll go green since I have Duo!Lyn and Harmonic!Tiki already. 4* Fae: Darn. I have Annette and Miranda's a 4*, so grey for Larum on the Gap banner. 4* Legault: No. Obviously blue for the TT banner. 3* Cordelia: Oh come on. Lastly, back to Bond of Trust and that 4.75% pity rate. 50 orbs on hand. 4* Subaki: No. 4* Seteth: Eh. 4* Cecilia: No. 4* Barst: Reposition fodder. 4* Sakura: No. A 5% pity rate now. This banner really hates me. 30 orbs left. 5* Farina: Finally a non-Erk focus unit! +Res/-HP is mediocre, but I've got the spark copy for a merge. 5* Pent: Yeah! Atk/-Def, so a super-asset and super-flaw. I'll gladly take that. 4* Echidna: No double Pent... 5* Fallen!Femui: You're not Louise, but not bad regardless. +Def/-Atk isn't so great, but a strong new unit is always welcome. 5* Larcei: Okay, sure. +Def/-Atk is bad, but I've already got a +1 +Res copy to merge into. Looks like dogged persistence actually paid off this one time. I think this is the best circle I've ever had. Sadly Echidna had to ruin it, but you can't have everything.
  2. I've got everyone on the New Power banner, so blue it is. 3* Bartre: Or not. Green for the Spring Festival... 4* Lex: Hello again. Full neutral isn't very good though, so Reposition fodder it is. And another crack at the New Heroes banner with 22 orbs. 4* Clair: No. 3* Florina: No. 4* Shigure: No. 3* Catria: No. 4* Raven: No. So rather than give me Farina on a 4.5% pity rate the game instead gives me 4 other pegasus knights. Figures.
  3. Alright, I've saved up 204 orbs. Time to go get the spark. I'll take anything except red. Sorry, Erk, but demotes will comes in their own time. Well, for the second time in a row a banner ate literally all of my orbs. I don' even have anything to show for it this time, just one pity-breaker copy of Osian and the spark copy of Farina. Now I'm sitting on an empty orb stockpile and a 4.5% pity rate.
  4. Time to test my luck for the upcoming FE7 banner by clearing the backlog. Red for the Rally+ banner. 4* Jagen: Or not. Red again for Regal Rabbits. 3* Nino: Still not. I've got everyone merged from Weekly Revival 5, so I suppose blue. 5* Hardin: A 4* Special! +Spd/-Def, so merge fodder for my +2 +Atk copy. And lastly green for Hares at the Fair. 4* Leon: Nope. That went well enough. Now to hope I get lucky searching for Farina.
  5. I've been waiting for Farina for a long time, and she certainly does not disappoint. Hotshot Lance is simultaneously broken to high heaven and perfectly suiting her character. I'm definitely sparking for her. If IS ever adds a Desperation seal she's getting it immediately. Pent and Louise are added together as they should be. Louise looks fine; at least all of her skills synergize with one another. Pent is surprisingly less busted than I thought he'd be, at least pending the reveal of his stat spread. Aside from his Prf's support ability there doesn't appear to be anything to recommend him over Asbel, Lewyn, etc. Erk is so clearly the demote it's sad. Not even a new skill to his name.
  6. As funny as I think this is, it's been 3 books since we've even fought Veronica... With Veronica I thought it was that she went to the world those heroes actually lived in and magically enslaved them or something through "contracts". The other three though, your guess is as good as mine.
  7. I can't be bothered to spend a lot of my 130 orbs on Dagr's banner, so I'll take the greens and greys in the first circle. Red and blue have nothing interesting for me. 4* Azama: Worthless. And of course there's 3 reds and 1 blue. Well, at least I can keep saving for another day.
  8. A bunch of banners this time around. First, blue on Familial Festivities. 3* Shanna: No. Blue again on the Rouse banner. 4* Eirika: Or not. Red for Light and Shadows since I've already got F!Kris. 4* A!Tiki: No. 4* Kagerou: No. 4* Tethys: No. 3* Maria: No. 3* Gaius: No. That was a lot of grey orbs. Now for more of them with the Healer Royale banners. Part 2... 5* Forrest: Yay...+HP/-Spd is poor, but I already have a +Atk/-Def copy to merge into. As far as free 5*s go, that was downright worthless. What about Part 1... 4* Serra: No. Lastly, Weekly Revival 4. Delthea's the only one who doesn't have a merge, so blue it is. 4* Clair: No. Figures the one free 5* I'd get would be from the banner with zero 5* exclusives. Oh well.
