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  1. Grey for A Special Gift. 3* Tethys: No. Green for Here With Me. 4* Balthus: No. Red for the Life and Death banner. 4* Tanith: No. Red for Weekly Revival 14. 3* Marcia: No. Grey for Weekly Revival 61. 3* Gaius: No. Blue for Ivy and Hortensia's banner. 3* Gwendolyn: No. 4* Jagen: No. 3* Shigure: No. 3* Roshea: No. 4* Gordin: No. That was pointless. Anyway, red for the 2nd Anniversary Special Focus banner. 4* Titania: No. 4* A!Tiki: No. 4* Echidna: No. 3* Merric: No. 4* Raigh: No. 3* Inigo: No. Absolutely worthless. Now for the weekly Arena ticket. 5* B!Celica: Okay. +HP/-Res is mediocre, so merge fodder for my +2 +Atk copy.
  2. Lots of pulling to do in the Year of the Dragon, the most Fire Emblem of creatures. First, green for the TT banner. 3* Abel: No. Red for the New Power banner. 4* A!Tiki: No. Grey for L&M Remix 1. 3* Serra: No. Blue for L&M Remix 2. 4* Laurent: Well, you're new to the barracks. +Def/-Res is poor, so pending merge fodder it is. I'm tempted to pull on May This Last, but I have other plans for my 220 orbs. I'll take one circle to try my luck. 4* Effie: No. 3* Basilio: No. 4* Gaius: No. 3* Kaze: No. 5* Ascendant!Laegjarn: Not Myrrh, but still very nice! +Atk/-Def is great as well. That worked out well. Red for Weekly Revival 60. 3* Seteth: No. Now to see if I can get any merges for the Fallen Morgans from Weekly Revival 81. 205 orbs left. That was definitely the best major pull session I've ever had. 190 orbs and 44 pulls got me a total of 10 5*s, a whopping 22.7% rate. 4* Special merges for Osian, Helbindi, Ranulf, and Yarne Brand-new pity-breakers Constance, Gregor, and Felix One merge for Fallen!M!Morgan and two for Fallen!F!Morgan, bringing them up to +7 and +10 respectively. I probably just used up all of my luck for the next month at least. Now for blue for the 7th Ann. Special Focus 1. 4* Sully: No. 5* Bridal!Say'ri: I guess I'm not done yet! +Atk/-Def is good. Now I might as well switch to red. 4* A!Tiki: No. 4* Hana: No. 3* Silvia: No. 3* Hinata: No. Still lucky...Now for the weekly Arena ticket. 5* Delthea: Meh. +Atk/-Res is good, but I'll stick with my +1 +Spd copy. And lastly, time to dump all 20 of the 4* Seasonal Special tickets at once. Picking the top unit each time since I don't have any particular targets. 5* Summer!Dorothea: New unit 1! +HP/-Spd is lousy, but she's a dancer, so it's not really important. 5* Spring!Idunn: New unit 2! +Def/-Atk isn't great, but decent enough. 5* Ninja!Laevatein: New unit 3! +HP/-Spd is okay. 5* Summer!Frederick: New unit 4! +Atk/-HP is good for what it's worth. 5* Harmonic!Tiki: Not new, but a Harmonic merge is always worth it. +Spd/-Atk is a better base than my current +1 +HP copy, so merge time. 5* Y!Merric: New unit 5! +Atk/-Res is great. 5* Summer!F!Corrin: Eh. +Res/-Def isn't great, so merge fodder for my +Spd/-Res copy. 5* Picnic!Lukas: New unit 6! +HP/-Spd is decent enough. 5* Winter!Sothis: She finally gets a merge. +Atk/-HP, so merge fodder for my +Atk/-Def copy. 5* Dancer!Ethlyn: Okay. +Def/-Spd is awful, so merge fodder for my neutral +1 copy. 5* Winter!M!Robin: New unit 7! +Res/-Spd isn't great, but then neither is he. 5* Summer!Ursula: Okay. +Spd/-Atk is much better than my current +1 +Def copy, so that's nice. 5* Dancer!Berkut: Okay. +HP/-Res, so merge fodder for my +1 +HP copy. 5* Picnic!Felicia: Finally a character I actually like. +HP/-Atk is bad, so merge fodder for my +2 +Atk copy. 5* Spring!Xander: Garbage unit. +HP/-Def, but I can't be bothered to use him, so merge fodder for my +Res/-Spd copy. 5* Harmonic!Mia: Another Harmonic merge! +Atk/-Spd, but I'll keep my +2 +Spd copy. 5* NY!Laevatein: New unit 8! +Res/-Atk is bad for her unfortunately. 5* Halloween!Henry: New unit 9! +HP/-Spd is tolerable for him. 5* Summer!A!Tiki: New unit 10! Full neutral, which is fine. 5* Harmonic!Mia: Okay, doubling up it is then! +Res/-HP, so obvious merge fodder. +4 now. Final tally: 10/20 new units, exactly half of the total. 7 grey, 6 green, 6 blue, and 1 red. Not exactly balanced color-wise...I got three Harmonic merges, so in combination with my absurdly good fortune earlier I can definitely say the Year of the Dragon started off with a resounding success. Truly the most Fire Emblem of creatures.
