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  1. Lily


    Congratulations on the baby! <3 I think that since Leo is a graceful yet powerful name something that also meets that would fit? I personally think for a girl Ariel or Marie would sound gorgeous, considering they have similar meanings to Leo. (Then again I might just have horrible ideas for names). For a boy though, maybe something soft like Jordan would be nice? >u< It always makes me so happy when I hear a baby is on the way~
  2. So, I have my game and firmware both up to date, and my Streetpass is activated, yet I'm having issues receiving accessories from friends. No matter how much I update my data and just try to figure out what the problem is, I can never resolve this. People can receive feedback and accessories from me, and my friends even got a bond unit after sending me accessories (which I have failed to receive), however no matter how many times I try, I can't get a bond unit?... Does anybody know what the problem is? >_< Any help would be appreciated... I have no idea what to do.
  3. Thank youuu. >u< I guess Eponine will be trickier than I thought... Her cape is odd- originally I saw it as hooded, didn't expect that enormous bow...
  4. I actually really like this theory... I'm just going to use this as my head-canon... But then as brought up earlier, where would Shigure come into all of this?
  5. All of the starter packs have predetermined cards- which includes multiple repeats of some cards, and foils. With that being said, if you want to get most of the cards for either Series 1 or 2 it would be preferable to order the booster pack set, I only ordered one booster pack for Series 1, and I received all but six of the possible cards to find in the series, as did many other people who bought the cards. Yes, there are some starter deck cards that are exclusive to them- and they'll e-mail you the total price including shipping once the product is in stock, and ready to ship. ^_^ Sorry for the late response to your question, but I hope this helped if you didn't have your questions answered already elsewhere.
  6. ^ I loved Ricken as well, he was my best offensive unit- and I even had him defeat Grima in my first Lunatic+ run... I never benched him on a single run since, and even married him at one point. He was just a cool kid in my opinion. Similarly, I'm fond of Tsukuyomi-- and he's one of the characters I voted for here, like I mentioned earlier, but now, I'm really curious as to who else on this forum voted for him. .-. I'm not the only one...
  7. ((Lol. Tsukuyomi's one of the only things that made me look forward to doing a Hoshido run XD.. I'm surprised so many people actually dislike him so much...)) Shared Male: Asyura- Everything about him, his design, his voice, his bio, EVERYTHING... He's just so nondescript to me, just his design alone screams generic map boss to me. That and I happen to be disinterested in most of the Kamui-sexual characters (only exception = Flora) Shared Female: Azura/Aqua: In my honest opinion, she just feels so.. misplaced. I felt that her role was extremely mediocre and just uninspired. I also couldn't take a liking to any support of hers, or other in-game dialogue for her. I would've preferred to have other characters get the screen-time she got.. Hoshidan/Nohrian Males: Yukimura, Benoit, and Asama- the three men whose personalities were the most unenjoyable for me, and these three also felt to be the most bland in terms of design and dialogue. If I were to give up any of my male units these would probably be the three for me. (And again, Yukimura being Kamui-sexual does not help...) Hoshidan/Nohrian Females: Okay, now these three characters I picked I have more of a dislike towards rather than being indifferent or annoyed with.. First off, is Sakura- for me I already had a bad first impression of her before the game was released, I thought of her as having the generic design and a grating voice. After the game was released, I retained that feeling and she's just an entirely hollow character- unfortunate because I was hoping my opinion on her would change after seeing her dialogue, but she's just a character who is too easily read. Setsuna for me, just gets on my nerves- I often feel as though she's just extra baggage for the Hoshido route who has little to no personality whatsoever, her stat growths, design, and overall character will make her one of the many benchwarmers I have marked for Hoshido. >:3 Lastly is Luna, sorry, she's an example of the one-dimensional tsundere trope I strongly dislike- the only reason I have to dislike her is her personality, I've felt this way about Severa- but Luna takes it to a whole new level, I can easily say that she's my least favorite character in the game, and I will not hesitate to kill her off rather than leave her as an extra unit. Child Characters: Midoriko- it seems like I'm in the minority once again when it comes to opinions when I say that she's one of the child characters I probably have the least regards towards. She just strikes me as the cute loli who likes to do nice things for people, and that really isn't my thing... Mitama, like her father, is just boring for me in terms of character. Sure, she likes haiku, but that's the only thing I really feel from her character- I feel as though it's just overplayed.. -.- Lastly, my very least favorite child character is Soleil- for reasons that should probably already be apparent enough, so I won't even go into it...
  8. A bit random, but do we know what the likelihood of getting DLC that's unannounced at this point in time? Such as more Paradise Scramble maps (I'm a sucker for the CG art <_<) or perhaps even Spotpass characters?
  9. I think all of these are pretty decent with an exception of Foleo, Eponine, and Gurei. I was really hoping that Eponine would have a nice ashen color hair, because I feel that complements her color scheme well somehow. Same goes for Gurei- because chances are his name will be localized as Grey- and I still find a darker gray color to be more.. Original than having it be literally just Gaius's hair, in lack of better words. As for Foleo, I was honestly hoping he'd be a brunette, I think he's soooo adorable as one, nonetheless he's still adorable.. =_= But I'm sad that as a blonde he reminds me too much of Maribelle...
  10. Lily

    Rysk art

    Awww... Your Morgan post from earlier was super cute. Seriously, the thing I love about your work is how distinct your style is. That's something a lot of artists can't convey well in their drawings- a lively expression and yet I feel that you do that well. >u<
  11. Geez.. Seems a lot of people aren't feeling the Tsukuyomi love. :p My favorites at this point in time: -Flora -Anna -Pieri -Elise -Leon -Foleo -Shigure -Eponine -Tsukuyomi
  12. Dang, these both look amazing. I'm probably the only one who feels this way but I'd love Ishtar to be the witch representative- mostly because I want to see re-done artwork of her. :U Its reasonable that these are gender-locked, but I can't help but wish I could have an awesome male witch.
  13. Lily

    Rysk art

    Wow. I'm surprised this thread isn't getting more attention, your Mozume is so pretty- I adore your line work and shading. :3 (I suck at highlighting appropriately) The Tsukuyomi sketch you posted on Twitter was simple but adorable, I think it'd be awesome to see a full-blown drawing of him. :D Keep up your good work!!
  14. I'm certain they wouldn't do something that ridiculous. I mean, I doubt they'd go through all the trouble removing the masculine content of his, like his S-supports and even his in-game models. I don't see any reason Nintendo could possibly have to censor a character like Foleo, to change his sex would be changing his entire character, they'd end up having to butcher nearly all of his dialogue with other characters, even in his paralogue.
  15. Age rating doesn't bother me at all, I'm just praying that they won't strike this game with extreme censorship when it hits America. I've never felt so worked up about a game before, but it means so much to me to get my money's worth out of a game.
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