  9. I've got everyone on the Null banner, so blue it is. 3* Reinhardt: No. Grey on Weekly Revival 3 since I still don't have Veronica. 5* Genny: Another 4* Special! +Def/-Atk is awful, but I've already got a +2 +HP copy. Merge time. And lastly A Hero Rises. I voted for Seiros, so blue it is. 4* Subaki: Not even close. Well, I got something out of this session. Not that Genny needed another merge, but it's better than SI fodder.
  10. Alright, time to get the next Harmonic Hero. I've got 588 orbs stocked up for this moment, so time to jump into colorless hell. One massive damn spoiler later, I'm officially mad. The gacha ate literally all of my orbs before giving me two copies of Myrrh and Nah. I didn't even do too badly in the end, but wow was that frustrating. From 304 orbs to 276 I managed to get 3 5*s, then it was all the way down to a measly 20 before I finally got another. Never has the term "colorless hell" been more appropriate. My end results for 588 hard-saved orbs: 2 copies of Harmonic!Myrrh (+Res/-Atk, +Res/-Def) Spring!Severa (+Spd/-Res) Flayn (+Spd/-Def) Claude (+Atk/-HP) Merge for Say'ri (+Atk/-HP) 4* Special merge for Tana (+Atk/-HP) 4* Spring!Minerva (+Def/-Atk) A bunch of Reposition fodder
  11. Since I'm going to splurge for the new Harmonic Hero, might as well clear out the backlog now. Red for Seliph and Deirdre's BHB. 3* Hinata: No. Green for Weekly Revival 2 since Deirdre doesn't have a merge. 3* Morgan: Or not. And lastly green again for the TT banner. 5* Minerva: Yay. She's +1 now. +Hp/-Spd is horrid, so merge fodder for my +Spd/-HP copy. Another free 5* today. Is this is a good or bad sign regarding tonight's banner?
  12. It's been a week since I last pulled. That doesn't happen often, but I'm not feeling so enthusiastic for Heroes right now. Anyway, Weekly Revival 1's come back around. Green for Ephraim since he's the only unmerged one. 3* Soren: No. Red for the New Power banner since I don't have H!Nowi. 4* Stahl: No. And now for the tickets for Seeds of Fodlan. Blue since Marianne and Ingrid are the better units. 5* B!Lucina: A 4* Special this time! +Res/-Def, so merge fodder it is. +6 now. 4* Florina: No. 4* Femui: Meh. 4* Gwendolyn: No. 3* Ilyana: Meh. That went well enough. I would have preferred a new unit instead of a merge, but better than nothing.
  13. Grey for Weekly Revival 31 since Leo is very meh. 4* Subaki: Every single orb was blue... Haven't seen a one-color circle in a while. Now for the Moonbow banner. Grey again for Julian. 5* Loki: Okay, sure. +Def/-HP, so she's acceptable enough in that regard. Not who I was expecting, but I'll take her. Now for Love Abounds. Blue to see if I can get Lyn since I already have Lilina and Hector. 4* Florina: Not exactly. That went well enough. Loki's hardly my favorite, but a free 5* is never something to turn down.
  14. Time for Lovely Gifts. I got Faye and Rudolf last time around, so green for Alm and Celica. 4* Frederick: No. Green again on Greil's Devoted. 4* Cecilia: No. Grey on Veronica and Loki's BHB banner. 3* Felicia: No. Lastly, one full circle from the Legendary banner for fun. 416 orbs on hand, so I can afford to spend a few. 4* Maria: No. 4* Norne: Finally another copy, but she's +HP/-Res and not +Spd, so Reposition fodder it is. 3* Caeda: No. 4* Gwendolyn: No. 3* Python: No. That was a waste of 15 good orbs. Oh well. Maybe the New Heroes banner will be good.
  15. Alright, a banner backlog has generated again. First, red for Lysithea on the Lull banner. 3* Seth: No. For Double Special Heroes I don't have any of the red or grey units, so I'll just go red again. 4* Tharja: No. And lastly Weekly Revival 30. Can B!Lucina get another merge? 4* Clair: No.
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