  3. Okay, green for Motherly Meet. 4* Luthier: No. Red for Robin and Lucina's BHB. 4* Ogma: No. Green for the Hero Fest. 3* Balthus: No. Blue for the Glimmer banner. 4* Jagen: No. Grey for Weekly Revival 13. 4* Rebecca: No. Red for Weekly Revival 59. 5* Say'ri: A 4* Special is nice enough. +Spd/-HP is good, but I'll stick with my current +3 +Atk copy. One full circle from Lumera and Marth's banner. 128 orbs isn't so many that I can afford to splurge. 5* L!Hinoka: Very nice! +HP/-Def is fine for what she does. 3* Gwendolyn: No. 4* Bastian: No. 5* Ascendant!Ced: Even better! +Atk/-HP is great. 4* Priscilla: No. That was excellent. A nice pick-me-up after the mess pulling for Igrene on the Nabata banner. Now for the free 5* Special. I've got 5/14 red, 2/13 blue, 3/14 green, and 5/11 grey, so blue seems like the best chance for somebody new. 5* Teatime!Sigurd: Yay, somebody new. +Atk/-HP like Ced, so that's nice as well. That was a very good pull session. I even learned something today. Sigurd's intro quote got me to look up the word "apropos", and apparently it's a proper word. I always assumed it was just slang for "appropriate". Anyway, now for the weekly Arena ticket. 5* Azelle: Definitely a Genealogy trend today. +Res/-Spd is awful, so merge fodder for my +HP/-Res copy.
  4. There's a ton of banners this week. First off, blue for Dark Desert Rituals. 4* Abel: No. Green for the HoF banner. 4* Python: No. Red for Sage of Khadein. 3* Seth: No. Blue for Hostile Springs. 3* Silas: Reposition fodder. Grey for Rearmed Chrom's Revival. 4* Jeorge: No. 4* Inigo: First time pulling you. 3* Nanna: No. 3* Merlinus: Reposition fodder. 3* Jeorge: No. Red for Weekly Revival 12. 3* Peri: No. Blue for Weekly Revival 58. 5* Sirius: Hey, a 4* Special. +HP/-Spd is awful, so merge fodder for my +1 +Atk copy. Red for Of Lost Kingdoms. 4* Tharja: No. Now back to trying to find Harmonic!Igrene with 87 orbs. It only took me 475 orbs, but I finally got a copy of Harmonic!Igrene. Now to never come back to this dysfunctional banner. For the heck of it I'll take one circle from the Ascendant & Rearmed banner with my 49 remaining orbs. 4* Jagen: No. 4* Est: No. 4* Donnel: No. 4* Camilla: No. 4* Maria: No. Yeah, that figures. Now for the weekly Arena ticket. 5* Nils: I just pulled a merge for you last week. +Spd/-Res is good, but my current copy is +1 +Spd already. Merge time.
  5. Blue for the Luna banner. 3* Miriel: No. Red for the TT banner. 4* Patty: Or not. Blue for Weekly Revival 11. 4* Athena: Or not. Red for Weekly Revival 57. 3* Lilina: No. And now to snipe blues to get Igrene and Louise. 451 orbs to start. Well, I give up. This banner ate 437 orbs and didn't give me a single 5* focus unit. I got 5 pitybreakers, 4 4* Specials, and 3 4* copies of Tormod, but otherwise I may as well have pulled on a generic banner for all the good this did me. Caeldori Nifl merge Petra merge Erinys merge Lute merge Valentia!Est merge Nils merge Caeldori again (yeah, I pulled her twice) B!Eirika merge I spend months not pulling much to build up a huge orb stockpile and, once again, it gets completely wiped out in a fruitless Harmonic hunt. I'll just have to come back once I've recovered a bit. Ugh, now for the weekly Arena ticket. 5* Mikoto: Bleh. +Spd/-Res is good, but I already have a +2 +Spd copy. Merge time.
  6. I finally got Legendary Julia to +10 using the spark from the recent Remix banner. Behold her glory! EDIT: The new Weekly Revival 81 was extremely generous and allowed me to get Fallen!F!Morgan to +10 status as well. Unfortunately her brother is still languishing at +7, and it's probably going to be quite a while until he shows up on a banner again.
  7. Green for the New Power banner. 4* Rath: No. Green again for the HoF revival. 4* A!Tiki: No. Green for Weekly Revival 10. 3* Mae: The entire circle was blue... Blue for Weekly Revival 56. 3* Phila: No. Grey for Rearmed Reinhardt's banner. 3* Kagero: No. 5* Tana: An old 4* Special. +Res/-Def is meh, so merge fodder for my +2 +Atk copy. 4* Matthew: No. 4* Sakura: No. 3* Etie: No. That could have gone worse. Red for L&M Remix 1. 3* Raigh: No. And now to spend some orbs on Remix 2, to see if I can get L!Lilina or merges for L!Julia. 510 orbs on hand. That went very well. 165 orbs to reach the spark, pulling one merge for L!Julia and two copies of L!Lilina along the way. That means I can spark for Julia and bring her up to the much-deserved +10 status. Now for the weekly Arena ticket. 5* Flora: Okay. +Spd/-Atk is terrible, so merge fodder for my +1 +Atk copy.
  8. Time for the New Year's pulls. First, Red for the Moonbow banner. 4* Mae: No. Grey for Weekly Revival 9. 3* Setsuna: No. Blue for Weekly Revival 55. 4* Valbar: No. Red for Happy New Year! 3* Eirika: No. Red for NY of Fire and Ice. 3* Morgan: No. For NY Special Heroes 1, blue ideally, red as backup. 3* Jagen: No. 3* Mordecai: No. 4* Subaki: No. 4* Lukas: No. 4* Mae: No. 3* Nowi: No. 4* Thea: No. 3* Jagen: No. 4* Erk: No. 4* Colm: No. 4* Fir: No. That was pointless. For NY Special Heroes 2, grey ideally, blue as backup. 3* Kaze: No. 4* Kiragi: No. 4* Etie: No. 5* NY!Selkie: Okay. +Atk/-Res is good, but I'll keep my +1 +Spd copy. 3* Lissa: No. 4* Sothe: No. 4* Jagen: No. 4* Maria: No. 3* Gwendolyn: No. 4* Gaius: No. 4* Sakura: No. At least I got something. I'll take one circle from Ring in the Year for fun. 470 orbs on hand. 4* Shanna: Desperation fodder. 4* Ilyana: No. ...And I mistapped. The other three orbs were all grey, so probably no big loss. I'll redo that circle. 466 orbs left. 3* Fee: No. 5* Fallen!Gustav: Sure, why not? +Res/-HP is okay. 4* Lena: No. 3* Etie: No. 5* NY!Nerthuz: Hey, nice! +Res/-Def is okay, again. Well, that unintended circle made up for the ticket failures. Now for the weekly Arena ticket. 5* Genny: Okay. +HP/-Res is okay, but I already have a +3 +HP copy. Merge time.
  9. I can't be bothered to do all of the NY ticket quests right now, so Christmas banners only this week. First, blue for Gifts of Winter. 3* Gwendolyn: No. Green for Winter's Envoy. 4* Ricken: No. Blue for Sain and Kent's BHB banner. 3* Miriel: No. Blue again for Holiday Handoff. 4* Nowi: No. Green for Weekly Revival 8. 4* Ricken: Really? Red for Weekly Revival 54. 3* Kamui: No. Green for the TT banner. 3* Effie: No. Oh well. Now for the weekly Arena ticket. 5* Hinoka: Meh. +HP/-Atk is awful, so I might as well merge into my +Def/-Spd copy.
  10. Okay, there's a ton of banners for this Christmas pull session. First off, green for A Festival Miracle. 4* Ross: No. Green again for the Bonfire banner. 3* Cherche: No. Blue for Glorious Gifts. 3* Thea: No. One full circle for the Double Special banner since I've stockpiled 450 orbs. 4* Oboro: No. 4* Sully: No. 3* Reyson: No. 4* Mustafa: No. 3* Clarine: No. Oh well. I might come back next week to snipe greens here, but for now I'll leave this banner as is. Grey for the Hall of Forms banner. 4* Emmeryn: No. Grey for Weekly Revival 7. 4* Saul: No. Blue for Weekly Revival 53. 4* Thea: No. Grey for Riches or Stitches 1. 4* Lucius: No. Red for RoS 2. 4* Chrom: No. So far a big load of nothing. Now to see if L!Camilla's banner is kinder to me. 435 orbs left. That went stupendously well. Just three circles gave me L!F!Alear, L!Elincia, a merge for B!M!Robin, and L!Veronica. I went from missing six of the units on this banner to three, so I'm not pushing my luck any more. Let's see if the weekly Arena ticket gives me a good capstone. 5* Minerva: Eh. +Spd/-Atk is a good base, but I already have a +3 +Spd copy. Merge it is then.
  11. Blue for the TT banner. 4* Colm: No. Grey for Winter Dreamland. 4* Chad: No. Red for Weekly Revival 6. 4* Laslow: No. Grey for Weekly Revival 52. 3* Saizo: No. Red for Holiday Lessons. 4* Orochi: Or not. A whole bunch of nothing. Now for the weekly Arena ticket. 5* Ephraim: Meh. +Atk/-HP is good, so I might as well merge in my current +1 +Def copy.
  12. I wouldn't be surprised if they weren't anybody at all during Shadow Dragon. With the massive expansion of the presumably shattered Archanean army in the three intervening years there would have been a lot of room for jumped-up nobodies to gain power, whether through genuine loyalty or, as with Lang, Hardin going all in on the evulz. Them having more power than Astram and Jeorge can also be chalked up to Hardin's fall to villainy, where the people who still have actual morals or loyalty to Nyna get sidelined in favor of monsters and yes-men. For Nehring specifically, the reason the Wolfguard defect is because they remember the old Hardin, the Coyote of Aurelis who led them against tyranny, and know that he's no longer the man he was. Meanwhile Nehring could very well be some combination of a bootlicker and an Archanean nationalist who cares more about the Empire's strength than its morality.
  13. I absolutely cannot be bothered to read the walls of text that pass for weapon descriptions nowadays. All I need to know is these units are grossly overpowered as usual, and for whatever reason IS seems content to keep shilling Three Houses rather than Engage, the actual new game. The single bright spot in all of this, at least for me, is that we're getting another duo of units with the same name, which further reinforces the chance of there being a Morgan & Morgan Duo Hero eventually.
  14. Posting from mobile this time. Weeee…Red for the New Power banner. 4* Cain: No. Blue for Weekly Revival 5. 4* Miriel: No. Grey for Weekly Revival 51. 3* Matthew: No. And blue for Ratatoskr’s banner. I was considering spending orbs here, but the rest of the units here just don’t do it for me. 4* Orochi: No. 3* Benny: No. 5* Lute: Hey, a 4* Special. +Spd/-Res is a good base, so I think I’ll merge my current +Atk/-Res copy in. 3* Miriel: No. 3* Mae: No. At least I got something. Now for the weekly Arena ticket. 5* Micaiah: Alright. +Atk/-Def is better than my current +1 +HP copy, so new master copy it is.
  15. I have to say I'm pleasantly surprised by how much I'm liking Ratatoskr. After Ash, Seidr, and Book 7 in general it's nice to see an OC that doesn't look like she's blatantly meant to get you sent to horny jail. Her outfit reminds me of the clothes Victorian-era nurses wore, which ties in nicely to her being a member of the Healing Hands, and while it's too early to tell for sure I'm getting the strong impression that she's intended to be the classic "clumsy and inexperienced, but well-meaning" type of character. I normally don't have strong feelings about that archetype, but she's selling it to me pretty well. She even has a sweatdrop in her Special art, which is a nice touch. I will that say I am very weirded out by the anime eyes of her squirrel form. It's such a deviation from the normal beast forms that it's unsettling. As for the banner itself, mostly no strong feelings aside from the return of long-buried disgust at the 3DS Great Knight outfit. The thigh window is bad enough, but I've also always found the design top-heavy to a silly degree. While this version of Lucina's not quite as bad as the original I still don't like the design. At least Laurent, Severa, and Inigo are finally here. Now Noire's the only Awakening child missing their base version in Heroes.
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